15 Practical Outdoor Shoe Storage Ideas

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Thinking of keeping your shoes outdoors for easier access? That may just be one of the best things you do for your home! Check out these outdoor shoe storage ideas!

Footwear does not only protect our feet as we move around, but it is also a fashion statement. No wonder we want to put them on display!

However, many households prefer to keep their everyday shoes outdoors. Would you choose to keep yours outdoors too?

Let’s find out!

Why would you store your shoes outdoors?

1. Hygiene

The first reason to store your shoes outdoors is for hygienic purposes. Did you know that shoes are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and germs?

This should not be surprising. After all, we step on everything and anything with our shoes, right?

This is the primary reason why a household may decide to keep their everyday shoes outdoors. Bacteria and germs can cling to the soles of the shoes. Leaving them outdoors keep you from carrying those germs into your home.

2. Less dirt to clean up

If you’re taking a lot of time cleaning, it can do wonders to your cleaning schedule when shoes are left outdoors – there will be less dirt inside.

You can clean the inside of your home without having to deal with shoes. But don’t get me wrong! This is not an excuse to not clean or organize your shoes.

Of course shoes must be organized and clean, but the point is, it doesn’t have to interfere every time you clean your home. You can give it a separate cleaning schedule.

3. Saves indoor space

Shoes can take up a lot of storage space – especially when you have a big family. Storing these outside will definitely save you a lot of indoor space. This is very important when you live in a small house.

What should you consider when choosing an outdoor shoe storage solution?

Now that you know the advantages of an outdoor shoe storage, let’s go over with the things you need to consider when deciding which is the best for your home!

1. Material

Choose something that can withstand the unfriendly elements outside which may cause damage to your shoes – like it should not deteriorate from constant sun and rain exposure.

Generally, the best outdoor furniture material is made out of wood or metal. Take note that they should be sealed with a topcoat to prevent corrosion of any kind.

2. Storage capacity

Consider which shoes and how many are being used everyday. Get one that can accommodate all these.

Also take note of your available space – where are you going to place the shoes? How much can it accommodate? Your outdoor shoe storage should fit in there.

3. Design and style

Visitors will surely get to see your shoes when they’re outside. This makes the design of your shoe rack really important. It’s not about impressing them though. It’s more on making them feel welcome and relaxed in your home!

You may choose something with closed shelving or with containers so that your shoes will not be visible to anyone who drops by.

On the other hand, if you like your shoes on display, opt for one that will keep them organized and presentable.

4. Assembly

If you want to wing it and do a DIY project, choose a design or style that you know you can confidently pull off. DIY projects are definitely more affordable, and they can be really fun!

However, if you do not have any prior experience, it can be frustrating. When you are not handy with tools, getting a ready-made option sounds better.

5. Budget

While some outdoor shoe storage may not require a dime (like repurposing an unused ladder), some still cost money (like when you don’t have anything to repurpose and you don’t have a choice but to buy something new).

Whatever you choose, consider your budget.

Don’t be discouraged when something you like is out of the budget. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do that particular outdoor shoe storage. It just means that you’ve got to be more creative. Or you’ve got to look at other options, which eventually could turn out even better than what you first thought!

6. Reviews

Online shopping is now better because customers are given an avenue to praise a product or complain about it. And that’s through customer reviews.

Reading customer reviews is very important when you are buying your shoe storage furniture via the web.

These will show you what the users like and hate about the product. You’ll have an idea of what it’s like to use it without having to experience it first hand. And you’ll get to weigh things – what they like about it, do I like it too? or what they hate about it, is that just fine with me?

Outdoor shoe storage ideas

Let’s now take a look on how others do this in their homes. Here is a list of outdoor shoe storage ideas! May you find something to implement in your own home!

1. Shoe racks

Of course, when it comes to shoe storage, shoe racks are the first thing that comes to mind. It is best to go with wooden or metallic-made shoe racks since they will be durable enough to withstand outdoor elements.

Wooden shoe rack

outdoor shoe storage - wooden Shoe racks
Image from ISOKING

Iron shoe rack

outdoor shoe storage - Iron shoe rack
image from SHOPEE

Check out these similar shoe racks!

Homemaid Living Bamboo 3 Tier Shoe Rack Bench

SRIWATANA 3-Tier Shoe Organizer

CLSYO Shoe Rack with 4-Tier Black Metal Rack

Check this page for more choices!

2. Small shoe rack

It doesn’t have to be really big. As I mentioned, you only need to make space for your everyday shoes. So your shoe rack can be just this small!

It can be just the right space for you and your hubby’s shoes. Just add one more for your kids’ shoes.

3. Storage bench

Put a storage bench on your porch just before your door. I love this idea since it gives you a place to sit while you put on or take off your shoes! It also provides a place where you can hang out on your porch to get some fresh air.

There are so many storage bench styles to choose from. Some come with racks, shelving, and others allow you to keep your shoes hidden with containers like crates and baskets.

Here are a few examples of outdoor shoe storage benches that you can copy!

Patio storage bench

Wooden bench with sliding doors

outdoor shoe storage - Wooden bench with sliding doors
image from FOTER

Wooden bench with crates

outdoor shoe storage - wooden bench with crates
Image from The Kim Six Fix

Here are some of the storage benches we found at Amazon, perfect for outdoor shoe storage!

Keter Eden Storage Bench for Patio

Better Homes and Gardens Farmhouse Bench with Wicker Storage Box

Safavieh Grey Storage Bench crafted of acacia wood

See more choices in this page!

4. Pallet storage

This outdoor shoe storage idea works best for boots. And it’s so simple!

