Simple Ideas to Store Shoes in the Closet

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how to store shoes in the closet

Ever tried having a good pair of shoes that you just used once or twice, and somehow you forgot about it because it was stored at the back of your closet?

The next time you pulled it out, you probably found its form was already ruined from being pressed all the way to the back, or that the material has deteriorated.

What a waste!

This happens a lot when you do not organize and store your shoes in the proper manner. As a lady who is fond of her shoes, you should know the right storage techniques to make them last longer.

After all, shoes do not come cheap. If you spend a lot of hard earned money to buy good shoes, you should also invest in their storage and maintenance.

So here are various tips and ideas on how to organize and store your shoes in the closet, with care and with style.

Let’s do this!

How to Organize Shoes in the Closet

1. Arrange them by type.

Have your boots together, your casual shoes on one row, your stilettos in another, and so on and so forth. Arranging your shoes by type lets you find what you need quickly.

how to store shoes in the closet - Arrange them by type

2. Arrange them by color.

This also helps you quickly find the shoes that you need. If it’s the yellow sneakers you want to wear or the beige flats, you will easily locate it among the other shoes with similar color.

This also is an excellent idea when you have an open closet. The color coordination will make your shoes very pleasant to look at.

how to store shoes in the closet - Arrange them by color
Image from Hello fashion

3. Save space by using the heel-toe, toe-heel method.

When you have limited closet space for shoes, squeeze in more by using plastic shoe racks that allow you to store your shoes heel-toe, toe-heel atop each other.

This also gives you more space on shelves!

how to store shoes in the closet - heel to toe toe to heel method
Image from Suburbs 101

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YIHATA shoe slots organizer

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4. Make use of clear plastic bins.

Another way to stack your shoes atop each other is to use clear plastic bins where your shoes easily fit in.

Snap a photo of your shoes, print it, then stick it to the box so you can easily find the shoes that you need. The box might be transparent, but it will still be hard to find what you seek when they are atop each other, so the photo is really essential here.

If you are concerned about moisture, get transparent shoe bins that have holes in them to allow for air circulation.

Try this 12-pack shoe organizer bins from Amazon.

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5. Keep boots upright.

Make it a priority to keep your boots upright to avoid permanent creases when they fold or flop. Invest in boot stands so they stay upright. Or purchase boot hangers as another way to keep them upright.

If you are low on funds, here is a creative DIY: Use dry and empty wine bottles!

how to store shoes in the closet - Keep boots upright
Image from The Drink Business

If your shelves do not have space for your boots place them at the bottom, or try putting them on top of the closet. If it doesn’t work, then just place them outside, just beside the closet.

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6. Install a rod and hang your flip flops.

Got a lot of flip flops? You are going to love this space-saving idea!

Use the space underneath your closet – hang a rod across it. Then use wired hangers to hang your flip flops.

This is a great space saver for when you live in warm areas where flip flops are a must!

7. Insert a small shoe rack beneath your closet.

Use that wide space beneath where you hang your clothes by inserting a short shoe rack inside it. Arrange your shoes neatly, all the while making the most of that space!

Try this 2-tier shoe rack from Amazon!

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8. Go for hanging shoe storage!

Make space in your closet’s rod, then put a hanging shoe storage in it. It’s made from strong and breathable fabric that can support a couple pairs of shoes.

Try this hanging shoe organizer from Simple Houseware at Amazon.

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9. Store shoes in their original boxes.

A lot of us throw away the boxes our shoes come in. We do not really realize that we are getting rid of a good and, not to mention, a free way to store our shoes.

When you buy expensive shoes, these come in quality boxes that last longer than the standard carton box. It will also come in handy if you decide to sell your shoes later.

So instead of throwing those boxes, stack them in your closet. And that becomes your shoe storage. Take a photo of the shoes and stick that on the box so you can easily find what you are looking for.

how to store shoes in the closet - Store shoes in their original boxes
Image from Fabulusly broke

10. Get uniform containers.

If you like everything neat and are fond of that one-color effect, get uniform containers for your shoes. This makes everything in your closet look like one unit.

how to store shoes in the closet - Get uniform containers
Image from suburbs101

Even if you have different kinds of shoes and have a mix of colors, things will still look neat because they are in uniform containers – another excellent idea for when you have open closets.

