20 Festive 4th of July Crafts that are Easy to Make

Decorate your home on the 4th of July with these easy-to-make crafts!

easy-to-make 4th of July crafts

The 4th of July is coming up and it is that time of the year where everyone is busy, and all things are red, white, and blue or stripes and stars.

If you are hosting a party for the holiday, you may be too busy cleaning the house and preparing meals to think of decors. Or, if you are a mom with kids in the house, you may be wondering how to keep them occupied while you are preparing for the holiday.

The answer for both situations is simple: Do easy 4th of July crafts! There are many things you can do that easily double as home decor, or something that will keep the kids occupied for a good number of hours.

To help you out, here are 20 4th of July crafts that are indeed easy to make!

Here we go!

1. Tissue paper sparklers

All you need for this 4th of July crafts are a couple of tissue papers, glue, scissors, and straws.

You can have your kids bring these along when they watch the parade! It’s an effortless way to give them a feel of the holiday spirit!

You can use these as home decor too! For instance, replace the straws with skewers and put them on your potted plants in the garden! Or, place them in a vase to make a centerpiece for the table.

2. 4th of July hats

Your kids will feel like true participants in all the festivities going on with these DIY hats!

You will need a toilet paper roll, a cereal box, pipe cleaner, and a headband.

This is so easy to make that you can even make one for everyone in the family, and your guests too. You’ll probably need a lot of headbands though, but you can easily buy them in bulk from any dollar store or thrift store.

3. 4th of July noisemaker

If you have kids that are too young to handle sparklers, don’t make them feel left out when the fireworks start! Create this noisemaker and let them rattle or shake it to join in the fun!

This DIY project is made out of paper towel rolls, egg carton cups, hot glue, ribbons, and anything lightweight that can make noise when you rattle the tube (macaroni, beads, small bells are some favorites).

4. Pony bead American flag

This is an incredibly easy craft to make from red and white pony beads, and blue star beads. Hold the beads together with a fishing line. It will only take you a few minutes to do this!

4th of July crafts - pony bead American flag
Image from Reading Confetti

This DIY project can also double as a magnet for your fridge. Simply glue magnets at the back of the craft stick!

5. Patriotic paper chain

The best thing about a paper chain is that it’s a very versatile decor!

Hang it over the mantle, run it through the edges of your table, use a couple of these as a backdrop, or string all over the place like banners!

6. Patriotic pinwheels

Give your front yard some red, white, and blue color by making these patriotic pinwheels. It’s easy to make one and the whole family will enjoy it!

Place these in potted plants, or put in a vase to make a centerpiece, or simply stick to your fences!

4th of July crafts - patriotic pinwheels
Image from All Kids Network

7. Egg carton flag

Got lots of egg cartons lying around? Craft these into an American flag and use as home decor for the 4th of July!

Simply paint the carton in red, white, and blue. Then cut out stars from any white paper.

4th of July crafts - egg carton flag
Image from Crafty Morning

8. Coffee filter flowers

You may already have the supplies for this in your home. This 4th of July craft needs basket coffee filters, pipe cleaners, watercolor, and scissors.

Now since this calls for paint, make your kids wear old clothes just in case they end up making a mess (which is expected).

4th of July crafts - coffee filter flowers
Image from Crafts by Amanda

9. 3D paper star garland

Garlands are a great decorative piece. Hang them on the fireplace mantel, drape them around the buffet table, and even stream them across the yard or on your trees and plants.

This is a 3D paper star garland that will definitely bring some festive vibes to your house. I love that no matter which direction you are coming from, you get a great full view of a perfectly shaped star!

4th of July crafts - 3D paper star garland
Image from Lia Griffith

10. Popsicle star streamers

Make yourself some patriotic star streamers that you can hang around the house or in the yard on the 4th of July!

Everyone can be creative with their creation as long as you go along with the red, white, and blue theme!

11. Duct tape parade stick

Give everyone something fun to wave in the air whether they are watching the 4th of July parade, out on a picnic, or watching the fireworks show.

You will need red, white, and blue duct tape, and a hard cardboard tube. Use a hole punch to cut holes on the top blue part of the stick. You may also decorate it with star-shaped stickers instead.

duct tape parade stick
Image from Crafts by Amanda

12. 4th of July parade wands

Here’s another 4th of July crafts to give your kids something to cheer with during the parade! They can even run around with these wands during a picnic or barbecue!

You will need some wood dowels, screw eyes, then red, white, and blue ribbons.

4th of July parade wands
Image from Eighteen 25

13. Firecracker party favors

Give your guests a treat with these firecracker party favors. The entire family can work on crafting these treats!

Of course, you will have to make them ahead of time. Use some paper mache tubes or toilet paper rolls to create the red, white, and blue fireworks. Fill them up with candy before placing the top.

14. Painted rocks

If you love to paint, here’s a very easy craft for you and the kids! Let their imagination run wild as they decorate these rocks. Use red, white, and blue paint, then a bunch of rocks.

When you are done, you can use these as decor. They can make great place cards or napkin holders so they won’t blow away with the wind. Or you can simply put them in a bowl as a centerpiece!

15. Confetti poppers

Here is another safer alternative to sparklers – confetti poppers! This DIY project is made out of toilet paper tubes!

Fair warning though – this will cause a lot of mess. But if you don’t mind the cleaning up you’ll have to do after the holiday, this is so much worth it!

16. Red, white, and blue bandana quilt

Make a huge quilt in a short time by sewing up bandanas together! Use it for picnics, or as a blanket to snuggle with or sit on while watching the fireworks, or use it as a cover for the buffet table!

17. Popsicle stick vases

Let the kids paint popsicle sticks in red and blue. Then glue that to an old tin jar. Twine was wrapped around the jar but you can also use a white or gold ribbon to go along with the patriotic theme.

When it’s done you can use these as vases, containers, or something to store silverware on the big day.

popsicle stick vases
Image from Cutesy Crafts

18. Fireworks painting

Fireworks are the star during the 4th of July and you can incorporate it into your patriotic crafts!

Paint fireworks using drinking straws or pipe cleaners! You may paint on a huge sheet of paper or cloth and have it as a backdrop for the buffet table or for a DIY photo booth!

fireworks painting
Image from First Palette

19. Patriotic windsock

You will need an embroidery hoop and a bunch of red, white, and blue ribbons.

When it’s done, use it as home decor. It would be great to see these ribbons blowing away with the wind!

20. Paper plate Uncle Sam

Of course, no patriotic holiday will be complete without one of America’s famous icons – Uncle Sam.

Here is a rocking paper plate craft! It’s very easy to make and I’m sure your preschoolers will like it!

paper plate Uncle Sam
Image from Red Ted Art

Craft your heart out!

As you can see, there is so much that can be done without exerting too much effort. So if you’re thinking of what decors to put on the 4th of July, these crafts will do!

Your kids will definitely enjoy these! Give these to them as their contribution to your 4th of July gathering. I’m sure they’ll love it!

Need more ideas for the 4th of July? Check these out!

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