Awesome IKEA Hacks for a Productive Home Office

Create your own unique home office with these IKEA hacks!

home office IKEA hacks

IKEA is a stylish staple in most homes worldwide. If you are setting up a home office, IKEA can be your favorite as well!

You can assemble it yourself at home! And when you do, you can make a new design by creating a couple of adjustments here and there or combining one IKEA furniture with another.

You see, IKEA is modular in design – meaning they can be easily used and combined with other IKEA pieces.

For example, you can connect a small bookshelf and a desk, or add two desks together and make an L-shaped table. You can also add other hardware parts to transform the entire look.

The end project gives you a unique, one-of-a-kind setup that will make your home office space truly yours!

That being said, here are 20 home office IKEA hacks that you will definitely find interesting!

1. IKEA Desk Hack from Pretty Providence

home office IKEA hacks - desk hack
Image from Pretty Providence

This DIY project is a combination of IKEA desktop and two small shelves. The end result is a desk that provides more storage than what you would expect for a small office desk!

It won’t take much space, so if you have a small home office, this is just perfect! Plus, it doesn’t cost much (under $60 according to its creators).

Choosing shelves instead of desk legs is also a clever move since the cords and wiring can be hidden behind the shelves. It makes the work station look neat and clean!

2. Craft Table by Landeelu

Craft tables are trending in home offices these days because these can provide a lot of storage than what you can get from a standard desk.

When you find the right craft table, this means you no longer need to get another shelf, bookcase, or other storage option. It is definitely worth the investment as you get both a desk and storage in just one purchase!

But craft tables can be huge and bulky. So, if you have limited space, you can try out this IKEA hack from Landeelu.

home office IKEA hacks - craft table
Image from Landeelu

This DIY project is a combination of a shelf, tabletop, and adjustable height table legs from IKEA.

The result is a desk with a durable tabletop, and your storage is actually under the desk, which you can easily access.

3. IKEA Kallax Craft Table by Keeping It Simple

Here is another craft table using IKEA Kallax shelves!

Go smaller or bigger, depending on the floor space that you have for your desk. Just use fabric storage bins to organize your stuff in the shelves.

IKEA Kallax
Image from Keeping It Simple

One big difference that I see on these two craft tables is the placement of the shelves. Landeelu positioned it in front of the table while Keeping It Simple chose to place it at the sides.

Personally, I prefer the shelves to be at the sides because I love stretching my legs far and wide from time to time during work. How about you?

4. Expedit Standing Desk by IKEA Hackers

The ergonomics of standing while working has a couple of benefits that have impressed people who work from home. As a result, standing desks are becoming a trend in major offices and also in home offices.

This home office IKEA hack is a combination of an Expedit bookcase, a Vika desktop, casters, and CDs as risers.

home office IKEA hacks - Expedit standing desk
Image from IKEA Hackers

I like the idea of using CDs as risers since it is a great way to repurpose old CDS, so if you have a lot of old CDs around your home, you can use it this way. You also control the height of the desk with the number of CDs you use.

The casters are a great addition to this hack because it will allow you to move your work station around easily. This is an excellent option if you really have not decided on a permanent workspace yet, or you feel bored being in a just one place for too long!

5. Library Card Catalog-Inspired Shelves by Savvy Heart

If you have many documents to deal with plus a space for a huge shelf, this home office IKEA hack is for you. This is also an elegant storage solution for your office supplies!

home office IKEA hacks - library card catalog inspired shelves
Image from Savvy Heart

It is a combination of a Kallax Shelf and Kallax Insert with two drawers. Terra also had a great idea of installing swivel casters so that it could be moved easily.

Having this much storage also allows you to work on a bare desk – enabling you to focus more on the absence of clutter and desktop distractions.

If you have a small home office, do not worry. IKEA Kallax shelves come in different sizes, so you can do a smaller DIY project.

The best thing about it? It gives off a classy, professional vibe to your home office!

6. IKEA Dresser turned into a rolling desk by In My Own Style

Craving for small desk with storage that you can easily move around? Check out this IKEA hack that’s like a drop-down secretary desk and dresser in one!

It took an IKEA Tarva dresser, swivel wheels, hinges, brakes, and a few wood panels to create this project. I find it really cute, and if you have a small area for your workspace, I think this will fit nicely!

home office IKEA hacks - IKEA dresser turned desk space
Image from In My Own Style

7. IKEA DIY Hairpin Desk by Style Me Pretty

If you want a chic-looking workspace that’s quick and easy to assemble, this IKEA hack must be for you! It’s a combination of an IKEA coffee table top and hairpin legs.

home office IKEA hacks - DIY hairpin desk
Image from Style Me Pretty

This is an excellent DIY desk idea when you do not need much space for storage in your work station. The desk is small but large enough for a laptop and a desktop organizer for some office supplies.

8. Drawer Unit IKEA Desk Hack by Lovely Indeed

This hack made by Chelsea Foy is made out of three IKEA products: a Micke drawer unit, Linmonn tabletop, and Hilver table legs.

Even if there are three products involved here, it’s still easy to set up. And when you’re done, it gives you a unique & professional look, plus plenty of storage space just beneath the desk!

home office IKEA hacks - drawer unit
Image from Lovely Indeed

9. T-shape desk by Kaleidoscope Living

When you’re not the only one who works from home, and you need more space than what a standard desk can give you, you should check out this IKEA hack – a T-shape desk!

This is made out of a combination of Linmonn desktops, Alex drawer units, a Kallax bookshelf, and of course, table legs.

This work station is suitable for two people. It can accommodate others when you have clients or workmates coming over. You can even have your kids do their homework in your office!

