How to Organize the Bathroom

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It can be frustrating to step into a cluttered bathroom when you are in a rush to get ready because you cannot find anything that you need.

However, not everyone can have a large bathroom with so much storage space and a wide countertop. But the truth is, you can still have a neat and tidy bathroom even if you do not have that much space! Who knows? You may really not need a too spacious bathroom?

So no matter how small or awkward your bathroom is, you can still turn things around – make it into a dreamy space of Zen! And that’s by learning how to organize your bathroom.

Why organize your bathroom?

An organized bathroom does a huge impact on your bathroom’s overall look. When everything is stored neatly, your bathroom instantly looks more attractive.

An organized bathroom is not just easy to look at but also easy to use. You no longer have to waste time looking for things and have to make a mess doing so.

And lastly, an organized bathroom is cleaner and more sanitary. You no longer have to panic or be self-conscious when guests come over and use your bathroom!

No matter what the size of your bathroom is – big or small – you and your whole family will definitely benefit if it’s an organized one!

How to Organize the Bathroom

If you don’t know where to start, here are our basic bathroom organization tips that will surely help!

1. Do some decluttering.

The first thing you should do when you organize your bathroom is to declutter. Get rid of the things that you barely use and the things that no longer benefit.

Gather all your things in the bathroom – toiletries, first aid supplies, grooming tools, makeup, first aid supplies, and even cleaning supplies. Then, sort the products into three piles: keep, donate, and toss.

Do some decluttering
Image from chasing supermom by Bekki

Keep the items that you always use, donate the items that you barely use but can still be used by others, and toss the items that can no longer be used such as expired or damaged products.

Oh and don’t worry if you’re not used to decluttering, because the bathroom is one of the best places, and one of the easiest places too, to start learning this important homemaking skill – decluttering.

Should you need more guidance on decluttering the bathroom, check out our post on Where to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed. It discusses decluttering the bathroom in detail.

2. Clean up.

The decluttering step will take most of the items in your bathroom out of the room. So, take this as a chance to clean up! Having a clean bathroom will also put a subconscious pressure to keep your bathroom that way.

3. Organize items by category.

Lots of stuff in your bathroom? Arrange them by category. Keep like items together in trays or shelf dividers.

This way, your household will have no problem finding what they need. For instance, one container has all deodorant products, all soap products in another, and all lotions in another.

Arranging your stuff like this may feel like you have your own mini-store in the bathroom – especially if you are the type who stocks up on your favorite products! But when it’s all organized and neat, you’ll be able to really breathe, and it’s all worth it!

4. Clear out your countertop.

As a general rule, it is always better to have only a few items on your countertop. This makes it easier to clean up plus it reduces the chances of clutter.

Keep the few items in the places where they are used. For example, your hand soap should be next to your sink.

For items that you want to be on the counter, place these items in a tray. This way, you can easily just move the tray to clean the counter.

5. Use uniform containers.

Toiletries and other bathroom items do not really have the best packaging all the time. One way to make things look neater and more attractive in your bathroom is to have uniform containers for everything.

how to organize the bathroom -Use uniform containers
Image from Liz Marie

In this example, mason jars are used for cotton swabs, cotton balls, and wipes. They do not only look better but they also look good enough to display on the countertop.

It also helps to place labels on the containers so others can easily find what they are looking for and not get confused.

Check this page for mason jars that are great for bathroom use.

Bathroom Organization Ideas

There are other things you may consider to have a well-kept bathroom. So here are more ideas for organizing your bathroom!

1. Use a hanging shower caddy.

If your shower does not have built-in shelves to place your shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, and other bath items, you can add storage space by simply using a hanging shower caddy.

It is one of the best storage options in the shower. Since everything is hanging in the air, you don’t have to worry about mildew building up at the bases of the bottles. That’s less cleaning work for you!

Here’s a simple hanging shower caddy from Amazon.

More choices can be found here.

2. Get a bath toy bag

This is for your little bundles of joy!

Bath time is easier for kids when you have a bathtub and they have their toys. But it also makes your bathroom a mess.

To help things look neater, get a mesh bag to keep all the bath toys in one place. Likewise, train your kids to put their toys in it after their bath.

how to organize the bathroom -Get a bath toy bag
Image from Hey Mama

Here’s a bath toy organizer from Amazon.

Check out this page for other choices.

3. Get more storage with a bathroom cart

A bathroom gives you additional storage space in a small bathroom. It is also very useful if you have a bathtub and you need to keep your toiletries nearby.

