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20 Unique Ways to Recycle Aluminum Cans into Beautiful Crafts

Recycle your aluminum cans and turn these into practical and colorful crafts!

recycle aluminum cans

The use of aluminum cans is pretty common in the beverage industry – this is the material most soda and beer cans use.

Although these are all perfectly recyclable, these still end up taking space in a landfill because people do not take the time to segregate their trash.… Read the rest

20 Amazing Ideas to Recycle Tires

Be inspired to recycle your old tires with these awesome DIY projects!

DIY crafts on recycling tires

Do you happen to have old tires lying around in your garage? You may be wondering what to do with them! Recycling is the most practical and environment-friendly solution to dispose of worn-out and old tires.… Read the rest

20 Best Decorations for a Festive 4th of July!

Get your home ready for the 4th of July with these festive decorations!

decorations for the 4th of July

The 4th of July is probably one of the most festive holidays we have! Everything is patriotic-themed! There is a lot of stars, and red, white, and blue, and when the night time comes, the sky lights up with fireworks!… Read the rest

20 Paper Towel Roll Crafts Useful at Home

Make these awesome paper towel roll crafts and you never have to throw those rolls again!

Paper towel roll crafts that are just so useful for the home!

Every household accumulates several paper towel rolls in just a few months – especially when you have a huge household. Once the paper is out, you are left with the toilet paper roll.… Read the rest

20 Beautiful Projects to Recycle Glass Bottles

Try these DIY ideas to recycle glass bottles and jars, and you will not want to waste a glass bottle ever again!

recycle glass bottles and jars

Glass bottles and jars are still one of the most reliable forms of packaging these days. It is no wonder if you may have accumulated a lot of them over the years!… Read the rest