20 Easy-to-Make Kids Crafts from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Have fun creating these plastic bottles crafts with your kids! Indeed, there are many creative crafts you can make out of empty plastic bottles!

Easy kids crafts from recycled plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are one of the biggest hazards that are contributing to our planet’s ever-growing pile of trash and pollution. Despite efforts being made to recycle them, there is still a huge percentage of plastic bottles that end up in landfills.

Instead of throwing them away, why not recycle these plastic bottles into various crafts that you and your kids can enjoy? Read on to see a list of plastic bottle crafts that are easy enough for kids to make!

1. Apple-shaped containers

If you often buy 1.5-liter soft drinks, this craft project is a great start for you and the kids. You can also use smaller bottles if you want to create smaller apples.

Turn the bottles into apple-shaped containers that you can use as decor or gift boxes. Visit Joyful Jewish for the full tutorial!

plastic bottle crafts for kids - Apple-shaped containers
Image from: Joyful Jewish

2. Sci-fi rocket jet pack

This is a cool craft project to make if you have kids that love space. This rocket-fueled jet pack is made with two large soda bottles. The flames are a nice touch and they are made out of felt!

Can you picture your kids running around the yard imagining they are off to explore the universe? Get the step-by-step instructions from Doodlecraft!

plastic bottle crafts for kids - Sci-fi rocket jet pack
IMage from: Doodle Craft

3. Plastic bottle piggy bank

Here is a recycling craft that offers two learning opportunities for your kids: how to save money and how to save the planet through recycling.

Don’t forget to glue the cap onto the bottle so that your kids won’t be able to open it up and get their coins before the bottle fills up. Get the tutorial from She Knows!

plastic bottle crafts for kids -  Plastic bottle piggy bank
IMage from: She Knows

4. Mini doll houses

Dollhouses can be expensive toys but it turns out there is a plastic bottle craft that can solve the problem for you. Here is a cute example of mini doll houses made out of plastic jugs.

If your girls have little dolls, this would give them enough space to set up a two-story home. Plus, you and the girls can paint and design them any way you want.

Now since it does not take much money or effort to make it, your girls can have as many dollhouses as they want! Check out Filth Wizardry for the tutorial.

plastic bottle crafts for kids - Mini doll houses
Image from: Filth Wizardry

5. Plastic bottle lava lamps

Get a science project and art craft in one by creating these plastic bottle lava lamps. This recycling craft would be an entertaining pastime.

Kids can have them on display at their bedside and they can also be used as a sensory toy for very young toddlers. Visit Finding Myself Young to get the full tutorial!

6. Water bottle spaceship

If your kids love space and aspire to be astronauts, creating this recycled plastic bottle project is the perfect bonding activity. This is one of those crafts that can double as a toy and since it is made out of plastic, they can enjoy playing with it for a long time. Visit Mas And Pas for the full tutorial!

plastic bottle crafts for kids - Water bottle spaceship
Image from: Mas and Pas

7. Jellyfish in a bottle

This is a clever plastic bottle craft that is fun to look at and play with. It is even pretty enough to be put on display! All you need is some food coloring, a plastic bottle, and a small plastic bag.

That means you are recycling two plastic materials in this craft! You can get the instructions from Bhoomplay.

plastic bottle crafts for kids - Jellyfish in a bottle
Image from: Bhoom Play

8. Robot nightlight

Your kids will love working on this craft project and this will put their imagination and creativity to the test. Not only will it be fun to play with but also this DIY project comes with lights!

Get the full tutorial from Growing Up Bilingual!

9. Glitter water bottle toy

Do you have a toddler who has taken a liking to snow globes? This plastic bottle craft would be a safer option for them so you do not risk them breaking your collection.

This is also a great distraction for young babies. Just shake the bottle up and they will instantly be distracted. Learn how to create this craft from Playtivities!

plastic bottle crafts for kids - Glitter water bottle toy
IMage from: Playtivities

10. Hair styling head doll

Here is a fun toy that you can make with plastic water bottles. This will definitely bring out the hairstyling talents of your kids.

