Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Ideas: 101 Inspiring Concepts to Try Today (Part 2)

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Welcome to the second installment of the Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Ideas!

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And now here are 50 more to inspire you and help you make your best BuJo ever!

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If planting is one of your hobbies, you will surely appreciate this.

Monitor your plants and record your growing results using a plant tracker in your bullet journal.


The Bible is a must read for every Christian. Not because it is a duty, but because it is a necessary part of life, and without which, the life of a Christian can never be complete.

Bring with you the passages that you need to remember about a particular topic like Prayer or Overcoming Fear, by writing them in your bullet journal.

Either you list all the passages that discusses that topic or write the passages themselves, word for word, so that you don’t have to look up into the Bible when you need to remember them.

You can also make list of all the books of the Bible to keep track of which book you have completed reading and which ones you are yet to complete.


As Christians, we must strive to pray everyday.

Yet again, because of the busyness of our lives, praying (just like reading and studying the Bible) is often pushed at the back of our schedule.

So a bullet journal page just for prayer is a wise move not only to prompt you to pray everyday, but also to keep track of what you are praying for.

Tracking what you ask from God is important because too often, when we ask for something, we remember God. But when our prayers are answered already, we forget to thank him.

Going back and reading what you prayed for reminds you of them and your duty to thank God when he answers them. It also shows you that you have a lot to be grateful for, knowing that what you have right now, was just a wish ‘once upon a time’.


When we are  inspired, it feels like there is nothing that can get in our way that we can’t handle. It feels like everything is possible.

The problem is we don’t always stay inspired. There are moments when we feel down, tired and discouraged.

This is why we appreciate quotes a lot!

It may be a collection of sayings, or just one sentence that when we read, it reminds us that, Hey! it’s not so bad after all. You don’t have to sulk like that. 

So it’s helpful to always keep those words handy in your bullet journal. You may not always feel inspired, but with easy access to those words that inspire you, you’ll have greater chances to stay positive even if things don’t go as you expect.

You can dedicate a whole page in your bullet journal for just one quote, or a collection of the best quotes that resonate with you.

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Here are more Pinterest boards to get either layout ideas or more quotes for your Quotes and Inspiration page.


What does it take to live a thriving life?

This page holds your answers.


What guides your actions and decisions in life?

Is it your values? Interests? anchors? your dreams? what people say?

When you hit a crossroad, what will make you choose to go one way and not the other?

What Guides Me page helps to remind you of what’s important to you and why you do what you do.

We live in a world of so many choices. Is your choice really yours? Or is it someone else’s?

Write down your values, interests, anchors, dreams and anything that is important to you which can help you discern the best thing to do when you hit crossroads.

When you have already achieved your goal and you don’t know what comes next, What Guides Me page can help you decide what to do.

This can also be an alternative in making 5-year plans (if it’s not like you to make plans like these).

On the other hand, it can be your guide in making those long term plans.

Whatever it is, it always pays to remember the whys behind your actions, making your decisions are focused and you’re not doing something that is contrary to what you believe in.


How often have you felt frustrated when you did not get what you want, only to realize later, that you really didn’t need it and you’d be fine without it?

This is why it’s worth it to have a page where you can write down what you want and clarify whether it’s a legitimate need, or just a want  – something that you can do without.

When your resources are limited, like money and time, just focus on your needs; prioritize them.

You can go on your wants later, when you have anything extra.