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shoe storage ideas for the entryway

Do you immediately want to take off your shoes the moment you step into the house? Nothing could beat that relieving feeling, right?

But what happens to your shoes after? Do you just toss them, or do you have to carry them to a closet somewhere inside the house?

Why not just set up a shoe storage for the entryway?

You may feel hesitant about this because you do not want your visitors to see your shoes right away.

Well, the good news is that there are actually many shoe storage for the entryway that look neat and tidy. Some of these are multi-purpose, so you can put other stuff, not just shoes. And these ideas are very easy to do!

So let’s get on with it! Here are 20 entryway shoes organization ideas that you will definitely love!

Use a bench

Setting up a bench in the entryway is an excellent idea because it provides you a place to sit on when you put on your shoes before you get out of the house.

It also is a comfort when you go home after a long day, so you can just plop down on it while you take off your shoes. Here are some bench shoe storage ideas that you can do for your entryway!

1. Open shoe storage bench

This short, cushioned bench is ideal if you only have just a few shoes. But if you have a lot of shoes, you can always get a more extended bench.

Or, use this shoe storage option for your everyday shoes only! And then keep the others in another storage area in your home.

shoe storage for entryway - open shoe storage bench
Image from Furniture Wala

Here are similar benches from Amazon.

Nnewvante bamboo bench

ZLELOUY bamboo bench

More choices can be found here.

2. Closed shoe storage bench

This is for you when you do not want to have your shoes on display.

Get a bench with built-in cabinets and simply hide your shoes inside. Visitors who come in will have no idea that your shoes are in there too!

shoe storage for entryway - closed shoe storage bench
Image from Pinterest

Here are similar products.

K KELBEL bamboo shoe rack

Baxton 2-door cushioned bench shoe rack

Here are other options.

3. Cubby style storage bench

If you have a lot of shoes, a long bench with a cubby style storage is one of the best options. Like this one here – it has three layers where 24 pairs of shoes can fit in.

This helps you organize your shoes neatly and saves a lot of space too!

shoe storage for entryway - cubby style
Image from Walmart

You can get this exact cubby bench at Amazon.

If this is unavailable, there are still plenty of similar choices like this Prepac white bench with 18 slots.

Or this gray-colored cubby bench (also Prepac brand)

Look for more brands and other choices in this page.

4. Bench with fabric storage bins

Another way to keep your shoes hidden is to use fabric storage bins. Put your shoes inside the bins and just pull them out when you need to use or return them. Another great way to keep your shoes out of sight!

shoe storage for entryway - bench with bins
Image from Walmart

When it comes to fabric storage bins for your shoes, you have lots of options. Simply select those that will fit in under the bench.

Here are some storage totes that you might like from Amazon.

Amazon Basics Collapsible fabric storage cubes

EZOware foldable fabric basket

Royexe fabric storage bins

If you need to browse more choices, just hop in to this page!

Oh and if you like the bench that you see in the image, that’s also in Amazon!

5. Bench with rustic baskets for shoe storage

Just like the fabric storage bins, baskets in a bench will also keep your shoes out of sight. They’re very adorable to look at and it also gives a rustic feel to your home’s interior!

Oh you’ll love that rustic vibe – like you’re in a farmhouse!

shoe storage for entryway - bench with baskets
Image from Atap

Let’s see some type of these baskets which you might love!

Sorbus foldable rustic bin

Trademark Innovations foldable hyacinth storage baskets

Whitmor Rattique storage baskets

Need more options? Explore this page!

Also, here’s a rustic storage bench with three rattan baskets already included in the package.

If you’re interested on more bench ideas for organizing shoes, check out our other post: 20 Bench for Shoes Storage You’ll Absolutely Love!

Use a cabinet

If a bench is not of your type, you may use a cabinet instead. This will also help in a neat shoe storage in the entryway.

Not just that, you can organize other things in a cabinet, and you can put on decoration like a plant or a photo on its surface. Check out these cabinet shoe storage ideas that you can do for your home!

1. Open cabinet

Open cabinet or open shelves allow you to quickly get what you want and store them after you use it. There are even bigger compartments for boots. And as I have mentioned, the top gives you surface space for decors.

shoe storage for entryway - open cabinet
From Pinterest

Here’s something similar from Amazon.

Check out this page for more choices.

2. Mesh cabinet

This cabinet is made out of wood and mesh screen. Because of the mesh screen, you can see your shoes, and it also does not lock in the smell inside. It’s a really great option when you have shoes worth displaying!

shoe storage for entryway - Mesh Cabinet
Image from Joss & Main

Here’s one from Amazon.

Coaster Home Furnishings Metal Mesh Door Accent Cabinet

3. Pull-down shelves

This cabinet has shelves that you can pull down and give you diagonal storage where you can insert your shoes. It also provides a layer of drawer space where you can store gloves, scarves and other items.

shoe storage for entryway - Pull-down shelves
Image from IKEA

Here’s something similar from Amazon.