11. Use an over-the-door shoe rack

If your closet has its doors, then you might want to consider hanging an over-the-door shoe rack in there. These organizers come in different colors. You can even have them in transparent pockets so you can easily find what you need.

Image from BED BATH & BEYOND

Did you know that you can use an over-the-door shoe rack for organizing other stuff at home, not just shoes? If you’re interested, check out our post – 20 Surprising Uses of an Over the Door Shoe Organizer!

12. Put additional shelving.

If you have a spare closet with wide shelving, you can dedicate that space solely for your shoes. All you have to do is put more shelves so you can fit more shoes in them, like this IKEA shoe closet project!

Put additional shelving
Image from Healthy Lifestyle

Oh by the way, are you fond of using IKEA? Here are various IKEA hacks that you can imitate to make a shoe storage – 20 Ways to Hack IKEA for a Unique Shoe Storage

Do you need a second storage space?

Remember, you do not have to keep all your shoes in one place. If you lack space, why not have the shoes you use almost every day in another shoe storage space – like near the entryway? Here are awesome samples for shoe storage in the entryway!

Do you need a second storage space?
Image from Rilynn

Then, the more dressy shoes and the ones that you do not really get to wear often can stay in your closet where they will be untouched for quite some time, and they get to stay clean. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your closet all the time because you know the shoes there have not been outdoors.

And this way, you get to immediately take off your shoes and relax your feet the moment you get home!

Storage Tips for Shoes in the Closet

Storing your shoes in a closet must be done with care to maintain their good condition and form. Therefore, proper storage measures are necessary. So here are some tips to keep in mind when storing your shoes!

1. Clean your shoes.

The first thing you should do before storing shoes in the closet is to clean them. Storing shoes with dust, dirt, mud, and other residues can ruin the material over time – especially for shoes made out of suede or leather.

Clean your shoes
Image from Women’sHealth

Give them a thorough brushing with a soft brush or a rag before storing them in the closet. If your shoes have stubborn stains, wash them first and do not place them in the closet until they are completely dry.

2. Stuff your shoes.

If you know you will not be using a pair of shoes often, then stuff them with acid-free paper before storing them in a closet. Stuffing the shoes will help retain their shape while in storage.

Stuff your shoes

Use acid-free paper. Do not use newspaper because it may discolor your shoes.

3. Use silica gel packets.

If you are storing your shoes in closed boxes, lace a silica gel packet inside your shoes. This will help avoid moisture buildup while your shoes are locked in a box where moisture can be trapped inside.

Use silica gel packets
Image from Urban Athletics

4. Cardboard storage must be elevated.

In this list of ideas to store shoes in the closet, should you choose to just keep them in cardboard boxes, you must elevate them. Rodents can easily infiltrate through cardboard material and can ruin your shoes.

Cardboard storage must be elevated
Image from decorpad

5. Use cedar chips.

When storing your shoes in an enclosed closet, consider using cedar chips instead of mothballs. They are effective enough to get rid of pests, and they smell better than mothballs too!

Use cedar chips
Image from Ebay

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6. Declutter

While you’re at the arranging and organizing stage, why not do some decluttering too?

Image from The Organized Mama

Separate the keepers from those that need repair. Pull out the shoes you never seem to wear because they are uncomfortable or nothing in your wardrobe matches them.

Choose which ones you can still fix, which ones you can donate, and throw out the ones that are beyond repair. Some may even be good enough to be sold as a preloved item.

Decluttering will give you fewer space problems and ensure that you stick with the shoes you really use and love. It will also be easier to apply any of these ideas to store shoes in the closet when you only have enough to store.

Now you can store your shoes in the closet in peace.

Yes, shoe storage is more than just having a place to put your shoes. You have to do it properly to ensure that your shoes will last too!

So use these ideas on how to store your shoes in the closet and you’ll end up with organized shoes, a good-looking closet and you’ll get to enjoy your shoes for a long time. No doubt about that!

Looking for more ideas on organizing shoes? Here, check these out!

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