How to Organize Shoes in the Garage

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how to organize shoes in the garage

When you do not have an effective shoe storage system at home, everyone’s shoes usually ends up being a messy pile by the door, or scattered everywhere around the home.

This is both a trip hazard and an unpleasant sight. Would you agree?

There are many ways to keep your shoes organized. One popular solution is to organize shoes in the garage.

This frees up space inside your home and it also lessens the chances of dragging outside dirt and contaminants inside your living space.

So in this post, we will tackle how to organize your shoes in the garage.

How to Organize Shoes in the Garage

Here is a basic process for organizing shoes in the garage. These are also tips for proper shoe storage.

1. Declutter!

If you have too many shoes and notice that you do not use most of them anymore, it is time to declutter! So before you organize shoes in the garage, it is a must to declutter first.

Take away the damaged shoes, the ones that no longer fit, the uncomfortable ones, and those that you just hate. These shoes do not deserve a place in the shoe rack anymore!

declutter your shoes
Image from Henpicked

Repair the shoes that can still be saved. Sell or give away those that can still be used. Research for ideas that you can make out of those shoes that are too damaged to repair and recycle them!

It’s always better to recycle than just throw away stuff. So if you don’t have time to recycle perhaps there are others in your area who are interested in your damaged shoes. Try looking for them.

Decluttering your shoe collection will leave you with the shoes you really love and use. Plus, you’ll have less storage space to worry about!

2. Store seasonal shoes in bins.

When you have limited space in the garage, one way to split up your shoe collection is to store the seasonal shoes in tubs or bins, so you do not have to display them in your shoe rack or shelf. You’ll get to deal only with your casual shoes and those that are in season.

For instance, in summer, you don’t need much of your boots and other winter shoes. Put them in bins for the meantime. No need to put them on display.

organize shoes in garage - Store seasonal shoes in bins
Image from Extra Petite

Likewise, during winter, you do not need your flip flops and open-toed shoes. This time, put your boots out and let them occupy your shoe display.

Before you place shoes in a bin, make sure that they are totally dry and clean. Storing dirty shoes can ruin their material.

3. Keep your shoe care kit nearby.

Some shoes need more maintenance and treatment than others. So keep your shoe care kit nearby, like leather conditioner and shoe polish. Having this in a place where you see it will remind you to take care of your shoes.

Proper care and maintenance will help make your shoes last longer.

4. Maintain the shape.

It is essential to find a storage solution that allows you to maintain the original form of your shoes. When your shoes roll or fold, this can cause wrinkles and creases that can be permanent. In the worst-case scenario, the material can tear up.

You may simply stuff your shoes with acid-free paper to maintain the shape. For boots, make sure that they are always upright.

organize shoes in garage - maintain the shape of shoes
Image from Adobe

5. Use silica gel.

Have you noticed that when you buy a new pair of shoes, there’s always a silica gel inside? This helps absorb moisture in closed storage, like those shoe boxes, so that the dampness will not ruin the shoe’s material.

So if you prefer a closed shoe storage option, put packets of silica gel in your shoes.

organize shoes in garage - use silica gel in shoes
Image from Daily mail

6. Be aware of the temperature.

Some shoes can not be exposed to humidity, dampness, or extreme temperatures.

So before you store your shoes in the garage, assess each one, and keep those made out of sensitive materials inside your home. Just give this set another storage solution.

7. Stack it.

Stackable storage is an easy solution for a growing shoe collection. You add one more, and everything still looks neat and uniform.

organize shoes in garage - stack your shoes
Image from AliExpress

So if you have a growing family, and shoes keep coming, this is a wise shoe storage for the garage.

But again, remember to declutter! You don’t have to keep storing shoes that you don’t use. And that goes for everyone in the family.

8. Easy access

Lastly, your storage solution should make the shoes that you frequently use easy to access.

If you’re storing shoes separately, like using a bin for seasonal shoes, and leaving the shoe rack to display only those you’re actually using at this time, this may not be a problem at all.

But what if you have this one tall shelf in the garage, and that’s all you’ve got for shoe storage?

Here’s how you can have easy access. Place the shoes that you only use occasionally on the highest and lowest parts of the shelf. This also goes for the shoes that are out of season.

Then, put the shoes that you always use in the middle of the shelf. This way, you do not have to bend down or struggle to reach the shoes you need.

Shoes Organization Ideas for the Garage

Now that you have already known how to store your shoes with care, here are some sample organization ideas for your shoes in the garage:

1. Repurpose an old bookshelf.

You do not need to buy a new shoe rack to store your shoes in the garage. Simply repurpose an old bookshelf that you may already have and keep your shoes in it!

