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Top 5 Best Shower Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom? You can’t go wrong with these top 5 best shower ideas!

Don’t you imagine having a bathroom like in movies, or in bungalows?

A bathroom that is clean, with a flawless shower pan, beautiful shower enclosures, niches and bright walls is everyone’s dream.… Read the rest

Add More Storage with Pantry Organization Over the Door

Maximize your space with these clever pantry organization ideas over the door!

pantry organization over the door

When it comes to food storage, every square inch counts – especially when you have limited pantry space.

Whether you are using a room as a pantry, or your kitchen cabinets for food storage, you can use the space at the back of the doors for organizing as well!… Read the rest

20 Mudroom Designs & Ideas You will Love!

These mudroom ideas will open your eyes to the possibilities of having a mudroom even when you only have a small space!

Mudroom ideas for the home

Mudrooms are becoming more popular these days for homeowners. They have evolved from a functional entryway space to dedicated storage space.… Read the rest

How to Organize the Kitchen

Follow our best tips on how to organize the kitchen and you will never have to feel exhausted and stressed when meal prepping!

How to organize the kitchen - a simple guide

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted already the moment you enter the kitchen to prepare a meal?

Have you ended up wasting money buying items that you already have simply because you could not find them?… Read the rest