21 Simple Ideas to Organize Kids Room

Going crazy with the chaos in your kids’ room? Check out these simple tips to organize kids room!

kids room organization

A kid’s bedroom is one of the messiest rooms in the house. There’s the toys, books, games, clothes, school supplies, art supplies, and other stuff to deal with and if they are not organized in a proper way, the room can be a chaotic mess!

If you are a busy mom, you often end up prioritizing rooms that visitors have access to when doing quick cleaning and organizing sessions. Because of this, it is easy to let the clutter in your kids’ room pile up.

Before you start feeling guilty about neglecting your kids’ room – do not worry! It only takes a few hours of decluttering, cleaning, and organizing to put the kids’ bedroom in order!

To help you, here are 20 ideas to organize the kids’ room:

1. Color code their clothes.

Kids can dress faster when you color-code their clothes. So consider this option when organizing their closet. This is also better to look at when they are using a closet without doors.

2. Label your drawers.

This will help your kids a lot when they’re already starting to dress on their own. Having labels will keep their closet from turning into a big mess.

Teach them that every clothing has its designated place as the labels show. Put each clothing in its proper place and they will easily find what they need.

Either buy label stickers or make one yourself and just print it!

organize kids room -Label your drawers
image from EBAY

3. Weekly outfit organizer

If you are still at that stage where you have to be the one to pick your kids’ outfit for the day, it helps to have a weekly outfit organizer in the bedroom. Label it with the days of the week.

This will greatly speed up the process of getting dressed every morning. All they have to do is wear whatever you placed on the compartment for the day!

organize kids room -Weekly outfit organizer
image from HAPPY GO LUCKY

Just place the shoes they will be wearing by the door and that will be all you have to worry about since you have already planned ahead their outfits for the week!

4. Add a dressing table.

Little girls feel like grown-ups when they have their own space in front of the mirror. That’s why, a dressing table is a great addition to any kids’ room. It also allows you to keep all your girl’s hair clips and other accessories organized.

Plus, it’s great for teaching kids the importance of personal grooming and hygiene. They can also use it as a study area or a place to display their favorite toys and trinkets.

Image from Just the Woods

5. Bunk bed

When your kids share a room, this is a great idea to save space! Also a great idea for keeping your kids comfortable in their own beds in just one room. Most importantly, letting your boys or girls stay in one room will help them grow closer to each other.

6. Solo bunk bed

I still love the idea of a bunk bed even when your kid doesn’t have a sibling to share it with! It’s fun and still a great space saver! Consider this when you have a small room. It’s still a huge value to your money’s worth.

There are bunk beds with closets beneath the bed. Others have a desk. This one has a desk and a reading nook.

organize kids room -Solo bunk bed
image from FOTER

7. Store things under the bed.

When you’re maximizing space, you can not ignore that under-the-bed storage!

That’s an ideal place for seasonal clothes and toys. Install a custom-made pull-out drawer under the bed. If not, you may simply buy storage containers that can fit under the bed.

8. Storage bench

This is a really cool way to add storage space to your kids’ bedroom. Place a bench with storage by the bedroom window. It’s up to you whether you choose something with open or closed storage.

This sample has open shelves underneath where uniformed cloth baskets contain the kid’s stuff. Place the bench by the window and it can double as a reading nook!

9. Art corner

Kids love to doodle and draw and would love to have their work displayed. But their artwork can clutter up your fridge or the living room so better find a place to collect them neatly.

If you don’t have a craft room, one good option is to occupy a corner in their room. Make it like an art studio where all their art supplies are there and you can have their latest artworks displayed on the wall.

Take this one for example! They can make their homework on that table too!

10. Bucket storage

Using buckets is another perfect storage solution for your kids room. They come in different colors and sizes so I’m sure they’re gonna love it!

Place them in shelves, arrange them on a desk, have them on the floor, or hang them on the wall – it’s a very flexible solution so you can choose whatever style fits your kids room!

organize kids room -Bucket storage

11. Hats on the wall

For the kid who loves baseball, hang his baseball caps on the wall and free up space in the closet! A couple of command hooks and you are good to go!

12. Wall organizer for hair accessories

Girls love to dress up so it’s not a surprise when your little girl has lots of accessories! But these can come in tiny sizes that can easily get lost, like hairpins and ponytails. Organize these up on the wall so that these do not occupy so much space in drawers or on the surface of her dresser.

13. Book sling

Do you read books to your kids? I hope you do. This is how they start loving books – when Mom or Dad reads bedtime stories (and daytime stories too!).

