20 Modern Living Room Design Ideas

modern living room design ideas

Thinking of upgrading your current living room design into a modern one?

Modern living room designs are all about neutrality, simple color schemes, and clean lines. This style gives off a sleek, neat, and sophisticated vibe. Who would not want that, right?… Read the rest

20 Amazing Ideas to Recycle Tires

Be inspired to recycle your old tires with these awesome DIY projects!

DIY crafts on recycling tires

Do you happen to have old tires lying around in your garage? You may be wondering what to do with them! Recycling is the most practical and environment-friendly solution to dispose of worn-out and old tires.… Read the rest

Five DIY Hacks for the Living Room

The living room is the space that has been through every social event in your life. If you have not switched things up in a while, perhaps it’s time to rethink stuff. After all, the living room is the place that entertains all your friends and family, and it helps you unwind at the end of a long day.… Read the rest

Kamado Grill Storage & Cleaning Tips

kamado grill storage and cleaning tips

If you are a grilled food fanatic, you can’t possibly miss a Kamado grill!

But before you acquire one, it is good to have a bird’s eye view of what this cooking tool is – how cool is it, and more importantly, how to store it and keep it clean.… Read the rest

How to Repair a Tear in a Leather Jacket

simple tips on repairing a torn leather jacket

The leather jacket is one of the most important clothes we have. You can use it for many years. But eventually, it gets cracks, tears and scuffs.

Replacing a leather jacket however, can cost a lot. So if yours has tears, better repair it first than shop for a new one!… Read the rest