20 Cute and Fun Summer Crafts for Preschoolers That They’ll Surely Love!

Create happy moments this summer with your preschoolers using these crafts that you can make together!

perfect summer crafts for preschoolers

Summer is here! It’s the season for beach outings, pool parties, camping, and family trips! But surely you will not be doing these every day, right? That could be very expensive!

So what do you do on slow days when you are all stuck at home and the kids are getting bored?

Well… what else than do some cute and fun summer crafts?! It’s a bonding activity you can do with the kids. Plus, it takes them away from their electronic gadgets!

Henceforth, we have gathered these cute and fun summer crafts – these are appropriate for preschoolers but you can also let your toddlers join. Just don’t take your eyes off on them!

Now even though these projects are for young kids, if you have grade schoolers and teens, let them join in the fun too!

1. Fruit fans

Summer means long, hot, and lazy days. So beat the heat by making these fruit fans!

And yes, they do fold up and function like a real paper fan! It is a craft that you can actually use all summer long!

2. Washable sidewalk chalk paint

This is a fun activity that can eat up hours of time for both kids and adults!

The best part about it is that it is entirely washable, so your kids can have fun painting on every inch of your driveway! You can wash the art off with your hose right away – but don’t forget to take pictures first!

summer crafts for preschoolers - washable sidewalk chalk paint
Image from Our Best Bites

3. Toilet paper roll snake

These summer crafts will double as toys, and these will surely delight your preschoolers!

You will need simple materials that are already in your home – toilet paper rolls and yarn. Make these artsy with washi tapes. Add googly eyes. Then you’ll end up with a colorful snake!

You can decorate it any way you want!

4. Squirt gun painting

Looking for an effective boredom buster? Try out this squirt gun painting! (If guns are not your thing, don’t worry – spray bottles work too!)

Your preschoolers will surely love to make one artwork after another so make sure that you have enough watercolor paper around for these summer crafts!

5. Fire breathing dragon

If you have kids that are fascinated with dragons, this is a craft that they will surely remember for the rest of their lives. Blow into the tube and it will look like the dragon is breathing off the fire!

6. Tie-dye

If you need an activity that will eat up a lot of time, you should tie-dye with your kids.

Tie-dyed clothes is a must-have for summer! You can dye shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, canvas bags, dresses, and many more! Make sure your kids are wearing old clothes and that everyone has rubber gloves on!

tie-dyed clothes
Image from The Craft Train

7. Paper spinner

Here is an easy summer craft that can turn into a toy – paper spinners! Spin these and enjoy the colors and humming! You can even use this chance to teach your kids a thing about science!

8. Jellyfish suncatcher

This is a very cute and colorful summer craft that your kids will love, created with tissue paper, contact paper, and ribbons!

Place these pretty jellyfish suncatchers in a window where they will be getting direct sunlight. Your kids will enjoy the way they turn sunlight into rainbows!

9. Dream catchers

Here is a project that even your teenage girls would love! It is a craft that introduces a lot of artful elements like beading, painting, wrapping, sewing, taping, and pompom making.

Dream catchers are from the Native Americans who hung them over the bed to prevent bad dreams. This would be a great comfort if your kids often have nightmares!

summer crafts for preschoolers - dream catchers
Image from ArtBar

10. Hanging citrus fruits

Do your kids love their citrus fruits? You can create this papercraft together and have their room decorated with lemons, oranges, and limes!

summer crafts for preschoolers - hanging citrus fruits
Image from Buggy and Buddy

11. Pop bottle firefly

Do your kids love to go camping but for some reason, you can’t go?

You can do pretend camping instead, and set up a tent in the yard. Then let them have fun with these pop bottle fireflies for some extra fun! They are great for nighttime blanket forts too!

12. Bottlecap bugs

Add some color to your garden or yard by creating these bottle cap bugs! Aren’t they cute? You and the kids will surely have fun working on these for hours!

13. Kaleidoscope

Remember how kaleidoscopes were so fun when you were a kid? You should not let your kids miss out on that experience! Create a kaleidoscope together!

A warning though: this craft calls for some hot glue so it is not the type of craft that you leave with the kids while you do something else. Monitoring is a must!

Image from Darcy and Brian

14. Watermelon pinwheel

Watermelons are a hit during the summer – they are a tasty, refreshing way to cool down and you can serve them in many ways!

Let your kids show their love for this summer fruit by creating watermelon pinwheels!

watermelon pinwheel
Image from Kids Craft Room

15. Rock painting

This is a cute and fun summer craft that the whole family can enjoy! Paint on rocks!

Smooth rocks are the best to work with for this project but if you have rough ones in the yard or garden, that will do too!

Imagine working on a lot of rocks and creating a colorful pathway in the garden, or your yard with all of them! It can easily turn into an activity that will eat up most of the summer!

16. Paper plate fish

This is an easy and cute project that you can make with the young ones. You can hang them from the ceiling or decorate the walls of their bedroom with them after!

I love how the colorful scales just pop out with a 3D-like effect!

17. Beaded bubble wand

Summer would not be complete without kids blowing bubbles! Make the experience more special by creating beaded bubble wands together!

Your little girls will feel like a fairy or a princess and your boys can feel like magicians or princes with these wands!

beaded bubble wand
Image from Artful Parent

18. Carton bird boxes

Here’s a fun way to add some color and personality to your yard or garden – make birdhouses out of milk cartons!

Your kids will definitely feel excited when they spot some birds feeding on a birdhouse that they made!

19. Paper towel roll unicorn

Do you have kids who are obsessed with unicorns?

Here is another fun craft that they will enjoy and again, it is made out of simple paper towel rolls, and they look so good! This is something they will surely keep for a long time!

paper towel roll unicorns
Image from Meraki Mother

20. Clothespin airplanes

Here is another craft that doubles as a toy. Make airplanes out of a clothespin and popsicle sticks! Your kids will have fun running around with their own planes in their hands!

A warning: this craft calls for the use of a hot glue gun so adult supervision is much needed!

clothespin airplanes
Image from Somewhat Simple

Make memories!

Today, kids are spending too much time on mobile gadgets for entertainment. This could be bad for their eyes and their brain. While it may distract them for hours, its long-term effects are not worth it.

Remember how fun your childhood was when kids actually played outdoors and were satisfied with DIY toys and crafts? Your children should have that too!

Besides, when you look back on your childhood, you will remember with fondness the things you do with your parents. Crafts that are well-preserved can give an emotional walk down memory lane when your kids find it when they are grown up already.

Now, are you ready to create magical moments with your kids? Make any of these summer crafts for preschoolers together! Take lots of pictures and if possible, keep the crafts, so they can gush over them when they grow up!

Happy summertime!

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Enjoy making these summer crafts together with your preschoolers!

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