20 Beautiful and Artsy Flower Vase Ideas from Empty Plastic Bottles

Repurpose an empty plastic bottle – convert it into a pretty flower vase!

pretty flower vases from empty plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are everywhere. They are cheap and easy to pack for a lot of liquids.

But what most of us do not recognize is the fact that plastic bottles are not the easiest to decompose. Did you know that a plastic bottle will take 450 years to decompose naturally?

Imagine how many plastic bottles go through each household per year, then multiply that by millions. That number is what is getting dumped in our landfills.

Not only does it take more than a lifetime for a plastic bottle to decompose but it also releases harmful chemicals and toxins in the process.

The least we could do to help out Mother Earth is by reusing and repurposing empty plastic bottles as much as possible. And one of the ways to do this is by creating flower vases.

Hence, we have gathered this list of 20 DIY flower vase ideas that you can make from plastic bottles!

1. Simple and easy plastic flower vase

Remove the upper portion of the plastic bottle. Put a strong tape around the rim for safety purposes. Then use a primer and a spray paint designed to work on plastic. And that’s it – as simple as that!

Visit Easy Peasy Creative Ideas for the full tutorial!

2. China-inspired flower vase

One look at this design and it immediately makes you think of those blue and white China plates that your grandmother loves. It also kind of wants you to take a break and go to Greece.

Image from SB Crafts

One thing is for sure – you would not think that this was made of a plastic soda bottle! It looks very pretty!

To watch the tutorial video, Visit Sb Crafts for the video tutorial.

3. Showpiece plastic bottle vase

One look at it and you will be easily attracted to the paint job and matte effect of this flower vase.

plastic bottle flower vase - showpiece
Image from My Crafts

Yes, it will take some artistic skills to pull off a result such as this. But you can always just follow the shape of the vase and have a simpler design if you want.

Drop by at My Crafts for the video tutorial!

4. Sparkling rhinestone vase

Would you believe this elegant flower vase came from a plastic bottle?

sparkling rhinestone
Image from DIY & Crafts

The base was made from an old CD, which means you are recycling two things in one go!

Now if you do not have rhinestones or you do not want to spend some money, simply use whatever craft material you already have.

Check out DIY & Crafts for the tutorial.

5. Pastel vases

Here’s a cute project that was completed with the use of a bonding agent emulsion stabilizer and non-toxic fusion mineral paint. The color choices are so on point, making colorful flowers pop out!

pastel vases
Image from A Shiny Day

Visit A Shiny Day for the tutorial!

6. Glittery flower vase

Plastic juice bottles were used for this project, which is cool because these already have an interesting shape, to begin with.

plastic bottle glittery flower vase
Image from The Simple Parent

Fair warning, if you are planning to do this DIY craft with your kids – it can get a bit messy because of the materials but it will always be worth it!

Get the full tutorial from The Simple Parent!

7. Owly vase

This is probably one of the cutest plastic bottle vases you can find on this list. It requires some time and skill though. But just check out how good the end result is! It’s definitely worth your time and effort!

Visit Amazing Interior Design for the instructions!

8. Funky colorful flower vase

Here’s a fun upcycle project using detergent and food product bottles. All you need is some funky-colored spray paint, and you are good to go!

It’s quite simple! We love the bold color choices too!

funky colorful plastic bottle flower vase
Image from Caactus Care

Visit Caactus Care for the tutorial.

9. Pearl plastic bottle vase

One look at this flower vase and you would not think it was created from a plastic bottle! This is a truly elegant DIY craft that you can surely be proud of. Plus, it’s good-looking enough to give away as gifts!

pearl plastic bottle flower vase
Image from Sb Crafts

Visit Sb Crafts for the video tutorial.

10. Faux glass vase

Take a good look at the vase with flowers.

faux glass vase
Image from Upcycle My Stuff

Looks like a real glass bottle, right?

