20 Useful DIY Ideas to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Recycle your plastic bottles at home with these crafty ideas! Even your kids will love this!

How many empty plastic bottles do you have at home? What do you do with them?

Do you know that there are many things you can do with these so called trash?

In this post, I’ve collected simple ideas you can try at home (you can even involve your kids) to put these plastic bottles into good use instead of mindlessly throwing them away.

Let’s get started!

1. Recycle plastic bottles for garden use.

Whether you need a new planter, a seed starter, bird feeder, or a hanging garden, you can reuse plastic bottles for that!

Here’s a post that shows you the many ways plastic bottles can help you in gardening.

2. Baskets

Baskets are awesome organizing tools. And yes, you can make baskets out of your plastic bottles!

Here’s a basket made of detergent bottle.

Image from Pinterest

These are baskets from used milk bottles.

And this one here is from a big water bottle.

Image from Pinterest

If you have a lot of time to recycle, you might want to try weaving those plastic bottles and come up with this!

Image from i Creative Ideas

So basically, there are various baskets you can make out of your plastic bottles. And then, use those baskets to whatever you need them at home!

3. Toothbrush holder

Need a new toothbrush holder? Before you go shopping for a new one, grab some plastic bottles and just recycle them into a toothbrush holder!

Image from Pinterest

Feeling more inspired to DIY? Paint your toothbrush holder and make it colorful and lively!

Need the bottle for other recycling projects? No worries! You can still make a toothbrush holder using only the caps of the plastic bottle!

Image from Ohoh Deco

4. Shower caddy

Treat your bathroom into a new shower caddy with those plastic bottles.

You can make a hanging organizer like this one.

5. Paper towel dispenser

Here’s another way you can recycle plastic bottles for bathroom use. Turn it into a paper towel dispenser.

Hang it in your bathroom.

Or simply set it on the table.

Image from Instructables

This 2nd idea is flexible because it’s not just in the bathroom where you can do this. You can put it in the kitchen, in your office, and even when you travel, you can safely carry it with you in the car.

6. Cleaner holder

Give your sponge, brush and other cleaners its space in the home. No need for counter space or shelf for that. Just hang them in plastic bottles like this!

Image from Pinterest

For heavier cleaning supplies, get them in a basket made of plastic bottle before hiding them away from sight.

Image from Pinterest

7. Plastic bag dispenser

Too many plastic bags? Keep them in a big plastic bottle.

Remove the bottom of the plastic bottle. Then turn it upside down. Whenever you have a plastic bag, put it in there.

Enjoy your endless supply of plastic bags!

Image from Pinterest

This is also a cleaner way of organizing those plastic bags than just keeping them in a box or shoving them in a corner.

In this way too, you don’t forget about your plastic bags. When a need for one arises, you know where to get it!

8. Kitchen towel holder & plastic bag dispenser

When you have a plastic bottle with a handle, you can recycle that into a plastic dispenser and a kitchen towel holder too!

The handle becomes the holder of your kitchen towel.

Image from Pinterest

Apply some creative works as you please and display it in your kitchen. If you love crocheting, make one to cover and design the plastic bottle.

Image from Pinterest

9. Silverware organizer

Need a stand for your spoon and fork?

Here’s one from a recycled plastic bottle!

Making a silverware organizer that you can hang in the kitchen is also a great option especially when you need to save on counter space.

10. Cosmetics organizer

You want all those brushes, lip gloss and other cosmetics you have to be organized and easy to get when you need them.

Forget buying those expensive organizers. Just make use of your empty plastic bottles.

It’s very easy to turn one into a cosmetics organizer!

11. Shoe and slipper storage

Save yourself from expensive shoe organizers! Just recycle plastic bottles into your own DIY shoe organizer.

Image from Pinterest

This is especially practical when you live in a small apartment and there’s only so much space you can use. Simple attach it to one of your shelves.

You can also make your own shoe shelf from a cardboard box, with the plastic bottles as the support.

Image from Pinterest

12. Ottoman-like seat

You probably have seen an ottoman already. Don’t you know that you can make something similar from plastic bottles?

That’s right! You can make a seat like an ottoman by recycling plastic bottles. You just have to keep all those bottles intact like this.

Image from Pinterest

Isn’t that great?

The only setback here is that you don’t have a storage inside like a real ottoman.

But look at the bright side – you have a nice chair made of plastic bottles only but your guests won’t even notice!

13. Book holder

Recycle your plastic bottles into book holders like these. In this project, you have to cut out the top of the bottles and use only the bottom part. Tie them together to keep them sturdy.

Image from Pinterest

Simply insert them into your bookshelf then slide your books in. You can even categorize your books using these holders as dividers.

