20 Easy and Smart Ways to Repurpose Pill Bottles

Don’t throw away your pill bottles – you can repurpose them and use them in so many ways!

repurpose pill bottles

How many pill bottles have you emptied in your life so far? Have you sent them immediately to the trash bin?

Today, let me open your eyes to the many ways that you can still make use of these little plastic tubes.

But just a little caution before you attempt to recreate any of the ideas in this post. Take off the labels of your pill bottle first. Then sanitize and clean it thoroughly before repurposing.

That being said, here’s a rundown of the many things you can do to repurpose pill bottles in your home. Prepare to be amazed!

1. Mini shampoo, conditioner & lotion

Put a little amount of shampoo, conditioner and lotion to your pill bottles and you now have an instant mini personal care items!

Take them when you travel for vacation, seminars or business trips. Just slip them into your bag.

You can even take the mini lotion with you even if you’re just going out for a little trip during the day. (I do this too. I have a mini lotion always inside my bag) Apply it when you need it!

2. Nail polish remover tub

Making your nails colorful is all fun. But as your nails grow, the need to remove your nail polish also comes with it.

You can simplify removing your nail polish – much simpler than having to dab cotton balls with the nail polish remover and wipe your nails with it.

That’s where the old pill bottle comes into play.

repurpose pill bottles - nail polish remover tub
From Tiphero

Get a normal cleaning sponge and cut it deeply in the center. Stuff the sponge inside the pill bottle. Widen the cut’s gap by inserting a pen on it.

Remove the pen, then slowly pour the nail polish remover to the sponge. Let it absorb. (Visit Tiphero for a more detailed tutorial.)

When you need to remove your nail polish, all you have to do is dip down your finger into the sponge!

Alternatively, you can use cotton balls instead of sponge to stuff into the pill bottle.

repurpose pill bottles - nail polish remover tub using cotton balls
From Pinterest

3. Toothbrush holders

Here is a very simple DIY idea to repurpose your pill bottles should you need new or additional toothbrush holders in your home.

repurpose pill bottles - toothbrush holders
From Pinterest

Just label the pill bottle with the owner’s name so that everyone in your home can find his/her own toothbrush.

4. Bobby pins holder

Keep your bobby pins organized and intact. Place them inside an empty pill bottle!

Whether you’re just at home or traveling, this is a very easy way to always keep those bobby pins handy.

5. Q-tips holder

You don’t need to keep storing your q-tips in plastic – just the way it was packed when you bought it in the store.

Q-tips can fit nicely in a pill bottle. So let them out of their plastic package, and get them inside a pill bottle!

repurpose pill bottles - Q-tips holder
From Pinterest

It’s also very handy. You can just slip it easily into your bag when you travel.

6. Jewelry holder

Having trouble finding small earrings? Keep them organized and safe in a pill bottle!

Not just your earrings, but other small jewelries you may have like rings, pendants and bracelets.

It’s also super easy to carry when you travel!

7. Earphone storage

Here’s a great idea to organize your earphones – repurpose pill bottles and carefully place one into each bottle.

repurpose pill bottles - easy earphone storage
From Pinterest

It also keeps your earphone safe from pets. You may have cats or dogs at home which can be really playful with your things. Believe me… they’re not going to spare those earphones!

If you have other small cords at home, try if they fit into pill bottles too. And if they do, well, you found a simple hack to keep them organized!

8. Coin holder

Do you often lose coins? Dropped them in the car, rolled under the bed, etc.

Keep them inside a pill bottle and minimize losing your coins. It works just like a coin purse. Very handy!

Okay… I know they’re just coins, and you may not be too mindful of it when you drop one. Like, no big deal.

But come to think of it. If you gather together all the loose change you have, it could be enough to buy something valuable.

So why keep on losing coins when you can safely store them inside empty pill bottles that are just lurking in your home?

Oh, and if you want something colorful, like no one would even know it’s a pill bottle, here’s the thing! Give the kiddos one of these and they’re sure going to love it too!

9. Battery organizer

Store your spare batteries and keep them out of the way with this hanging pill bottle organizer.

battery organizer

From Lifehacker

The covers of the pills bottles are screwed under the beam so you can be sure that it’s not going to fall.

To get the battery, you just have to twist the bottle until it opens. Then get your batteries as needed. Really clever, isn’t it?

This tactic keeps your batteries and the pill bottles off the counter (think of the counter space you’re saving). And since it’s hanging, you can see how many batteries you still have in just a glance.

10. Mini first aid kit

When we talk about first aid kit I always think of that big box that contains every medicinal supply that just might be needed on emergency.

So the idea of a first aid kit in a prescription bottle really amazes me and piques my curiosity. When I first got to the idea, I thought… is this even possible?

Well… yes! It’s very possible!

You just have to select the pouch versions of your antibiotics and creams instead of those in tubes. The pouches will easily fit in the pill bottles. Then add band aids and tweezers.

Repurpose more pill bottles when you need to put in more supplies.

