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How to Declutter the Fridge

Declutter the fridge in seven simple and manageable steps!

Declutter the fridge - here's how!

You may not think the contents of the fridge could be considered clutter.

But if your fridge is filled to the brim and its contents start falling out every time you open the doors, or it takes you a few minutes to find a particular food item because you have to move a lot of things around to find it, then yes – your refrigerator needs a good declutter!… Read the rest

How to Declutter the Kitchen

Declutter the kitchen with ease with these simple tips!

Do you feel like your kitchen is getting smaller and smaller as it fills up with item after item… after item, that you have barely any counter space left?

Is it getting harder for you to find what you need while you cook?… Read the rest

21 Simple Ideas to Organize Kids Room

Going crazy with the chaos in your kids’ room? Check out these simple tips to organize kids room!

kids room organization

A kid’s bedroom is one of the messiest rooms in the house. There’s the toys, books, games, clothes, school supplies, art supplies, and other stuff to deal with and if they are not organized in a proper way, the room can be a chaotic mess!… Read the rest