20 Amazing Ideas to Recycle Tires

Be inspired to recycle your old tires with these awesome DIY projects!

DIY crafts on recycling tires

Do you happen to have old tires lying around in your garage? You may be wondering what to do with them! Recycling is the most practical and environment-friendly solution to dispose of worn-out and old tires.

Although there are recycling centers that will accept tires, you can upcycle and recycle them yourself at home by giving them a new purpose. Over the years, a lot of crafters and homeowners have found hundreds of ideas to use old tires.

Here are 20 amazing tire recycling ideas that you can steal for your own home!

1. Tire swing

Of course, this list will have to start out with the classic tire swing. This is probably the most common way people recycle their old tires.

If you have kids, this is a great project for your garden or your yard. You can even paint and decorate the tire to make it more attractive and joyful. Make sure you attach it to a very sturdy tree branch so it can handle the weight of your kids.

recycle tires - Tire swing
image from BUILT BY KIDS.COM

2. Pet bed

Tires are actually good and stable materials for pet beds. So if you have your own fur babies at home, this tire recycling project will be worth your time! Simply stuff the tire with an old pillow.

If you are feeling creative, make the project look fancier by painting and decorating it. Now your pet can have a spot that they can totally claim as their own!

3. Hanging planters

Hang old tires on the fence or on a wall and treat them like hanging planters. This is perfect for plants with trailing vines and flowers.

The fact that the tire is hanging will create a cascading effect in the end. You can hang the tires as is or if you want to follow a particular color scheme or simply add some color in the area, you can also paint and decorate it.

recycle tires - Hanging planters

4. Ottoman or coffee table

Give your living room a rustic touch by doing this DIY project. It can serve as an extra seat and it is also stable enough to be a coffee table!

This DIY project would work best when you are going for a rustic, cottage-like, vintage, or farmhouse look for your interior design. This is very easy to do too!

recycle tires - Ottoman or coffee table

5. Outdoor stairs

If your house is up on a hill and you do not have a cemented or stable pathway heading up the slope, you can use old tires to act as outdoor stairs.

Create a sturdy pathway uphill so you do not have to worry about people having a hard time when they visit you, or slipping on the grounds when you have wet weather.

The trick is to bury each tire partially into the ground so that they stay grounded and stay put even if there is heavy rain.

recycle tires - Outdoor stairs
image from OFDESIGN.NET

6. Wishing well planter

Give your garden a whimsical touch by creating this wishing well planter made out of old tires. It is a very easy DIY project that you can easily pull off!

This will look magical in the garden once your flowers start blooming in it. It also gives an instant Instagrammable spot in your yard!

recycle tires - Wishing well planter
Image from SWEET HOME

7. Retaining wall

Tires are good material to act as retaining walls for your property. The trick is to bury each tire in the hill and make sure it is filled with bark, stones, or soil as you stack th

em. To give it a great landscaped look, plant grass, plants, or flowers around the tires.

8. Toy storage

You can use tires to store toys! It is a neat way to keep toys out of the way and you’re keeping them in a good place.

Simply add a lid and if you are feeling creative, paint some designs to make it look more appealing to your kids.

9. Rolling storage

You may also recycle old tires into a storage container for your home. This DIY project is a rolling ottoman that doubles as a storage space.

You can sit on it and when you need something from inside it, just take the cushioned lid off.

If you’re a knitter who crafts while enjoying the quiet breeze of the day, you will definitely like this! And then, when you have guests over, you can easily store away your craft supplies in the ottoman.

recycle tires - Rolling storage

10. Bike stand

If you have a couple of kids in the house and they have their own bikes, recycle old tires into a bike stand that can accommodate everyone’s bike like this one.

Make sure that the tires are half-buried into the ground for a stable foundation. Be mindful that the distances between each tire must be enough for the bike’s tire to be locked in between.

11. Sandbox

Kids love sandboxes! They spend hours of playtime with it and just let their imagination run wild. Imagine the joy and excitement you can create when they have one of their own in the yard!

This DIY sandbox is made out of an old tractor tire. That is a lot of space for a couple of kids to enjoy the sandbox simultaneously.


12. Outdoor table

If you have a patio or wooden deck in your yard, you can turn tires into an outdoor table like this one! You can tell that it is a doable and easy project just by looking at it.

Outdoor table
image from MADCAP FRENZY

With this setup, you can now do anything outdoors – have your snacks, drink your coffee or tea, even do some work. This design can actually be used indoors as well.

13. Non-slip stairs

Do you have steps that immediately turn into an accident-prone area when you have wet weather? This could be very dangerous especially if you have young kids or seniors living with you.

Avoid these slips by cutting up old tires and lining them on your stairs. Its rubber material will make your stairs safer when if it’s wet as it provides a stable spot for your shoes to cling to when you go up or down the stairs.

14. Floor mat

The material of a rubber tire is flexible enough to be sculpted into anything. The fact that they have non-slip qualities also makes them good material for floor mats. You can easily recycle an old tire into a floor mat and even be creative about it just like this one.

Floor mat
image from ATLAS BELTING

15. Climbing wall

If you love to get physical and be active, gather a bunch of old tires and have your own climbing wall in the yard!

These are not only fun for adults but the kids will love them too! It can even be a hit when you host a children’s party in your place. Just make sure that you use sturdy ropes or chains when you set one up to make sure that it will be stable no matter who or how many use it.

16. Belt

The material in bike tires is thin enough to be made into belts. It’s a great way to repurpose a product. The material of the bike tire also makes it a durable yet flexible option for belts.

image from BIKE RUMOR

They may not look that fashionable but if you are crafty, you can always find a way to incorporate some design or style to make them more appealing.

17. Tire subwoofer

Are you tired of the same old cube-shaped subwoofers? Why not give your audio gear an upgrade by incorporating tires with your subwoofers – like this DIY project? Your speakers will definitely be a conversation starter if they look like this.

18. Umbrella holder

Recycle an old tire by turning it into an umbrella holder! It can be an interesting piece that you can place in your entryway or mudroom.

Umbrella holder
image from YOU MEDIA

19. Fish pond

Here’s another great decorative idea for your garden – recycle your old tires and turn them into a pond! You can even place fish in it if you want. This might take a bit more effort compared to the other projects in this list but the end result is super worth it!

Fish pond

20. Playground

You can create an entire playground with old tires! Just take a look at this one.

image from SFEENKS.COM

You can grab this idea for your own yard and have a mini playground for your kids. Or, create a community project for a school, church, or in the park.

Recycling tires is challenging, but definitely worth every effort.

Tires may be bulky and big so not everyone bothers to recycle tires. But as you see from the projects above, it is worth the effort!

Hence, don’t let old tires end up stuck in landfills. With these amazing recycling ideas, you can give your tires new life and purpose!

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