20 Ways to Hack IKEA for a Unique Shoe Storage

These IKEA hacks will surely give you a new perspective on shoe storage!

IKEA Hacks for Organizing Shoes

For many of us, shoes are not just a necessity to protect our feet. They are a form of self-expression too.

So, it is no wonder when you feel like you want to have your shoe collection on display.

However, shoes can also be a nuisance – especially when you have a big family. Without the right storage solution, someone always gets hurt, tripping over shoes that someone else left lying around.

So if you are in need of a good organization idea for your shoes or a neat way to have your shoe collection displayed, then this post is for you. But this comes with a twist!

Instead of the usual shoe storage solutions that you may know, today, we’re exploring how to use or rather how to “hack” IKEA.

IKEA hacks have been dominating the online world. And for good reasons!

Not only are IKEA units very affordable, but they are also easy to assemble. Every IKEA unit is made to work together with other IKEA units. So that makes them very customizable.

This is why you will find thousands of IKEA hacks online! The combinations you can do with their units are just endless!

Now here is a list of some of the best IKEA hacks for organizing and storing your shoes. Let’s get on with it!

1. EXPEDIT bookcase

Got lots of shoes that you want on the wall but no woodworking skills?

No problem! The IKEA EXPEDIT bookcase is not going to disappoint you. Because this is a very straightforward shoe storage solution.

The bookcase works like magic! There’s not much you have to do, except, well, add another bookcase if you need more slots.

2. BILLY bookcase

It really is a trend to turn bookcases into display cases for shoes. And here’s another sample, this time using the IKEA BILLY bookcase.

It’s quite similar to the first one, being a bookcase too. But in this hack however, it’s just a flat shelf, no partitions. Then doors were added to give protection to the shoes. It keeps your shoes secured while being on display.

3. ALGOT shelf

Put your shoes in a vertical wall-mounted display using the ALGOT shelf. It is wide enough to accommodate shoe sizes up to size 9.

Now if you have a lot of colorful sneakers, then the more you should consider the ALGOT shelf. The color of the sneakers makes this hack double as wall decor too!

Apart from sneakers, you can also show off some class by putting your stilettos on display too!

4. IKEA Trones

This wall-mounted cabinet is actually meant to be a storage solution for narrow entryways – especially useful for small space dwellers.

shoe storage IKEA - IKEA trones
Image from The Spruce

Have them as is or pile one unit on top of another. You can even cover a whole wall with it, and it would still look classy and neat!

Use the top surface of this slender cabinet for other items as well. Even the side can be used to hang a cleaning tool.

5. GRUNDTAL kitchen series

Line up vertical wall-mounted shoe storage on your walls with the stainless steel kitchen rails from the GRUNDTAL kitchen series.

Install this just right by the door. Use this IKEA hack to keep what you are always wearing easily accessible.

Use S hooks to hang your flats, sandals, stilettos, and sneakers.

shoe storage IKEA - GRUNDTAL kitchen series
Image from The Spruce

6. RIBBA picture ledge and LOSJÖN knobs

Oh this IKEA hack for shoe storage is just great for narrow entryways!

Mount the RIBBA picture ledges on the wall. These are thin enough not to cause a major roadblock when someone passes by. Then add the LOSJÖN knobs to help the shoes stay upright. These keep the shoes from falling too.

And that’s it! You’ve got a neat shoe storage on display!

shoe storage IKEA - RIBBA picture ledge and LOSJÖN knobs
Image from IKEA Hackers

By the way, when you still have the space, you may hang baskets just beside your shoes for an additional storage space.

shoe storage IKEA - RIBBA picture ledge and LOSJÖN knobs
Image from IKEA Hackers

7. OMAR shelf unit

The OMAR shelf unit is very adjustable, so you can quickly transform it into a shelf that accommodates all your needs. Simply adjust the height of the shelves to accommodate your boots or lower them when you just have sneakers.

shoe storage IKEA - OMAR shelf unit
Image from Popsugar

The material is made from galvanized steel that you can easily wipe down and clean. It’s a perfect shoe storage solution for when you have dirty shoes and you don’t have time to clean them yet. Just leave them there even when they’re muddy.

But of course, don’t forget to clean your shoes afterwards.


This IKEA hack for shoe storage uses one SEKTION high cabinet, 2 ASKERSUND cover panels, 2 ASKERSUND doors, and a couple of drawer pulls.

shoe storage IKEA - SEKTION and ASKERSUND
Image from IKEA Hackers

The drawer pulls were used to ensure that the shoes would not fall out, because the shelves were assembled with a little slant – makes the shoes easier to see up there. But this drawer pull idea gives this IKEA hack a unique look too, making it stand out from the usual cabinet-turned-shoe-case hacks.

However, you may skip this drawer pull option if you think it is not necessary. Like when the shelves are just flat and not slanting. I don’t think the drawer pulls are needed when you assemble it that way.

Oh and it looks like this when it’s closed – really neat and just so peaceful in that little corner!

shoe storage IKEA - SEKTION and ASKERSUND
Image from IKEA Hackers

9. BYGEL rack

The BYGEL was really meant for kitchen towels. But again, we’re hacking IKEA, right?

Now… if you have a lot of high heels and stilettos, the BYGEL rack is for you! Simply mount it on the wall!

shoe storage IKEA - BYGEL rack
Image from Stylizimo

In this IKEA shoe storage sample, the rails were spray-painted in gold to give it a more stylish look. It looks really glamorous – a chic way to keep your heels on display. But I believe you can paint them any color you want!

So the next time you are out for ladies’ night, easily take your pick and confidently walk out the door!

10. SPONTAN magazine racks

Hello sneaker lovers!

If you’re looking for a nice trick to organize your sneakers, or your teens’ sneakers, well, this straightforward IKEA hack is for you!

