15 Easy Winter Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Home

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easy winter decorating ideas for the home

When winter comes, decorations are usually focused on Christmas. But what if your family doesn’t celebrate the festivity? How do you decorate your home then?

Simple… choose winter-themed decors!

What’s with winter?

Snow, pinecones, white color, glowing lights, green, snowflakes, cozy feeling… these are common elements of winter. Incorporate these into your decor, and you’ll come up with something that’s appropriate for the entire season.

To inspire you, we have gathered these winter-themed decorating ideas that will bring the beauty of the season in your home. Let’s get on with it!

1. Snowy pinecone candle jars

Love burning candles at home? Check out this DIY winter luminary decor!

winter decorating ideas - snowy pinecone candle jars
Image from Crafts by Amanda

It gives the illusion of candles on freshly fallen snow. Even the pinecones have snow in them! These will surely look great no matter where you put them.

Get the instructions at Crafts by Amanda!

2. Winter branches in a vase

This is a very simple and effortless winter decorating idea that you will definitely love!

You will need a big crystal vase as base, white half marbles and clear marbles as fillers, and a few decorative branches. Choosing brown and white ones give a wintery vibe.

Visit Get Inspired Everyday for more ideas on this project!

3. Snowy pine garland

Here’s a DIY garland project made of mini pinecones. This will look lovely over your mantle all winter long!

winter decorating ideas - snowy pine garland
Image from The Magic Onions

You will need pinecones, white paint, hemp string, and floral wire. You’ll end up with a garland of snow-covered pinecones! Visit The Magic Onions for the instructions!

4. Winter evergreen wreath

This wreath can be used for the whole winter season!

The base is an evergreen wreath, then it’s decorated with thistle and eucalyptus. These can stay beautiful for long periods.

winter decorating ideas - winter evergreen wreath
Image from Julie Blanner

Get the instructions from Julie Blanner!

5. DIY mason jar lights

This winter decorating project would make you feel like you caught a bunch of fireflies!

Put it out on the porch and it adds a welcoming glow at night. All you need is some string lights and wide-mouth mason jars!

Visit All Things Heart and Home for the instructions!

6. Winter potpourri

Potpourri can be fun for winter. Place everything in a nice container and add some pinecones on top! It’s a cool decorating idea that will add color to the house during winter!

7. Snowflake ballerinas

Ballet lovers will fall for these snowflake ballerinas. You would probably want to keep them up all year long! It is a simple DIY project but looks very elegant.

winter decorating ideas - snowflake ballerinas
Image from Blog A La Cart

It won’t cost you much. Everything is just made out of card stock. Use fishing wire to hang these ballerinas so it looks like they are dancing in the air!

Check out Blog a La Cart for more details.

8. Nordic origami deer figurine

Are you going for a minimalist theme this winter? If so, you will love these premium-grade resin figurines.

Set them up on the coffee table, on top of the mantle, on your bathroom counters – they fit in anywhere! They look so classy and elegant too! You can even send them as gifts for the holidays.

9. Iced branches

These iced branches will create a whimsical atmosphere in your home, and these look very beautiful too.

iced branches
Image from Make Them Wonder

You will need some dried-up tree branches and a bag of diamond vase filler. You may also add glass glitter if you want yours to be sparkly.

Get the instructions from Make Them Wonder.

10. Artificial pine garland

If you want your winter decorating time to be just a few minutes, why not go for an artificial garland?

Here’s one made of PE material, making it look more realistic.

The leaves have snowed tips so you can still get that winter feel. The branches are bendable and detachable so you can twist and form the greenery in whatever way you want.

11. White twig wreath

This winter wreath can put a lot of character into your front door and to any room.

Any flat circle wreath can be used as a base. Then you will need some twigs, tiny pinecones and ribbons. Since the wreath looks like a nest, adding a white bird is a nice touch.

white twig wreath
Image from Thistlewood Farms

Get the tutorial from Thistlewood Farms!

12. Modern perforated trees

These modern perforated trees add a soft glow to any room in the house. But fair warning, you will have to be using the electric drill for this project. It is definitely more challenging compared to the other winter decorating ideas here.

modern perforated trees
Image from Curbly

Check out Curbly for the instructions!

13. Winter wreath basket

Wreaths do not always have to come in circular shapes. Here is a unique winter wreath that will surely catch the attention of your neighbors!

Hang a basket over the front door and fill it with winter decor. In this basket are white feathers, artificial succulents, garlands, pinecones, and artificial floral pieces.

winter wreath basket
Image from DIY Inspired

Check out DIY Inspired for the tutorial!

14. Farmhouse knitted gnomes

Bless your home with these farmhouse-knitted gnomes. Silver, white, gray, and black are common winter color palettes and you can’t deny how cute these are!

15. Paper icicles

Make any room look like it is freezing. Set these paper icicles on the ceiling!

We love how realistic it looks and it only takes you a couple of white paper to pull it off! Kids who are big fans of Frozen would love this!

paper icicles
Image from Instructables

Visit Instructables for the instructions!

Let’s put up those winter decors!

As you can see, there are many decorating ideas that you can experiment with when winter comes. Try any of these decors and make your home feel cozy during the cold season!

Looking for more ideas for your home during winter? Check these out!

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