20 Decorative Flowers Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Use recycled plastic bottles to make these flowers. They’re perfect for the home!

decorative flowers from recycled plastic bottles

Over time, we have been showing you the many things you can do with empty plastic bottles. Indeed, you can give these “trash” a second life through repurposing and recycling, as you may have seen in these posts:

Now, here’s another way to recycle plastic bottles – turn these into decorative flowers!

You would be surprised how much plastic bottle flowers can brighten up your home. Some of these projects even look like glass work and look elegant enough to display!

Also, recycling plastic bottles and turning them into decorative flowers is a sustainable and creative way to add some personal touches to your home.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s check out the list!

1. Tropical blooms

Use the bottom parts of plastic water bottles to make this decorative craft. Treat these like huge beads that you can use to decorate your home or spruce up a decor.

You can stick them on picture frames or have a string of them and hang them over the mantle or a piano. You can even just put a bunch of these blooms in a bowl!

Indeed, the possibilities of how you can use these tropical blooms are endless. Visit Crafty Creator for the tutorial!

decorative flowers from recycled plastic bottles- Tropical blooms
Image from: Crafty Creator

2. Lavender bouquet

This bouquet is made out of plastic bottles – even the leaves!

You will need smooth plastic bottles in the hues of blue, pink, or lilac for the lavender and green bottles for the leaves. Get the full tutorial from Reciclado Creativo!

3. Plastic poppies

Again, use the bottom parts of plastic bottles to create these poppies.

decorative flowers from recycled plastic bottles- Plastic poppies
Image from: The Mad House

The crafter used Sharpies for the color. In her blog, she also left a nice tip in creating this artwork: the thinner the plastic, the easier it melts and warps into the form you want it to turn into.

Get the steps from Mum in the Mad House!

4. Glittery water bottle flowers

This craft project will give you glittery rose-like flowers made out of plastic bottles. Use a spray paint for the finishing glittery look.

The crafter used the flowers for hair accessories, but you can use these flowers for decorative touches as well.

Get the full tutorial from Make Your Mark with Mark Montano!

5. Hyacinth bouquet

One glance at this artwork and you won’t even be able to tell that this is made from recycled plastic bottles! Don’t they look elegant?

decorative flowers from recycled plastic bottles- Hyacinth bouquet
Image from: Fab Art DIY

Use a blue-colored plastic bottle to make the hyacinths. Now, if you do not have one, you can always paint, right? Get the tutorial from Fab Art DIY!

6. LED roses

You can make roses that light up out of a recycled plastic milk bottle and an LED tea light! This craft is a bit more challenging since it requires you to use a soldering iron.

If you have great welding skills, you should give this recycled bottle craft a try! It will be worth your time. Get the tutorial from Instructables!

7. Layered flowers

This project involves layering several plastic flowers to form a huge and bulky bloom. The creator used different colored plastic bottles for this project, giving it a one-of-a-kind look.

The center of the flowers is also made out of plastic. It is made from a yogurt lid and a plastic scourer pad. You Get the tutorial from Colourful Minds!

 Layered flowers
Image from: Colourful Minds

8. Flowers with flower vase

Make the flowers using water bottles. Meanwhile, use a plastic snack bottle for the vase.

The striking colors of the flowers are made possible with paint. You can also be creative and paint the vase any way you want! Visit Creative DIY Crafts to get step-by-step instructions.

 Flowers with flower vase
Image from: Creative DIY Crafts

9. Roses

Roses are well-loved flowers. You can have roses forever in your home with this DIY craft!

These plastic roses are made from a red water bottle. The petals are melted and warped with the help of a candle. Find out how to pull off this beautiful craft by visiting Petits Brins D’un Jour!

10. String light flowers

What happens when you combine plastic bottle flowers and string lights? You get a beautiful floral display!

You can also appreciate them even when the lights are not on because the flowers are colored with paint. This project is safe enough to be used in your outdoor area. The flowers will provide the bulbs some cover from the elements.