Plus, if you’re an avid crafter, this can also be your craft room. Just like Kaleidoscope Living, you can have your craft room and your home office combined with this awesome T-shape desk!

10. Kate Spade Inspired IKEA Desk by Personally Andrea

This is a plain white IKEA desk turned into a glamorous, chic, and classy Kate Spade-inspired desk!

Before assembling, Andrea coated the legs with gold spray paint. This extra gold detail gave it a more classy look.

The desk is slim but wide enough to do your work. It can even accommodate some decor on top!

IKEA hack desk
Image from Personally Andrea

11. L-shape desk hack by Leah Remillet

When you need a larger workspace, this IKEA L-shape desk hack must be for you! This gives you a generous amount of table surface to work with.

Leah uses two Linnmon tabletops, an Alex drawer unit, and six Godvin legs to pull off this IKEA hack.

L-shape IKA hack desk
Image from Leah Remillet

Looking at how it fits in the overall home office, I can say that it’s both chic and professional. Just by looking at it, you’ll already be able to imagine how it feels to be in there – truly awesome!

12. Kitchen Units Home Office by IKEA Hackers

Here’s another IKEA hack for when you need a larger storage space in the home office. Use IKEA’s kitchen units!

I know you’re not in the kitchen. But that’s why this is a hack, right?

This one used the IKEA Liljestad kitchen unit.

The result is a wide office space big enough for two persons with lots of storage. The fact that your office supplies are hidden on the shelves gives the work station a clean and tidy look.

kitchen units
Image from IKEA Hackers

13. Crib to computer desk by IKEA Hackers

Do you have a crib that you no longer use?

Before disposing it, check out this IKEA hack first! It was made out of a Gulliver crib and a Linnmon tabletop.

Repurpose a crib
Image from IKEA Hackers

Honestly, I couldn’t even believe that this was a crib. Just by looking at it at the surface level, I wouldn’t really notice. All I see is a unique desk that makes me want to work my best!

So if you have a used crib, even if it’s not IKEA, you might want to turn that into a unique computer desk too? The mattress at the bottom can even be a cozy footrest!

14. Dresser Desk Hack by Jones Design Company

If you need more and wider drawers, an IKEA dresser fits the picture!

It’s wide, provides closed storage, and definitely looks classy. Use as many as you need!

Emily showed us how this can be done by working with, not one, not two, but three Hemnes dressers! She added two countertop pieces for the top layer, then replaced the black knobs in the dressers with brass pulls to make it look more elegant.

The result is a work station that’s good for two, and with lots of storage!

15. Shelf monitor stand by IKEA Hackers

When working, the top of your screen should be within eye level. Your eyes should look slightly downward when viewing the middle of your computer. This avoids neck and eyes strain.

This is why a laptop or monitor stand is essential in your home office. It lifts your computer so that you can maintain it at eye level.

That’s where this IKEA hack proves itself handy!

Imran Shamsul made use of an EKBY JÄRPEN and capita legs. This DIY project allows you to lift two monitors and store your mouse and keyboard underneath when not in use.

shelf monitor stand
Image from IKEA Hackers

16. Wall Hanger by Ich Designer

If you want something different than the usual peg board or metal grid hanger, this is the home office IKEA hack for you.

Kristina Steinmet converted an IKEA Luröy slatted bed base into a stylish wall hanger.

wall hanger
Image from Ich Designer

Just use S-hooks to hang items on the planks and it will give a unique look to your blank walls!

17. Wall shelves hack from Domino

Here’s another hack that will give life to your home office walls!

This one’s made of IKEA Flisat wall shelves, giving it a unique twist with strips of cane. It will safely hold your books, notebooks, magazines, binders and other papers that you need in your home office.

wall shelves
Image from Domino

18. Custom corkboard by Oh Everything Handmade

If you are fond of using a corkboard to keep important reminders, display some pictures, or pin something that inspires you, you will love this IKEA hack!

Betty got some cork rounds from IKEA and then painted these with acrylic paint – giving them a whole new look! You can do the same using your favorite colors.

custom corkboard
Image from Oh Everything Handmade

These cork rounds can be easily attached to the wall. Just choose whether you’ll tape it or glue it, or hang it with a nail. Ultimately the result is the same – a chic and classy wall space that will surely inspire you in your work!

19. Mail Rack by Instructables

Easily keep track of all the letters, bills, and documents that go in and out of your office with a mail rack.

Assemble an IKEA Knuff plywood magazine files and a shelf, and you can have a mail rack like this in your home office.

mail rack
Image from Instructables

Don’t limit this to mails though. You can put here other stuff in your office. Just check it regularly – make sure it’s not cluttered.

I think you can also place another one like this near the entryway, so if there’s a mail, whoever received in your household can simply drop the mails there.

20. Wall Terrarium by Ruffled Blog

If you like some plants in your home office, and if you still have some wall space, you might want to try a wall terrarium!

You will need a magnetic metal tin to house the plants. This is where the IKEA Grundtal magnetic spice jar comes into play!

Wall Terrarium
Image from Ruffled Blog

When your eyes are tired, a simple trick to give it a rest is to look at some greens. Go take a look at your wall terrarium! Easy peasy!

By the way, use air plants for this to make setting up easier. These look definitely nice on the wall too – so elegant, yet so natural!

Mix and match IKEA.

As you have seen, you can do a lot of mixing and matching with IKEA!

If you are on the hunt for the most unique and organized workspace at an affordable price, go down to IKEA with a mind full of creativity and see what home office IKEA hacks you can make.

Remember, when you love your workspace, you will be happier to use it. This helps you become more productive and effective at work!

Looking for more organization ideas for the home office? Check these out!

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