20 Unique Ways to Recycle Aluminum Cans into Beautiful Crafts

Recycle your aluminum cans and turn these into practical and colorful crafts!

recycle aluminum cans

The use of aluminum cans is pretty common in the beverage industry – this is the material most soda and beer cans use.

Although these are all perfectly recyclable, these still end up taking space in a landfill because people do not take the time to segregate their trash.

You can serve Mother Nature more by reusing these aluminum cans instead of simply throwing them away. If you go online, there are several creative and unique things that you can do with aluminum cans. Some have even made a business out of them!

So in this post, we have gathered 20 unique ways you can recycle aluminum cans into beautiful crafts. I’m sure you will love these!

Here we go!

1. Rainbow flowers

Add color to your yard or to any room with these DIY rainbow flowers project!

Recycle seven aluminum cans to create a flower. At a first glance, you can’t even tell that it is a simple DIY project made of recycled materials!

recycle aluminum cans - Rainbow flowers
Image from etsy.com

There is so much you can do with these rainbow flowers and these make great party decor too!

2. Crumpled flower vase

This project is a great idea for minimalist and modern homes. It is simple and yet unique!

Get an empty soda can and simply crumple it a bit. Then paint it in your desired colors, and put it on display.

It’ll give a unique touch to your tables!

3. Pinwheel

Have your garden dancing with the wind with this DIY pinwheel from aluminum cans! This project is quite easy to make and the pinwheels really come to life when the wind blows!

recycle aluminum cans - Pinwheel
image from me,you and magoo

If you love to bake cookies, you can now have them in any shape and size you want with these cookie-cutter project!

You just need a couple of soda cans. Recycle your aluminum cans and cut these into strips, and form in any way you want to!

Be careful as the edges may be sharp especially in the first few uses.

5. Soda can lanterns

Here is a fun way to light up your yard! Turn your soda cans into lanterns!

String them together in a garland and this adds a magical effect on your yard at night.

All the things you need to make this DIY project can be easily bought at a thrift store. Or you may even have them already at home!

If you do not like the color that the cans come in you can just paint them before you begin cutting them up to form the lanterns.

6. Garden markers

Do you have a home garden of herbs and vegetables? Find your plants easily with garden markers!

recycle aluminum cans - Garden markers
image from home talk by Kim

You can easily make these from aluminum cans! Aluminum is a material that can withstand the harsh elements outside, making it a great material for garden markers!

7. Candleholder

Here’s another practical thing to come up with when you recycle aluminum cans. Turn these into candle holders! This works very well during holidays and special occasions.

It is easy to make too. Just paint the finished products to have a uniform-looking candle holders.

8. Tab curtain

You will need a huge collection of soda can tabs for this DIY project. This one took 3,500 tabs!

recycle aluminum cans - Tab curtain
Image from dori the giant

Think you can do that?

The challenge here comes in the collection of the tabs. Imagine 3,500 tabs?!

If you drink up a lot of soda in your home, this makes it easier. On the other hand, you can collect these by asking from local bars or hangouts.

The end result is a unique curtain that is as good as any beaded curtain that does not make you feel that exposed!

9. Tab bohemian belt

Here is another project that you can do with soda can tabs and it is a really fashionable one!

At first glance, you can’t even tell that this belt was formed from recycled soda can tabs.

All you need is a few satin ribbons and a crochet hook to form the belt. Imagine how many cool bohemian outfits you can pull off with this belt!

You can have several belts in different color combinations because it is so easy to make!

10. Soda can coasters

Coasters are a must if you hate getting water ring stains on your tables! You can make unique coasters out of your favorite beer or soda cans!

Image from The IDEA ROOM

After cleaning your soda can, cut off a strip. Then glue it on a corkboard or tile. It’s that simple! Make as many as you need.

Soda can coasters
Image from The IDEA ROOM

11. Soda can butterflies

Butterflies are another great decor for your home and garden. You can have these all year round and for special occasions!

Recycle aluminum cans to make these butterflies. These are very easy to make. Simply cut out butterfly shapes from the soda can and then decorate them any way you please using markers.

Soda can butterflies
Image from Instructables

Use these to add color to your garden. Or just stick them on your walls!

11. Bracelets

Soda can tabs can be turned into a great bracelet. With the right colors and materials, you can link the tabs in different ways. Hence, show off your personal style!

The bracelet looks chunky at first glance but it is not heavy really. And it looks so feminine!

12. Wi-Fi booster

A surprising thing that you can do with an aluminum can is that you can use it to boost your Wi-Fi signal! It acts as a parabolic reflector where it reflects a signal to the antenna. This doubles the signal that goes to the reflective side.

If you’re in the part of the globe where there’s a low signal, you should definitely try this out! Visit Walyou for a more detailed post.

Wi-Fi booster
Image from walyou

13. Portable stove

Recycle your aluminum cans – make a portable stove out of these. Bring it when you’re hiking and camping out.

It’s a lightweight and portable camping stove that is so easy to make. You can even do it on the spot! It can generate enough heat for you to be able to boil water.

This is great for emergencies too!

14. Chains

Soda cans can be easily crushed and these are lightweight so who would have thought that the tabs could be used to make hard-core chains?

But it does! But just like the tab curtain, you need to have a huge collection of soda can tabs for this project to work out.

Each chain link is composed of five layers of soda can tabs. When put together, these form a lightweight but durable chain! You can use this as a wallet chain, key chain, belt, and even bling!

15. Aluminum roses

Roses are always nice to look at, but they wilt easily when you cut them off and put them in a vase.

This DIY craft can fill your entire home with roses that will never die! If done correctly and using the right paint, these can pass for the real thing – only in a more stable and scentless form.

However, this project calls for more work and artistry so you need to have the right tools, the talent, and the time to do this.

16. Sunburst

Here is another decorative piece that you can do when you recycle aluminum cans! The creator of this DIY project calls this the Sun Burst.

Use this as decor or ornament and be creative with it!

17. Metal leaves

Recycle aluminum cans and turn these into a metal leaves wreath project. Hang on your door to welcome visitors!

This DIY craft was made from 17 soda cans – two leaves were produced for every can.

It’s a perfect craft for the autumn season. And you can make more leaf designs as you please!

18. Chainmail gloves

Do your kids love to cosplay? Give them a treat by making this DIY chainmail gloves from soda can tabs! This project is a bit more complicated than the others on this list but it is totally worth the time and effort.

Mail gloves
image from Deviant art

It could definitely pass for the real thing and your kids will feel more confident, having an easier time playing with their imagination!

19. DIY Aquarium

It’s nice to have an aquarium at home. Even nicer when what you use to build it is recycled materials!

One of these materials is aluminum cans. Here’s the fish pond!

Image from Bored Panda

Beautiful, isn’t it? And it has a fountain! How cool is that?!

20. Vertical Garden

No space for a home garden? Recycle aluminum cans and make a vertical garden!

Make sure you’re using the right soil combination so your plants thrive despite the limited space it’s planted on.

Image from Recyclart.org

Let’s recycle your aluminum cans!

Now that you have reached the end of this article, you should realize by now that there is so much you can do with aluminum cans!

So instead of simply throwing them away in the trash, why not recycle these aluminum cans? Save them, clean them, and turn them into one of these unique and creative DIY projects!

Just remember to keep yourself protected. Put on gloves to prevent you from getting gashes and cuts since aluminum cans have very sharp edges when you cut them.

And don’t forget to enjoy it while you’re creating your aluminum can craft!

Looking for more recycling projects? Try these out!

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There are so many things you can do with aluminum cans. So if you have empty soda cans, don't just throw them away. Recycle and make these practical crafts!

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