QAZWC-A1 Shoe Cabinet Shoe Shelf with 3 Flip Doors

4D Concepts Deluxe Triple Shoe Cabinet

See other options in this page.

4. Stackable storage cubes

You can also use storage cubes that can be stacked beside each other and on top of each other, forming a cabinet. You can always expand easily when you get new shoes!

shoe storage for entryway - Stackable storage cubes
Image from Shoppica

Here’s something similar from Amazon.

JOISCOPE Portable Shoe Storage Organzier Tower

Visit this page for more choices!

5. Tall shoe display case

If you want a cabinet that takes up a small horizontal space but you have many shoes to store, you can use a tall shoe display case like this one. The glass display is also an elegant solution when you have a lot of designer shoes that look beautiful to display!

shoe storage for entryway - Tall shoe display case

Here’s something similar from Amazon.

PENGKE Large Shoe Rack

Look for more choices here.

6. Mudroom locker cabinet

Here’s a mudroom locker-inspired cabinet. This gives you a space not only for storing your shoes, but also for hanging your outerwear like coats and jackets. You can even store your bags in them!

shoe storage for entryway - Mudroom locker cabinet

Try this one at Amazon!

Crosley Furniture Seaside Hall Tree

See more options in this page!

Use the wall

When you have a narrow entryway, use the wall for shoe storage. This could be a great space-saving solution!

1. Install hooks at the bottom of the wall

Install coatrack hooks at the bottom of the wall. If you have more shoes, install them in layers upward.

shoe storage for entryway - Install hooks at the bottom of the wall
Image from family handyman

Check this page for wall hooks choices.

2. Tension rods on a nook

If you own a lot of heels and you have a small narrow nook on your entryway, install tension rods on the wall and have your pretty heels on display. Tension rods are easy to set up in a small nook. You can easily do it all by yourself!

shoe storage for entryway - Tension rods on a nook
Image from Pinterest

Shop for tension rods here.

3. Narrow wall shelves

For a narrow entryway, use thin or narrow wall shelves so you can have floating shelves for your shoes. Choose ones with an upright ledge so that your shoes will not fall off since you have to display them in an upright manner.

shoe storage for entryway - Narrow wall shelves
Image from Molitsy Blog

Browse for wall shelves in this page.

4. Wooden crates

If you love DIY, here’s a DIY solution for your entryway shoe storage. Simply mount wooden crates on the wall. You can use crates of different sizes and depths to give it an artsy look just like this one!

shoe storage for entryway - Wooden crates
Image from Pinterest

Get yourself some nice crates here!

5. Crown molding for your heels

If you wear a lot of heels, display and store them on the wall using crown molding – another simple DIY project! Pick an elegant crown molding design, and it will give a classy and stylish look on your walls too.

shoe storage for entryway - Crown molding for your heels
Image from

Here’s a crown molding from Amazon.

Flexible Foam Molding Trim

Unique ideas

Suppose you do not want the usual shoe storage solutions?

No worries, because In that case, you can be creative about it by choosing something unique! Here are unique entryway shoe storage ideas!

1. Skateboard shelves

This is a really cool shoe storage idea! If you have access to old skateboards, recycle them by turning them into wall shelving! You can have the board as is or repaint them for a more feminine look.

Image from bob vila

2. PVC pipes

A PVC pipe shoe storage is one of the most popular shoe organization ideas. And for good reasons. It’s sturdy and truly unique.

When it comes to your entryway, it can add a really unique look as well! Plus, each pipe is just the right size to store your shoes!

shoe storage for entryway - PVC pipes
Image from Pinterest

3. Empty cans

If you like the PVC pipe shoe storage idea, but you think PVC pipes are over your budget, you can use empty cans instead. All you have to do is take off the packaging, paint it with the color that you like, and then mount them on the wall.

These may be too small for your shoes, but I’m sure they’re a good fit for your little ones’ shoes!

4. Grid shoe storage

Using a wall grid is a unique way to store your high heels in a fashionable way. Easily prop them against the wall by the door!

shoe storage for entryway - grid shoe storage
Image from Pinterest

5. Ladder

Use a narrow ladder as if it was a cabinet. This adds a rustic feel and can double as a decor too!

shoe storage for entryway - ladder
Image from Skunkboy

No more tripping over!

The entryway is the first part that you’ll see when you enter your home. It’s natural to desire to have this area neat and without shoes cluttering around.

With these shoe storage ideas for the entryway, you can now easily set aside the shoes you wear when you come into the house, without making a mess. It’s also easier to locate your shoes when you’re going out.

Your visitors will also be impressed and feel more at home as you welcome them into a clean space!

Most importantly, no more tripping over a shoe as you get inside!

Looking for more ideas on shoes organization? Check these out!

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shoe storage ideas for the entryway

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