The best thing about it is that you can always replace the “hair” so they can style as much as they want. Visit Handmade Charlotte!

plastic bottle crafts for kids - Hair styling head doll
IMage from: Handmade Charlotte

11. Plastic bottle boats

Here is another fun plastic bottle craft that the kids can enjoy. The kids can design their boats any way they want. Just make sure to provide waterproof materials for them to use. You can take these boats out where they can play in a huge basin or in the pool.

If there is a creek nearby, they can even have boat races with these. Get the steps from Handy With Scissors!

 Plastic bottle boats
Image from: Handy with Scissors

12. Koinobori-inspired wind sock

This is a plastic water bottle craft that you and the kids can enjoy on a windy day. All you need is a plastic water bottle, some Sharpies, and ribbons of different colors or patterns.

You can play with this like a kite or just let them hang on a stick outdoors so you can watch the ribbons blow with the wind.

 Koinobori-inspired wind sock
Image from: Childhood 101

13. Plastic bottle horses

Remember stick horses? You can let kids have the same amount of fun by creating one together! They are so easy to make and the materials are so cheap that you can afford to make one for each of them and some extra for their friends as well!

Plastic bottle horses
Image from: Blog Tia Ale

14. Plastic bottle bowling pins

Bowling is a fun sport and this plastic bottle craft allows you to introduce the sport to your kids. Can you picture out all the bonding moments your whole family can have in the local bowling alley?

This craft does not take a lot of time and you have the option to add more design to the bottles if you want. Learn how to pull this off from U Create!

Plastic bottle bowling pins
Image from: U-Create Crafts

15. Plastic bottle firefly

This is a plastic bottle toy project that glows in the dark! It will surely be a huge hit for your kids.

You can use colored bottles or go for the transparent ones and use colored glow sticks! Get the steps from Crafts For All Seasons!

16. Plastic bottle airplane

If you want a recycled craft that also doubles as a toy, you should check out this plastic bottle airplane craft. In less than an hour, you can turn any water bottle into a great-looking airplane that they can play with afterward! Visit Mas and Pas for the full tutorial!

Plastic bottle airplane
Image from: Mas and Pas

17. Water bottle wind spirals

This plastic bottle craft will give you something that you can hang outdoors and you can use it to give some more color to your garden too. Just make sure your kids are old enough to handle the responsibility of cutting.

The cut plastic can also get sharp so you might want to do the cutting yourself to be on the safe side. Visit Happy Hooligans if you want to get the tutorial!

Water bottle wind spirals
Image from: Happy Hooligans

18. Sea in a bottle

Do you have a baby in the house? You and your older kids can have fun creating this sensory bottle for the recent addition to your family. This is a craft project that is sweet and easy to make, and it looks so good that your older kids would probably want to create one for themselves too.

They are pretty enough to pass as home decor too! Check out the tutorial from Childhood 101.

Sea in a bottle
Image from: Childhood 101

19. Feed the shark game

This plastic bottle craft toy is a great toy that helps your kids with their hand and eye coordination. It is very easy to make too! You and your kids will surely have a great time making this project and playing with it afterward.

You can experiment with other animals too! Visit Krokotak for the full tutorial!

Feed the shark game
Image from: Krokotak

20. Bottle cap snake

While doing some of the plastic bottles crafts on this list, set the bottle caps aside. You can later create a bottle cap snake toy that your toddler would love! If you do it right, it would even wiggle in a snake-like movement!

Check out this work by Krokotak!

Bottle cap snake
Image from: Krokotak

Ready to try these easy plastic bottles crafts with your kids?

Indeed, with these crafts from recycled plastic bottles, you do not only get to have some bonding time with your children, but you also get to save the environment!

While working on these crafts, make it an opportunity to teach your kids about recycling and making greener choices to save the planet. Our next generation needs to know the value of the environment.

Looking for more ideas on how to recycle plastic bottles? Check these out!

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