Use SPONTAN magazine racks. Bend over the magazine holders to form some shelving, and the space is enough for the sneakers! A really cool shoe display!

shoe storage IKEA - SPONTAN magazine racks
Image from IKEA Hackers

I bet you can also apply this shoe storage IKEA hack in other shoes. Just be willing to get out of the box and experiment!

Like, say, you don’t wanna bend the holders. Can you still use these for shoe storage then?

You bet!

Here are six SPONTAN magazine racks hidden by the door! And these shoes are not even sneakers – just your usual pairs.

SPONTAN magazine racks
Image from IKEA Hackers

11. RATIONELL VARIERA pot lid organizer

Sneaker lovers, speaking to you again!

This is an entirely unique IKEA hack for shoes. Who would have thought that a pot lid organizer can turn into a modern wall-mounted shoe rack?

And yet, here it is!

shoe storage IKEA - RATIONELL VARIERA pot lid organizer
Image from IKEA Hackers

The RATIONELL VARIERA is adjustable, so feel free to adjust the length and width according to your shoes’ sizes (even if they’re not sneakers).

Now won’t you agree with me when I say it definitely is a unique IKEA idea compared to the usual wall-mounted shoe storage hacks?

12. HEMNES cabinet

The HEMNES cabinet is a practical and slim shoe cabinet from IKEA. You can actually just have it as is, but most users find them too plain, so there are many hacks to personalize your HEMNES cabinet.

This is just one of those hacks.

In this sample, the knobs were replaced with DIY leather pulls made out of a belt. The top board was also replaced with a stained pine board.

The result is a more homey-looking IKEA shoe storage cabinet that works great for small spaces! Pull down the lid and there’s the shoes!

shoe storage IKEA - HEMNES cabinet
Image from Lavender Julep

Close the cabinet and everything looks so neat.

shoe storage IKEA - HEMNES cabinet
Image from Lavender Julep

By the way, use the countertop space to put other things that you commonly bring with you when you go out the house. Top it with a nice decor and everything just fits in and looks really nice!

13. KALLAX with wine dividers

This is a genius way to use, or rather hack, the KALLAX cabinet. Insert wine dividers to create compartments for your shoes.

shoe storage IKEA - KALLAX with wine dividers
Image from Pinterest

Get everyone at home to arrange their shoes neatly in it, so it looks nice too.

14. TJUSIG shoe rack

You can use a TJUSIG shoe rack as is, but where’s the fun in that?

I’m sure you need a place to hang your crocs and wellies outside, so let’s hack it!

Cut the bars and that becomes the poles. Assemble the side pieces as is – that becomes the base. And this is the IKEA shoe storage you get!

TJUSIG shoe rack
Image from IKEA Hackers

A shoe rack to hold your crocs and wellies, which you can safely keep outside just near the door, waiting and ready for your next adventure!

15. HYLLIS shelving unit

This IKEA hack makes use of two HYLLIS shelving units. The shelves from the other unit were used to add more layers of shelves to the first one – making more layers of shelves. Spray paint with metallic gold for a more glamorous look!

HYLLIS shelving unit
Image from Miss Pink Chloe

This indeed is both a chic and affordable solution for the woman who loves to have her shoes on display!

16. VEDDINGE kitchen cabinet door

This IKEA hack turns a VEDDINGE kitchen cabinet door into a sliding shoe storage solution that you can tuck just right under the bed. Attach some molding and wheels, and you are good to go!

VEDDINGE kitchen cabinet door
Image from Apartment Therapy

This is another space-saving solution for when you live in a small home, a tiny apartment, or a loft. Your bed takes up a significant amount of space, so isn’t it wise to utilize that space underneath?

17. IKEA wall hooks

Got lots of wall space? Let’s use that for organizing your shoes!

Simply mount your shoes on the wall using… well… what else? Wall hooks of course! And that’s where these IKEA wall hooks come into place!

IKEA wall hooks
Image from Shelterness

Just make sure that the soles of your shoes are clean before hanging them on the wall. Come on, imagine hanging them dirty? Yuck!

Yep… even if it’s a classy IKEA shoe storage, no it won’t look classy. It’s yuck, ok?!

So, if you often come home with muddy shoes, have another shoe rack by the door and let your shoes rest there first. Put them back on display when you have already cleaned them up.

18. FLISAT toy storage

This one’s really cute – a creative and fun way to store your kids’ shoes! Use the FLISAT toy storage with castors.

FLISAT toy storage
Image from Popsugar

The FLISAT is big enough to store several pairs of children’s shoes. You can easily tuck them under a bench or under the bed – wherever it fits best.

19. LACK TV unit

This floating IKEA shoe storage solution is made out of a LACK TV unit. The legs were removed, and the unit was mounted on the wall using brackets.

Image from IKEA Hackers

If you think the LACK unit is too long, you can always use a saw to cut the LACK unit into two smaller ones.

This is a unique way to put your shoes on display, and you can also use the surface to display other things like pictures or indoor plants.

20. PAX wardrobe door

Check out this simple solution for a floating shoe rack on the wall. Made from an extra PAX wardrobe door.

IKEA PAX wardrobe door
Image from IKEA Hackers

This IKEA hack can accommodate any shoe size! A real effortless and convenient shoe storage solution.

Does an IKEA shoe storage hack deserve your time and money?

As you can see, there are many ways you can “hack” IKEA to come up with the shoe storage solution that you need at home.

Some need woodworking skills. Others are pretty straightforward or they just need to be tweaked a little.

So now, I’m passing the ball to you. Will you hack an IKEA for your shoe storage needs? Or you’ll be just fine with what you currently have?

Looking for more shoe storage solutions? Check these out!

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