Actually, this was made from a plastic bubble bath bottle. It happened to be made of a thicker plastic material. Plus, its blue color perfectly blends well with the other real glass bottles!

Check out Upcycle My Stuff for the tutorial.

11. Woven plastic bottle vase

This DIY craft project can give off a crystal vase effect from afar.

woven plastic bottle flower vase
Image from Wonderful DIY

For a balanced and beautiful weave, make sure that the straps are cut out in the same width. Also, put decorative stones at the bottom of the vase to give it some weight.

Check out the tutorial from Wonderful DIY!

12. Plastic bottle and DIY pottery vase

This may feel like a bit complicated compared to the other flower vase projects here. But don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it looks.

plastic bottle and DIY pottery vase
Image from DIY Ways

What’s different is that this one requires plaster of Paris or cement, then some cheesecloth.

Visit DIY Ways for the tutorial.

13. Strip confetti plastic bottle vase

Here’s another easy yet unique and nice-looking flower vase project!

strip confetti
Image from My Crafts

Notice how the colored paper strips easily disguise the fact that the vase is made of plastic bottle. Then the half-pearls add a feminine touch!

Make sure to use colors that complement each other to have a beautiful result like this.

Visit My Crafts for the video tutorial.

14. Upcycled studded flower vase

You will need a plastic bottle, cardboard, decorative lace, pearls, beads, and rhinestones for this wonderful DIY craft! Just look at how unique this vase looks. You can’t tell that everything is made of recycled materials!

upcycled studded plastic bottle flower vase
Image from Sb Crafts

Get the tutorial video from Sb Crafts!

15. Hanging flower vase

Hanging flower vases can be very pretty to look at both indoors and outdoors!

hanging flower vase
Image from Peaches + Keen

These were made with plastic bottles of different sizes. And take note of the way these were painted – the bottles were not totally covered.

Visit Peaches + Keen for the tutorial.

16. Soda bottle vase

This makes use of two soda bottles of different sizes. You have to be careful with this one because it involves three cutting tools, and mind you, they are sharp!

But just look at how the finished product looks. Very pretty and a worthy home decor!

soda bottle vase
Image from Goods Home Design

Get the instructions from Goods Home Design.

17. Funky stained-glass vase

Here’s a craft project that you can work on with the kids. Just don’t mind them making a mess with colors! Tum-E Yummies plastic bottles were used for this, but you can use any plastic bottle available.

Image from B-Inspired Mama

Visit B-Inspired Mama for the tutorial!

18. Juice bottle glitter vases

Here is a simple plastic bottle vase that will not take so much effort or time on your part.

You will need the usual rectangular juice bottles. Then paint it and put glitters.

It’s a simple project that gives you an end product that looks like the common modern vase you see in stores.

Visit Paper, Plate and Plane for the full instructions!

19. Cat plastic bottle vase

If you’re a cat lover, you will like this! These can also function as pretty planters for container gardening.

cat plastic bottle vase
Image from BRU DIY

You will need spray paint, water-resistant markers, and of course, the plastic bottles for recycling. You can make this with any size of plastic bottle!

Visit BRU DIY for the instructions!

20. Royal goblet plastic bottle vase

You’ll definitely wish you have a cup that looks as good as this! It’s a flower vase that indeed looks like a royal goblet.

The flowers you choose to put in may have to compete with the beauty of this vase.

royal goblet plastic bottle flower vase
Image from Sb Crafts

Watch the tutorial video at Sb Crafts!

Plastic bottles will go a long way.

With these artsy flower vase ideas, you can optimize the lifespan of plastic bottles and save the environment in your own little way.

Now if your plastic bottle vases are too light and often topple over, the trick is to simply add some pebbles or decorative stones inside before putting the flowers. This will add weight on the vase and stabilize it a little more.

Vases can be expensive but with these DIY craft ideas, you can have as many flower vases in your house as you want!

Looking for more repurpose/recycle projects? Check these out!

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These pretty flower vases are made of plastic bottles! Make some for your home!

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