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20 Paper Towel Roll Crafts Useful at Home

Make these awesome paper towel roll crafts and you never have to throw those rolls again!

Paper towel roll crafts that are just so useful for the home!

Every household accumulates several paper towel rolls in just a few months – especially when you have a huge household. Once the paper is out, you are left with the toilet paper roll.… Read the rest

20 Beautiful Projects to Recycle Glass Bottles

Try these DIY ideas to recycle glass bottles and jars, and you will not want to waste a glass bottle ever again!

recycle glass bottles and jars

Glass bottles and jars are still one of the most reliable forms of packaging these days. It is no wonder if you may have accumulated a lot of them over the years!… Read the rest

20 Outstanding Ideas to Recycle Tin Cans

Recycle your tin cans into these amazing crafts!

recycle tin cans ideas

Old tin cans may not look so glamorous at first, but once you clean them up and have them refashioned into something useful, they actually are excellent materials for numerous DIY projects.

So if you have a lot of tin cans and do not know what to do with them, here are some great recycling ideas for them!… Read the rest

20 Ways to Recycle Cardboard

Instead of throwing away your cardboard clutter, why not recycle?

Impressive ways you can recycle cardboard

Got lots of cardboard stacking up in your home? Maybe you just moved to a new place, or you did a lot of online shopping, or you received a lot of gifts over the holidays.… Read the rest

20 Easy and Smart Ways to Repurpose Pill Bottles

Don’t throw away your pill bottles – you can repurpose them and use them in so many ways!

repurpose pill bottles

How many pill bottles have you emptied in your life so far? Have you sent them immediately to the trash bin?

Today, let me open your eyes to the many ways that you can still make use of these little plastic tubes.… Read the rest