How to organize Shoes in the Garage - repurpose an old bookshelf
Image from Clementine Bean

2. Use a ladder as a shoe rack.

If you have an old ladder around, you can use it too to store your shoes! They keep your shoes on display in a rustic manner.

3. Use crates.

Using wooden crates as shelves is a popular DIY project for shoe storage in the garage. Simply stack the crates on top of each other to form a cabinet, or mount them on the wall!

I prefer the idea of mounting them on the wall because this can give you extra floor space.

Image from Etsy

4. PVC pipes

This is another very popular DIY project for shoes storage. It can be done not only in the garage but also in the bedroom, mudroom, entryway, or anywhere else you’re keeping shoes.

Aside from that, PVC pipes are inexpensive and easy to find. You can have as many as you need!

This also looks decorative. However, if the majority of your shoes are boots and high shoes, this may not be the best storage for you as they won’t fit in the pipes.

Image from Cookie Loves Milk

5. Wall shelving

Install wall shelves in the garage. This can provide you a lot of space for your shoes!

Wall shelving
Image from Ms. Tapioca

6. Corner shelving

Now not all garages have that much extra space. Yours maybe that kind of garage.

Don’t worry… here comes corner shelving to the rescue!

These will not take up a lot of space, making this the perfect shoe storage solution for when you have a small garage. It’s also one great way to make good use of that often taken-for-granted corner!

Corner shelving
Image from Eva Huang

7. Slat wall shelving

Install slat walls for slat wall shelving. They are completely versatile, and you can rearrange any time!

Use wire racks, baskets, hooks, and shelves for your storage needs.

Slatwall shelving
Imagr from Slide-lok

8. Tension rods

If your garage has one of those awkward little nooks or gaps, that can be the place for your shoes! Install tension rods as a shoe rack!

Tension rods
Image from HGTV

When installing, position one of the tension rods lower than the other. This way, the heels will be higher over the sole, and this makes it more stable.

9. Stackable shoe bins

Oh this is so simple! You’ll just need enough bins for your shoes.

Select bins that are large enough to keep the form of your shoes intact. Stack the shoe bins atop and beside each other and you just formed your own cubbyhole cabinet of shoes!

Stackable shoe bins
Image from Ebay

Being transparent, you will easily find the pair of shoes you want to use!

10. Over the door shoe rack bag

Make use of that garage door!

Place a shoe rack bag behind it. You may store your indoor slippers and flip flops here. You’ll have easy access before you get in the house. All the outdoor dirt and contaminants remain in the garage!

11. Shoe pegs

This is another organization trick that you can apply in one of your corners, but mind you, you’ve got to be comfortable with the little dirt at the sole of the shoes.

Get a board and place pegs on them to hang your shoes. It’s that simple!

12. Install locker-like storage

If you have a huge family, install a locker or cubby system in the garage. This may be a costly solution but believe me – you will be getting the most out of it, and there will be no room for regrets!

This will make one side of your garage look like a mudroom. It gives each member his/her own space to store not only shoes but also outdoor gear, coats, and schoolbags.

Huge garage organization
Image from Dixie delights

13. Shoe rack

This is rather fast and simple.

Simply get a shoe rack and find a place for it in your garage. No need to install shelves! Racks come in different sizes and materials – you can choose one that goes with your preference and budget.

For example, there’s the freestanding racks, or shoe racks with wheels. I prefer rolling shoe racks since you can easily transport them from one place to another. It is pretty useful when you want to rearrange a lot!

14. Wire shelving

Wire shelves are very easy to install. Add a few into your walls and that’s a shoe rack in an instant!

Turn the wire shelves upside down so the shoes won’t slide off.

wire shelving turned shoe rack for garage shoe storage
Image from From House to Home

15. Shoe rack for the boots

Here’s another really cool way to organize your shoes (I mean the boots) in the garage.

Yup! Just keep them hanging upside down in a shoe rack.

shoe rack for the boots - garage shoe storage

Let’s organize your shoes in the garage!

The best way to organize your shoes in the garage will depend on how much space you have, the size of your shoe collection, and of course, your personal preferences.

Choose something that best suits your needs.

Whichever it is, remember that having your shoes stored and organized will help you keep track of the shoes you own and will also help you maintain a clean home. It’s always a win-win!

Need more garage storage ideas? Try out these garage storage tips and tricks.

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