Plus the fact that they have wheels means you can simply roll them away in a corner after your bath! Easy peasy!

how to organize the bathroom -Get more storage with a bathroom cart
Image from Home Listy

Try this utility cart from Amazon! Not only is this for bathroom use, but you can also use it to add storage in your kitchen, bedroom and home office.

Here are more utility/bathroom cart choices.

4. Use tiered trays for your countertop.

If you only have the countertop for your storage option, you can minimize the mess by using a tiered organization tray.

This way, you are just consuming vertical space instead of occupying the entire countertop space.

how to organize the bathroom -Use tiered trays for your countertop
Image from Cotton Diy

Here’s a two-tier tray from Amazon.

More tiered trays can be found here!

5. Use your bathroom door for your towels.

The back of your bathroom door can be used as a storage space too! Install towel rods on the door and this gives you a space to hang your towels!

Visit this page for towel bars perfect for behind the door setup!

6. Use over-the-door shoe organizer for toiletries.

This is a common storage hack for small homes. And I must say, it’s really practical. Simply hang an over-the-door shoe organizer to store your toiletries.

It may not look as good as over-the-door wire racks or shelves but I prefer this because there are no risks of the products falling off if someone accidentally slams the bathroom door.

Get yourself an over-the-door shoe organizer here!

7. Don’t cram your medicine cabinet.

If you have a medicine cabinet, make sure that you do not overpack items in your medicine cabinet so that all your stuff will not be falling out when you open it.

Store your items in a way that it’s easy for you to access the items that you often use.

By the way, if you’re keeping your medicines in the bathroom, I would also advise that you find a better location for it. I’ve learned that the heat and moisture in the bathroom can damage your meds, that’s why. For more detailed information on this, read this post from Webmd.

And if you need ideas on medicine organization, check out our post – 25 Effortless Solutions for Storing Medicine.

Don’t worry if you have a built-in medicine cabinet – you can still use it to store other items that you use in the bathroom.

8. Use drawer organizers.

If your cabinets come with drawers, make sure that they do not end up as a junk drawer where random things get buried into oblivion.

Use drawer organizers – this makes classifying different items easier.

Here’s one from Amazon.

Madesmart 8-piece interlocking bin pack

More choices can be found in this page.

9. Make use of a Lazy Susan.

Some cabinets have deep shelves that it is almost impossible to get the items stored all the way in the back without making a mess. One good solution is using a lazy Susan.

Now, you do not have to strain yourself to reach the items at the back, No more knocking over items to get what you need!

Check out some lazy susans here!

10. Store your cleaning products under the sink.

If you have under the sink cabinets, use that space to store your bathroom cleaning products. Place them in caddies to separate them from each other. With this, you can easily take out what you need when you’re cleaning the bathroom.

Try this slide-out baskets as an under-the-sink organizer!

Check out other options here!

11. Invest in under the sink shelves.

You may use shelves to utilize your space under the sink. Get something that will fit under it. Just make sure that you get the right measurements to ensure that the shelves will fit perfectly beneath the sink.

Get under the sink shelves
Image from IKEA

Here’s a similar product from Amazon.

Simple Houseware 2 Tier Expandable Shelf

Visit this page for more options on shelves for under the sink.

12. Utilize the space over the toilet.

If you have a tiny bathroom with minimal storage space, make use of the space over your toilet – especially with a compact toilet! Install wall shelves or get yourself an over-the-toilet cabinet!

how to organize the bathroom -Utilize the space over your toilet
Image from Pottery Barn

Just do not cram it with too much stuff (remember decluttering), or else things might start falling into your toilet bowl if you are not careful. We don’t want that.

Try this 3-shelf bathroom organizer!

More choices can be found here.

13. Mount baskets on the wall.

Another great idea to give you additional storage is to mount baskets on the wall. Wicker baskets are particularly popular for this kind of idea since they look more aesthetically pleasing.

Here’s something similar from Amazon.

StorageWorks water hyacinth baskets

Browse this page for other baskets!

Maintain it!

With these tips, we are confident that you will end up with a better-looking bathroom in your home!

Once everything is in its proper order, you should make it a habit to maintain your organized bathroom. Return items to their proper places after using them and do not let items that do not belong to the bathroom stay in the bathroom.

When you incorporate maintenance into your daily routine, you can keep your organized bathroom for longer periods and do less cleaning!

Looking for more bathroom organization ideas? Check out these posts!

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