Lean a pallet on your wall by the door. Use it as a DIY shoe rack. And that’s it you’re done!

Pallets are easy to clean too, so that’s another plus for this idea!

outdoor shoe storage - Pallet storage
image from 3 HEN COOP

Here is another way to use a palette as a shoe rack. I love the way that the top is used to house potted plants. It definitely gives out a homey and welcoming feel!

outdoor shoe storage - Pallet storage with decorative plants
image from HOMETALK

5. Just for muddy boots and wellies

You may opt for an outdoor shoe storage solution that is designed only for your muddy boots and wellies. This is a great deal of a space saver, because it can be just as cute and simple as this!

Image from Garden Trading

6. Cupboard storage

Have a cupboard out on your porch to keep your shoes. The closed storage will also help protect your shoes from unfriendly elements.

If you already have an old cupboard, just repurpose it and have it repainted. If you don’t have one yet, visit garage sales and thrift stores to get an affordable cupboard that you can reuse.

outdoor shoe storage - Cupboard storage
image from DUCK BARN

7. Open shoe cabinet

This DIY shoe cabinet project can store a good number of shoes. It is made with pullout trays for easy access too.

outdoor shoe storage - Open shoe cabinet

Here’s our top pick for cupboard storage for shoes!

Rubbermaid Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Cabinet

8. Nesting box

If you have a huge family, this DIY project is for you! It has space to accommodate the everyday shoes of the whole household.

A nesting box is reused to store shoes outdoors!

outdoor shoe storage - Nesting box

If you don’t have a nesting box, find one in farms, clean it up, and do a few adjustments or repainting if needed.

9. Old crates

This is not as large as the nesting box, but perhaps you don’t need something that large?

Get some old crates and assemble them just beside your door. And that’s your instant shoe parking! Easy!

Image from Little Brags

10. Boot rack

If you have lots of boots, you will definitely benefit from a boot rack outside of your home. A separate storage for your muddy and wet boots means they do not have to mix with your other shoes.

This wall-mounted boot rack can be a DIY project that is so easy to pull off!

outdoor shoe storage - Boot rack mounted on the wall

Now your boot rack doesn’t always have to be mounted on the wall. You can keep it on the ground as needed! This one has a built-in stool so that you can sit down while you take off or put on your boots!

outdoor shoe storage - Boot rack with chair
image from TOP HANDMADE

And this one here is a creative way to store your rainy day boots. How cute is this boot rack house?!

I like the way it has wheels so you can easily move it around.

Shop for boot racks at Amazon, just right here!

11. Garden storage

Got a huge porch? Get one of those garden storage sheds or cabinets. Then, turn it into shoe storage! This is an excellent idea because garden storage is made to be outdoors and is weatherproof. Some of them already have built-in shelving too.

Garden shed

This garden shed already comes with shelves. If you need more, just install more yourself.

outdoor shoe storage - garden shed
image from SEARS

If it’s only meant for boots, then something as small as this can work just fine!

Check out our top picks for garden sheds from Amazon!

MCombo Garden Shed

Good Life Tool Shed (It’s got a nice potting bench on top which can serve as your workstation outdoors!)

Visit this page for more garden shed choices!

12. Patio storage box

This patio storage box is so good to look at it could even double as decor!

We found this wicker outdoor container at Amazon, and we think this is also a nice addition to your patio. Also doubles as a decor which is very pleasant to the eyes!

Same goes with this outdoor garden furniture! Also perfect for having a relaxing night outdoors!

Check out more patio storage boxes here!

13. Plant stand

Plant stands can make great outdoor storage for your shoes too. Since they hold plants on display, they look more stylish and decorative!

Plant stand cabinet

This wooden plant stand comes with a built-in cabinet where you can store your shoes.

outdoor shoe storage - plant stand cabinet
image from CARE YOU

Metal plant stand

This metal plant stand can easily double as a shoe rack. You can have it as is, or place some crates or baskets on it to be containers for your shoes.

outdoor shoe storage - metal plant stand
image from F&G SUPER STORE

14. Ladder

Do you have an old ladder lying around the house that you barely use? Perhaps it’s no longer reliable, so you really shouldn’t be using it as a ladder. But you can use it as an outdoor shoe rack!

This provides a rustic feel and prevents you from spending anything on an outdoor shoe storage solution.

outdoor shoe storage - Ladder
image from HUGO AND ELSA

15. Floor storage

If you have an elevated porch or deck, you can use the floor as storage.

This project allows you to have a lot of storage space! Do build it securely to protect your shoes!

Of course, this is not recommended for areas that are prone to flooding because your shoes can get ruined.

Ready to keep your shoes outdoors?

Before you gather all those shoes and put them outdoors, remember to do some decluttering first. This will really help you a lot because you won’t have to keep those that you don’t use anymore.

Considering that this will be an outdoor shoe storage, your space could be limited and only a few pairs could fit. But that’s okay, because you will only be storing those that do matter. Again, why would you still keep shoes that you’re not using?

So… declutter, okay?

Make it a habit!

Outdoor shoe storage sure has its benefit. Have an outdoor shoe storage space just before the entrance of your home. Taking off your shoes and organizing them becomes a lot easier! Then, also designate a place by the door where your indoor footwear waits for you.

Turning this system into a habit for you and your household will contribute to your house staying clean longer!

Also, if you often have guests dropping by, you may put a sign or a floor mat requesting them to take off their shoes, guiding them where to put it. Have some indoor slippers ready for them too!

Looking for more shoe storage solutions for your home? Check out these posts!

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