20 Bar Carts to Organize a Small Home and Keep it Free from Clutter

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organize your home with bar carts

Bar carts can do a lot more than just holding your booze for entertaining guests. These small trolleys with multiple levels and wheels are a very versatile space-saving furniture. These do give you extra storage and a chance to be organized in every room of the house!

Here are many ways you can use bar carts:

  • Coffee station
  • Snack bar
  • Organize craft items
  • Organize nursery items
  • Keep office supplies
  • Organize toys
  • Makeshift entryway organizer
  • Bathroom storage
  • Kitchen storage
  • Indoor plant stand
  • Living room side table
  • Bedroom night stand
  • Transport things from one room to another

Now that you have an idea of how versatile bar carts can be inside the house, getting a couple of them is indeed a good investment!

The great thing about it is that bar carts these days come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials. You will definitely find one that fits your house no matter what kind of interior design or theme you have.

Hence, we compiled this list of 20 bar carts that you can buy from Amazon. Indeed, these will help you organize a small home!

1. FERFALDER Acrylic Bar Cart

This can work with any kind of interior design or theme you have in the room because it is made of acrylic and tempered glass. It is the perfect cart to invest in if you are the type who loves to switch themes and color palettes often!

2. Gizoon Home Bar Serving Cart

This retro-looking bar cart is very versatile!

The wooden tray on the top layer is removable and comes with side handles so you can carry the tray easily. The wood is waterproof, hence easy to clean and dry.

Then this bar cart has a wine rack and glass holders. Each layer has x-shaped rails so that items will not fall off as you move the cart. The wheels are lockable, but you may switch them with non-slip foot pads if you plan to have them stay in a certain place permanently.

3. Farmhouse Cottage Wood Bar Cart

This bar cart from Christopher Knight Home is obviously unique looking!

The top can be adjusted to create a circular or rectangular shape. Then, the second tier has removable trays for easy serving. And the bottom tier has a wine rack and an enclosure to prevent items from toppling down.

4. Jubao H303 Black & Meteorite Grey Serving Cart

This cart looks very elegant with its thick dark gray wood shelves – which happen to be waterproof and stain resistant.

The dark gray color goes so well with the matte black metal frame. Even its wheels look unique and stylish! It is the cart to get if you have an industrial or modern theme at home.

5. FERFALDER Modern and Compact Bar Cart

If you are looking for a bar cart that has a smaller size than usual, without compromising style and design, this is the product for you.

This compact bar cart is made of tempered glass shelves and a silver metal frame. As you can see, it has a very unique and modern design too so you can have it on display any time, and have it as accent furniture for any room.

6. IRONCK Bar Cart

If you are looking for a bar cart that can also double as a counter or tabletop, we recommend this!

Made from wood and metal, it’s a great cart for rustic and industrial-themed homes. It comes with two trays as you can see on the bottom tier. It also comes with racks, hooks, and holders for your wine, glasses, and mugs.

7. Ximeix Glass and Gold Metal Serving Bar Cart

If you want a bar cart with taller shelves and at the same time, something that looks elegant, this is for you!

It only has two glass shelves so that you can accommodate taller items on the bottom layer. The warm gold metallic finish of the cart makes it elegant to bring out when you have guests around.

8. Ameriwood Home Marshall Rolling Utility Cart

If you need something sleek and simple, this rolling utility cart is the solution!

It has the capacity of three large shelves with wrap-around bars on three sides to keep items in place. It looks simple and versatile enough that you can use this cart for any room or purpose!

9. RARZOE Silver Bar Cart

This silver bar cart comes with a wine rack and glass holder. Three layers of tempered glass shelves provide sufficient space for anything you want the bar cart to carry!

Its glamorous look makes it fit for any purpose, whether you are hosting a dinner party, or you simply want to have additional storage in one of your rooms.

10. OYEAL Kitchen Rolling Storage Cart

Here is another simple bar cart that will not take up a lot of space in your house.

This rolling utility cart has four tiers – a wooden board on top, two pull-out baskets in the middle, and a mesh platform at the bottom. It may be a slim-looking cart, but it actually is very sturdy since the frame is made of premium metal!

11. IVANE Folding Portable Serving Cart

A portable bar cart, simply fold it up when not in use. You can easily take it anywhere with you and use it for family vacations and getaways.

You’ll love its antique gold color and black leather shelves as these give it a luxurious and classic design!

12. DOFURNILIM Industrial Bar Cart

Here’s another bar cart that goes well with an industrial or rustic theme.

The bar cart is made of high-quality water pipes and waterproof and wear-resistant solid wood shelves. It has 3 tiers of open shelves with sufficient storage space. But fair warning, only the bottom shelf has rails.

13. Soges Bamboo Bar Serving Cart

If you’re fond of bamboo wood furniture, this one’s for you. It will definitely fit in with the rest of your stuff!

This eco-friendly storage cart looks very simple and has a zen vibe to it. It’s very lightweight, easy to assemble, and easy to move around too!

14. Angel Star Bar Cart

An elegant cart that comes with a unique curved design, this will remind you of boats, making it stand out from the usual bar carts that you see every day.

It comes with a bottle and wine glass racks and has more space to carry other items as well. Aside from gold, this is also available in black and silver.

15. COZAYH Rattan Metal Bar Cart

Here’s a sturdy bar cart that does not expose your items so much.

It has two layers, with each one having a grid rattan rail. This prevents items from toppling over while in transit and also provides some cover. With its design, it will go well with a rustic or bohemian theme.

16. Beaskin Hand-Carved Wood Bar Cart

Here’s something for a vintage or classic feel. This European wooden bar cart is stable, durable, and practical. It can carry a load of up to 100 kilograms!

It’s not only great for storage, but it is also stylish enough to display.

17. PAUKIN Gold Bar Cart

This elegant-looking bar cart is actually cheaper than it looks. The shelf is made of faux marble and the frame is made of iron, giving the cart a luxurious look.

The special place for wines on the circular shelf can be rotated – a design that’s really different from the rest of the bar carts in this list.

18. Henn&Hart Wilson Rectangular Bar Cart

This rectangular bar cart looks elegant with its satin nickel color – a great choice when you are looking for something that has a modern design.

It has two tiers of glass shelves, and both tiers have rails to ensure that items will not fall off while you are moving the cart.

19. altCooking Hub Narrow Bamboo Cart

For those awkward little gaps in the room, or when you have very limited space, this narrow bar cart is the solution!

It comes in a very slim design so it can fit through any small and tight space. The middle shelf’s height is also adjustable so you can store taller items there too.

20. DIIYIV Metal Acrylic Bar Cart

Here’s a simple yet sturdy bar cart with lockable caster wheels. It comes with acrylic plate shelves that can handle any object that you want to store.

Its simple design makes it versatile for any use and able to fit in with any theme that you have in your house!

Easily organize your home!

Bar carts are indeed very versatile. These have multiple layers, allowing you to store and organize many items. These also come with wheels, so it is easy to move around.

Hence, if you don’t have a bar cart yet, it’s time to get yours now!

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Bar carts indeed save a lot of space, hence, a must-have item especially when you're living in a small home! Here are 20 bar carts from Amazon!

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