When you get a book or two, or even more, those remaining books won’t fall apart because your plastic bottles are holding them pretty well.

Image from i Creative Ideas

14. Phone holder when charging

Don’t you just get tired of those phone cords when you’re charging?

Maybe they’re hanging all over the floor or twisting altogether with the other cords on your table.

If so, you’re going to benefit a lot from this recycling idea!

A phone holder like this is light enough to be hanged over your charger. It holds your cellphone pretty well while keeping those messy cords in place.

Great plastic bottle options for this project are lotion bottle, water bottle and shampoo bottle.

Image from Pinterest

I’m sure there are other bottles in your home that you can recycle into a cellphone holder. Use what you find the best for your phone.

And of course, don’t forget to add a little creative touch to your holder! Wrap it with scrap fabric. Put a ribbon. The choices are endless!

15. Pencil case

Need a case for your pencils? Plastic bottles are just the thing!

Actually… not just for pencils… but for colored pens, markers, crayons and other office supplies you have at home.

Image from Instructables

When it comes to pencil case (or office supplies case), you have many options on how you’re going to tweak your plastic bottles.

This project here uses the bottom parts of the bottles. Choose sturdy bottles. They’re put together by a zipper.

Oh you don’t sew the zipper into the bottle! So no worries if you’re not into sewing. Just glue the zipper into the bottle! How awesome is that?!

Another idea is to use the entire bottle. Make a hole somewhere in the middle to get your pencils and put them back in.

These pencil containers from half gallon milk jugs are probably the simplest to make. No artwork whatsoever.

Simply cut the bottle into a case, and that’s it! Put your pencils in.

Image from Recyclart

16. Yarn dispenser

Organize your yarns and easily get the one you need by placing them in a recycled plastic bottle.

You can pin the bottle on the wall and simply slide out yarn.

Or attach the bottles at the back of the chair – where you seat when you make crafts.

You may also gather what you always need together with the yarn, like a scissor and crochet hook. Keep them together and easily grab them when you crochet. Take them anywhere you’re working!

Maybe you’ve got this large yarn that occupies an entire bottle. Cut the bottle in half. Put the yarn in. Then just cover it with the bottom part of the bottle.

No matter which style you follow, those plastic bottles can get your yarns organized and easy to access!

Image from Pinterest

17. Ribbon and washi tape holder

Just like with yarn, plastic bottles are also great for holding ribbons and washi tapes.

Image from Pinterest

18. Knick-knacks and craft supplies organizer

Keep those little things intact using an empty plastic bottle as an organizer.

You can even use your cabinet door to attach those plastic bottles containing your craft supplies!

Image from Pinterest

This collection here is from clorox containers.

Image from Before 3 pm

I personally wouldn’t even think that these are made of plastic bottles. At a glance, I would think these were bought from the stores.

Well… that’s the beauty of recycling and upcycling. You can turn ordinary trash into pretty organizers!

19. Snack bowls

Pretty bowls, aren’t they?

Image from Pinterest

How much more when these bowls are already filled with snacks?

Image from Pinterest

Hmmm… delectable, isn’t it?

Serve them in parties! Or just give your kids a cool treat every once in a while.

Image from Pinterest

Finding it hard to believe that these bowls are from plastic bottles?

I understand… that’s also how I feel.

It’s amazing how plastic bottles can turn out really useful and beautiful when you choose to make the most of it!

20. Kids’ art projects

Everything you’ve seen from the previous numbers are crafts that you can make together with your kids. You can’t deny it’s more fun when the kids are involved.

But if you want to see specific projects that you want to label exclusive for your kids, here are more ideas.

Animal planters and vases

Do your kids love animals? Let them craft their favorites in plastic bottles! After that, show them how practical these projects are by using them in your home.

Image from Pinterest

Play boats

Let your kids play sail in a mini pond using plastic bottles!

Show them that they can make their own play boats and do not have to buy from the toy store anymore.

Monster pencil holders

Teach your kids to get organized with their things by letting them make their own organizers like this monster pencil holders!

Image from Home Dzine

I’m sure there are more projects you can come up with your kids. As they make their crafts, teach them too that trash can still be turned into something useful and beautiful. You just have to tap into your imagination.

Then let them imagine what useful things they can still make out of plastic bottles.

Let’s stop throwing plastic bottles.

I’m sure there are more things you can make out of plastic bottles.

Take some of your time off and recycle. Your home and bank account will benefit from it, and so will our environment as you keep these plastic bottles out of landfills.

So pick a project today, get those plastic bottles, flex those fingers, and off you go to recycling!

Looking for more recycling ideas? Check these out!

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