Get the tutorial from Instructables!

11. Flower heart

This craft is made of plastic milk jugs. You can display it as is and you can paint the flowers if you think you prefer a more colorful display.

The raised, 3D effect is achieved by layering the flowers together. It looks hard to make but it’s easier than you think! Even kids can pull this off!

Get the full steps from Crafty Corner!

 Flower heart
Image from: Crafty Corner

12. Water lily

Here is a plastic bottle craft made from yellow and white plastic bottles. The top part of the yellow bottle is used to make the center of the lily and the white bottle is used to form the petals. And this craft will float in water just like a water lily would! So, you can use it in the water fixtures of your garden if you want to.

Visit I Creative Ideas for the full tutorial!

Image from: I Creative Ideas

13. Violets

Here is a cute plastic bottle flower that can pass off as an indoor plant. This one is made from a green plastic bottle and a transparent water bottle. The violet colors are painted with acrylic paint. Pearl beads are used for the center of the flowers and it leaves an elegant touch to the whole thing.

Get the tutorial from Styles At Life!

Image from: Styles at Life

14. Glass flower

If you are looking for something simple yet elegant, check out this plastic bottle flower tutorial. The end product actually looks elegant and would make for a brilliant display in your home.

 Glass flower
Image from: I Creative Ideas

Doesn’t it look like a flower made out of glass? Your guests will be surprised when you tell them they are actually made out of recycled plastic bottles!

Get the instructions from I Creative Ideas.

15. Showpiece flower

Use a white and green plastic bottle to make this showpiece flower craft. Then, the yellow part in the center is actually a plastic bottle cap.

Image from: Steem It

This project may look complicated at first, but when you check out the tutorial, you will be surprised to see how easy it is to make. Get the full instructions from Steemit!

16. Aster

This is a beautifully made plastic bottle flower inspired by aster flowers. The crafter created this as a pin that she attached to a ponytail.

You can easily attach this plastic bottle flower to other things in your home as decor. It’s even pretty enough to turn into jewelry! Visit Free Tutorial for the instructions.

Image from: Free Tutorial

17. Dahlias

If you love dahlias, this is the plastic bottle flower craft for you! This craft is so easy that you’d probably end up making a bunch of dahlias that can fill up several vases in no time. Visit Creative DIY Crafts for the steps!

Image from: Creative DIY Crafts

18. Flower rings

Among the plastic bottle flower crafts in this list, this one is probably one of the easiest to make. You can even have your kids help you since there is no melting and molding involved!

You simply have to cut the bottle yourself to make the rings and the kids can help with the rest of the steps! Get the instructions from The Little Crafties!

Image from: The Little Crafties

19. Neon bloom

Here is another way to make plastic bottle flowers and this craft mainly uses the top part of the bottle.

 Neon bloom
Image from: Craft

Use a green soda bottle here, to give you the green part of the flower. Then, the crafter painted the petals with nail polish.

The end product looks like a translucent flower that reminds you of those glow-in-the-dark products.

20. Floral curtain

This floral curtain gives a nice decorative touch to any room. It’s almost hard to believe that they are made out of recycled plastic bottles!

 Floral curtain
Image from: International Decor

You can use it for your bathroom windows and even a shower curtain since they would be waterproof! Of course, the trick is to collect the same type of plastic bottles for a unified look.

Check out International Decor to see how you can pull this off!

Enjoy crafting these flowers using empty plastic bottles!

Who says you can’t create something beautiful out of waste? These days, doing what we can to save the planet is an important step. We are starting to see and feel the effects of global warming and pollution and we need to step up so that the next generation can still enjoy Mother Nature.

These craft ideas let you recycle plastic bottles in a way that also beautifies your home. Plus, it is also an eco-friendly and cheap alternative to buying expensive flower arrangements.

Enjoy your blooms!

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Decorate your home on a budget! Use recycled plastic bottles to create these crafty flowers for your home decorations! Enjoy!

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