Whether you’re using a purse or a backpack, this is a perfect fit!

11. Seed container

Reserving seeds for winter? Keep them safe in an empty pill bottle!

Label every pill bottle that you use so that you know which seed is which. Store them until it’s time to plant!

12. Spare key holder

Keep your spare key safe without having to bring it with you always, and risk losing it while you go about your day.

Just put it inside a pill bottle!

If you’re wondering what’s the rock for, that’s where you stick your pill bottle so that it doesn’t go anywhere, and it’s easy to get it too. The rock will also serve as a sign to you when you bury the pill bottle to the ground.

Yup! You got that correctly… bury it on the ground!

Don’t worry about it being crushed by the weather because pill bottles are great weather-proof containers. You can trust it with your life.

Key… okay… I meant key… you can trust it with your key.

Whenever you need to open your house, that big rock will tell you where you left it.

Yup! It’s there!

Nice disguise, isn’t it?

Okay, you don’t have to put it under the ground all the time, if you’re not a fan of that idea. If you have a rock garden, tuck it around those rocks. Just make sure it’s well hidden.

And remember… do not let anyone see you when you put it there or when you retrieve your key. It’s top secret!

13. Craft supplies storage

Another awesome thing you can do with pill bottles is to turn them into a craft supplies storage!

You know those tiny craft supplies that you seem to lose every now and then because they’re so small. By using pill bottles, you can classify them and keep them intact, making crafts organization an easier battle.

If you are travelling and you’re bringing your craft project along with you, you can also use these pill bottles to keep your supplies handy.

crafts supplies organizer
Image from Joy with Purpose

14. Portable sewing kits

Need sewing kits that you can easily carry during travels? Your empty pill bottles are just the right thing!

This one is a mini pin cushion. Easily insert it into a little pouch, together with your other sewing supplies.

15. Cake piping tools holder

This is a very simple idea to organize your cake piping tools and keep them from being smashed.

Just put the piping tools inside the pill bottle. It’s as simple as that!

If you want your plastic bottles to be colorful, you can spray paint them outside. When you have doubts about the paint, like it might contaminate inside, just use stickers or gift wrappers for your designs.

Whether you’re just keeping them in your kitchen cabinets, or you’re taking them with you in your travels, you can be sure that your little cake decorators are going to be just fine!

16. Homemade crayon molder

Do you have lots of broken crayons at home? I used to keep a handful of them. Didn’t know what to do about them then, so I gave some away. Some were not as lucky and were just thrown to the trash bin.

I regret it.

Not those that I gave away. But those that I just threw away.

Well anyway, it doesn’t have to happen again. And neither should it happen to you. Because this idea here is about recycling those little crayon stubs laying around.

Melt same-colored crayons in a tin can, then pour it into the pill bottles.

crayon molder
From Momtastic

When the wax hardens, melt again another batch of same-colored crayons (different than the first color), then pour it again into the pill bottles. Do the same with the rest of the crayons.

crayon molder
From Momtastic

Pop out when the last layer of crayon has hardened. Then from here, let your kids handle it. Simply sit and watch them enjoy!

crayon molder
From Momtastic

17. Candle holder

Paint and glue the bottles together until you form a candle holder that looks like this!

candle holder
From Pinterest

Beautiful, isn’t it? You won’t even notice that it’s made of pill bottles!

Put it in your center table to display. Or how about a candle light dinner?

18. Prescription for love mini gift

Here’s something fun and romantic!

If you’re looking for a simple gift, why not repurpose your pill bottles into a prescription for love mini gift?

Fill your pill bottle with colorful candies. Then create a prescription label that reads like a love note. It’s kinda cheesy, but, I’m sure your loved one is going to appreciate it!

19. Lights

Need some lighting?

Using an LED, old windshield wiper and six pill bottles, you can make a DIY lamp. Then you can hang it on the wall where you need the lights.

You can also make a hanging garland lights.

This was built for the bathroom mirror, but you can also make one for the other rooms in your home. Or probably in the garden for a soft glow during the night.

20. Snowman decor

How does a snowman make you feel?

I don’t know about you but a smiling snowman does make me smile too and it seems to warm my heart. Also, it reminds me of Olaf – the snowman in the Frozen movies who can make you laugh like there’s no more tomorrow!

Well anyway, you can make a mini snowman with pill bottles. Here’s a sample.

snowman decor
From Pinterest

It doesn’t look like Olaf at all but admit it… it’s adorably cute and can definitely thaw a frozen heart!

You can even involve your kids in making this project. It’s super easy and they’re going to love it too!

Use it to decorate your home or let your kids play and enjoy it with their other toys!

Don’t throw your pill bottles.

Now that you are full of ideas on how to repurpose pill bottles, you have every reason not to throw them just yet!

Put these ideas into practice. Gather your pill bottles and start using them again… this time in more unique ways!

Looking for more repurposing ideas? Try these!

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Have you got lots of pill bottles at home? Here's how to repurpose those pill bottles into cute and useful things rather than just throwing them away!

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