Install a book sling by the bed. Then easily grab one when you tuck them into sleep. This also allows your kid to easily pick a book he/she wants you to read.

And when the books are arranged in one place, it will be quicker to organize the kids room.

Book sling

14. IKEA spice racks for books

Here’s another really cool trick to organize your kids’ books – using IKEA spice racks as book shelves!

Line up a portion of the wall with these spice racks – as many as needed. Then arrange the books in there. Put the commonly read books at the lower part for easy access. Keep the others on top.

IKEA spice racks for bookshelves
Image from The Sweetest Digs

15. Store board games in a hanging organizer.

If you have a lot of board games, you can get one of those cheap hanging organizers and use it to store them all in one place! It also allows everyone to see the box clearly and easily get what they need!

Simply hang it inside the closet.

On the other hand, if you only have a small closet, and you would rather reserve that space for clothes, you may also hang it outside. It works pretty cool too!

Image from Joyful Homemaking

16. Matchbox garage

Matchbox cars are a favorite for boys and they are very collectible with a variety of colors and types. If your kid has a collection, come up with a storage solution that also doubles as a display just like this one. I love how the cars are arranged by colors!

Matchbox garage
image from EBAY

17. Lego table

I didn’t grow up with Lego. But I learned that Lego have been around for a long time and are still a great hit to this day. They really challenge your kids’ imagination!

However, as a Mom who has lots on her plate, they can be a pain to clean up. And if there are too many, it really is a challenge to organize the kids room!

So if your kids have a lot of Lego, you might want to invest in a Lego table that comes with drawers, cubbies, or storage space to store the pieces afterward. This lessens the incident of losing pieces.

Most importantly, the table can keep the Legos off the floor (and we know how painful it can get to step on one!).

18. Transfer jigsaw puzzles into pouches.

Kids love jigsaw puzzles! But these come in different box sizes so they can be difficult to store in a tidy and uniform manner. The boxes can also be soft and flimsy as time passes, increasing the chances of missing jigsaw puzzles.

Mom Angela found a great solution by cutting off the picture from the box and transferring all the pieces into a see-through pouch. Everything stays intact, and they now take lesser space to store!

Transfer jigsaw puzzles into pouches
image from BLUE I STYLE

Place the jigsaw puzzles collection in a basket and you’re good to go!

Image from BLUE I STYLE

19. Stuffed toy bean bag

These plushy toys are cute and adorable, yes, but they can also be too bulky to be stored in uniformed containers. When uncontrolled, these fluffy creatures will soon invade your kids’ room.

When this is the case, simply store the stuffed toys inside a storage bean bag. Your child can sit on it or lean on it while they are playing on the floor!

Keep his favorite stuffed toy out so he will not have to dig through the bean bag all the time!

Stuffed toy bean bag
image from DH GATE

20. Over-the-door doll organizer

If your daughter has a Barbie collection, you can store them behind the door. Just use a hanging shoe organizer and pick out one with compartments where the dolls will fit properly so it will not look messy. You can also make your own just like this one.

21. Use stack crates for additional shelving.

Shelves can be expensive, but old crates can make the difference! Stack them up against the wall and they can instantly turn into open shelves or cubbies.

It’s a fun aesthetic too! Even looks like a decor in itself!

It will also be easier to organize the kids room when there is still some extra space where you can be flexible in arranging things.

Use stack crates for additional shelving
image from MAISON DE PAX

Take it easy, Momma.

I know it is very easy to accumulate stuff and eventually, clutter, when you have kids in the house. People buy them stuff and you also may find it difficult to resist giving them the toys they like, or that cute little outfit you saw in the mall.

The key to organize your kids room is having an organization system that they can easily follow. They need to clearly know where every item goes.

If they’re too young to organize their own rooms, then it’s up to you Momma. Think about how will you organize things so that it’s quicker for you to tidy up. How will you also make it easy for the kids to find what they need without having to bother you all the time?

But at the very least, you’ve got to start training them where to put their stuff.

Showing them how to declutter and organize at an early age will help them grow up to be more responsible with their things. Everything can be a teachable moment so do involve your kids in this task, even if all they can do is just help you to pick up the toys on the floor.

But take it easy, Momma. Remember, at the end of the day, the time you spend with your kids, the bond between you and them are still what matters most – more important than their rooms.

Looking for more organization ideas for your kids? Check these out!

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Are your kids' room in constant chaos? Perhaps it's about time to implement an organization system? Here are simple ideas to organize your kids room!

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