20 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles for Gardening

Got lots of empty plastic bottles? Don’t throw them yet! Use these plastic bottles for gardening. Here’s how!

I declutter our home regularly. It has now become a part of my cleaning routine. Here’s why you should declutter first before organizing and cleaning.

Now one of the usual wastes we have are plastic bottles.

I don’t want to just throw them away because with little effort, these plastic bottles ‘garbage’ can still be used. It’s just that these have to be repurposed.

I found out that one of the ways to reuse plastic bottles is to recycle them into useful things in the garden.

We have also been gardening lately, trying to grow our own veggies and herbs. So I found it to be just an exact match to reuse these plastic bottles.

Maybe you have your own garden too, or you want to start one sooner. If you have plenty of plastic bottles in your home, then this post was made for you.

Time to put those plastic bottles into good use!


1. Water sprinkler

This is the first thing I learned to do and it’s pretty amazing!

It’s also the easiest in this list. All you need to do is drill holes through the cap of the plastic bottle.

From Simple Life of a Lady

Put water in the bottle and voila! You’ve got yourself a water sprinkler!

Image from Simple Life of a Lady
Image from Simple Life of a Lady

I’m using a small water bottle for my sprinkler but you can also use a big one like this.

Image from Nature Code

Use it to water your seedlings and individual plants in pots.

2. Lawn sprinkler

This is like an upgraded version of the water sprinkler in #1.

Instead of drilling through the cap of the bottle, you’re going to drill through the bottle itself. Put holes only on one side of the bottle.

Attach it in your garden hose. Then fill it up with water.

Once the bottle gets filled up, the water is going to squirt out of the top.

Max out the water pressure and you get yourself a fountain!

Use it to water several plants around it. Or… just let your kids play with it and have a great time!

3. Planters

You may be used to planting in pots or directly on the ground. But try using those extra plastic bottles you have as a substitute and I’m sure you’re going to love it!

Especially when they’re as cute as these cat planters!

Image from BRU DIY

Okay… it doesn’t have to be that cute. My… my… it doesn’t even need to be any artistic at all!

As long as you’re using those plastic bottles to grow your plants (especially those veggies that you eat), you’re doing alright!

Here is a lettuce garden on plastic bottles.

Image from Ideas 2 Live 4

That’s right! You can grow your veggies in those plastic bottles that we often label “trash”.

And here’s a garden that uses only the top half of the bottle, which means you can use the other half to grow even more plants!

Image from Balcony Garden Web

4. Hanging Herb Garden

One of the things I love about using a plastic bottle as a planter is that you can hang it.

Gather as many plastic bottle planters as you can, then hang them together and you’ll have your very own herb garden!

Image from Grillo Designs

5. Vertical vegetable garden

Vertical gardening on plastic bottles is not only for herbs, but for your actual green veggies too!

You can go on organic at a cheaper price by utilizing those vertical spaces – especially when you live in a small area with not that much room for growing your food.

When you only have a wall as an extra space, you can use even that to grow your veggies. Just create a hanging vegetable garden similar to this.

Image from Love This Pic

6. Flower garden

Brighten up your day with a vertical flower garden – an awesome & beautiful idea to reuse plastic bottles in the garden!

Just look at how gorgeous are these flowers!

Image from My Desired Home

Not just a flower garden, but a lovely home decor too!

For an added special touch, you can paint your plastic bottles and let their colors blend and add beauty to your garden!

From Pinterest

7. Succulents garden

Just like with your herbs, veggies and flowers, plastic bottles can also be the next home for your succulents. Not to mention, they look so cute and adorable in them!

Image from Whipper Berry

Perfect work of art!

Oh yes, you can hang them too!

Image from Momtastic

And here’s a succulents garden just by the fence.

Image from Style Female

8. Self-watering planter

Relieve yourself from the need to regularly water your plants by using a self-watering planter.

Unlike the traditional way where you get water and then pour or sprinkle that on top of the plant, a self-watering planter doesn’t need you to do that anymore.

All you need to do is fill up the bottom with water and that’s the plant’s water supply. Just change the water as needed.

And you know what? Plastic bottles can be easily turned into a self-watering planter.

Image from DIY HOW TO

If you’re wondering whether this self-watering system can also be applicable to your existing plant in pots, well, the answer is YES!

Simply fill a plastic bottle with water, then connect that in your plant like this.

Image from Farm Food Family

9. Seed starter

Another practical way to reuse plastic bottles in the garden is to make them seed starters.

Cut the bottle in half. The bottom part is where you sow your seeds and let them sprout. Use the top portion to cover and protect the seedlings.

Image from 7savings

Sow your seeds and let them grow into young plants in the plastic bottles!

When they’re ready to be transplanted, just move them to a much larger plastic bottle or pot until they are mature and ready for harvest.

You can also try a self-watering seed starter like this.

Image from Smart Girls

10. Plant protector

Every young plant needs protection. Whether it’s from the scorching heat of the sun, sudden frost, insects, or from straying pets, you can protect your plants using a plastic bottle.

Simply cut a bottle and use the most appropriate part for your plants.

These gardens use the top part of a plastic bottle.

Image from Rural Sprout

Here’s one that uses the bottom portion.

Image from Trashy Wench

You can use both parts of the bottle to protect your plants.

11. Lot partition

Maximize your garden lot by creating partitions just like this.

Image from Pinterest

Use the plastic bottles to create the partitions. Then plant your various veggies and herbs on the ground.

Image from canim anne

Depending on how you arrange your partitions, you can make your lot even bigger as you create more areas to plant.

Image from Pinterest

12. Plant fence

A fence helps define your garden visually. It’s like that mark that says This is my garden. I take this seriously so please take this seriously too.

Don’t worry about the cost. Because your plastic bottles will make a good fence. Just collect plenty of it!

Image from Pinterest

Make it colorful too, like it’s alive and inviting, just like your garden!

Image from Pinterest

13. Trash bin

Get those trash under control with a trash bin made of plastic bottles!

Image from Astute Homestead

Okay… it doesn’t necessarily contain the trash, but it sure is a nice foundation to put your garbage bag.

You can make a big one or a small one, depending on your needs.

14. Bird feeder

Instead of buying bird feeders from the pet stores, why not just make your own?

Here are bird feeders made of plastic bottles. Their styles may be different from each other. But they all serve the same purpose – feed those lovely birds!

Wanna try a pumpkin-like feeder? You’ve got yourself one!

And this one here is my favorite bird feeder style.

I think this is the easiest one because you just fill this bottle with food, then turn it upside down, and the birds get unlimited serving!

15. Little bird house

If you can make a bird feeder out of a plastic bottle, you can also make a bird house!

Oh… colorful bird house!

Image from Fab Art DIY

Okay let me rephrase that… colorful bird houses… coz here are more!

16. Outdoor plant decor

As you may have already seen from the previous numbers, you can design your plastic bottles so that these do not only serve as a planter, or bird feeder,or partition, and the likes. These may already be your outdoor decor at the same time.

But in this particular number, I want to focus and highlight the plastic bottles’ potential to be outdoor decors. So here are more plastic bottles that are just perfect garden decors!

Swan bottle garden

Image from Pinterest

When I came across this, I was literally filled with awe. Just look at that! A swan out of plastic bottles! And inside are colorful flowers. Perfect decor!

Bees in garden

Another thing I love are these bees!

I don’t know if these have other function in the garden, but they sure make the place feel brighter and happy.

Image from Pinterest

Face planters

Just like the cat planters, here is another set of artistic plastic bottles to grow your plants and decorate your garden.

From Pinterest

Green wall

Some plants don’t need artistic planters to appear like a decoration. Like this green wall of plants. Because of their colors and how they were structured on the wall, these plants are already a decoration in themselves.

Image from Pinterest

17. Indoor decor

If you’re looking for a natural decor for your home, what could be better than natural live plants, right?

Put one on your center table, in the dining room, on your desk, and in your bedroom!

reuse plastic bottles for gardening - indoor decor
From Pinterest

You can even leave some just hanging around!

reuse plastic bottles for gardening - indoor decor
From Pinterest

18. Indoor garden

Not every garden needs to be outside the home, although that is much preferable. But when you need your plants to be inside, you can get them inside.

And this time, it’s not just for indoor decor, but for a real garden!

Image from Recyclart

You don’t have to populate your entire home with plants. Just select a room where you can place them.

Image from The Elite Hotel

You may decide to keep them by the windowsill only.

Image from Pinterest

Or select a corner to hang your vertical garden.

Whether your plants are to stay inside the house, or they’re just there for some time before you place them outside, those plastic bottles can help you make it possible!

19. Green house

I never really thought about this until I saw it on the web.

Well… what can I say… Awesome!!!!

Creating a greenhouse out of plastic bottles is indeed creative and a real way to get dead serious at gardening while minimizing your expenses.

Visit A Year in a Camper Van for more details and dengarden for a tutorial.

20. Garden light

Illuminate your garden and have a little stroll around it at night with these plastic bottle garden lights!

Here’s one that’s shaped like a petal. I love its soft glow, like it’s adding a certain kind of coolness into the night.

Image from Instructables

This one here are party lights. So if you want to have a garden party, well… light them up and keep the night alive!

Image from Easy Paper Crafts

Stop mindlessly throwing those plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles are one of the things that we always get rid of when we declutter our homes.

But let’s not just mindlessly throw them away. Because, as you have seen, these plastics can be used again – like for gardening.

There are more you can do with plastic bottles. Yup! Using them in the garden is just an icing on the cake.

All you need is time and a little effort to turn one into something useful again. So before you throw out a plastic bottle, consider what you can do with it first and repurpose.

I’m really hoping you won’t just throw it anymore. If you have no time to repurpose, then give it away to someone who does.

Looking for more recycling ideas? Check these out!

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