20 Easy Storage and Organization System for the Young Children’s Shoes

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organization solutions for children's shoes

Young children, such as toddlers and preschoolers, do not yet have a clear concept of neatness and organization. Hence, it is essential to create a shoe organization system that they can easily understand and maintain.

With the right organization system in place, they have more chance of doing a better job.

It will be easier for them to put away and organize their shoes every time they go home. And it is also easier to find the shoes they need.

How to start organizing

1. Gather

Gather your children’s shoes in one place to see how many shoes you are dealing with. This will give you a clear idea of how much space you need to organize them.

2. Declutter

You can’t organize clutter. Hence, declutter first before you organize.

Kids grow out of their shoes so quickly. You may have shoes lying around that they no longer use. Some may still be in good condition and can be passed around to younger siblings. Others may be sold as secondhand items or donated to those who can still make use of them.

Group the shoes into the following categories:

  • currently being used
  • for hand-me-downs
  • to be donated
  • to be sold as secondhand items
  • need to be repaired
  • need to be disposed

3. Focus

Now that you know which pile is which, focus on the shoes that are currently being used. These are the shoes that you need to organize.

4. Choose a system.

Now that you have zeroed in on which of your children’s shoes need to be organized, you may now choose an organization system that will fit. Then teach and show it to your children.

Storage and organization systems for your children’s shoes

We have gathered a couple of fun storage ideas for your children’s shoes. See which one of these will fit in your home!

Shoe rack

Let’s start off with the most straightforward and most apparent storage solution for your dilemma: a shoe rack. Shoe racks come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

Here are some examples:

1. Plastic kiddy shoe rack

This is a shoe rack obviously made for kids with its cute designs and colors. Use this to organize the shoes that your children frequently use.

2. Foldable shoe rack

This is a type of shoe rack that you can quickly assemble and disassemble.

The material is foldable and waterproof too! This cute princess design is perfect for little girls!

organization solution for children's shoes - foldable shoe rack
Image from Alibaba

3. Wooden shoe rack

Of course, there is the basic wooden shoe rack. It may look dull, but the advantage of it is that it is timeless. Your kids can still use it even when they grow up.

organization solution for children's shoes - Wooden shoe rack
Image from AliExpress


Using cabinets is another standard solution for organizing your children’s shoes. You can choose open cabinets which display your kids’ shoes, or closed ones to keep them hidden.

Here are some examples!

1. Stackable plastic open cabinet

This shoe cabinet is easy to assemble and very affordable. If your kids have a growing collection of shoes, getting a stackable cabinet can help accommodate that collection.

It looks very modern and trendy too – you might even want to get one for yourself!

2. Closed cabinet

If you do not want your children’s shoes on display, simply use a cabinet with doors. This keeps the shoes enclosed and gives a neater and tidier look in the room.

Here’s a closed shoe storage cabinet that may also be used even when they’re grown up already!

Shoe cubby

A shoe cubby is a straightforward way to keep everybody’s footwear organized, including the children’s. Have one in the hallway or in the mudroom.

Storage bench

Shoe storage benches are very versatile. Aside from providing storage space for shoes, it also provides a space for people to sit as they take off or put on their shoes.

This can be very useful for young children who need to sit when they take off their shoes.

The shoes do not have to be exposed. Some shoe benches have shelving, while some allow you to tuck containers beneath them to keep the shoes hidden.

1. Bench with shelves

Benches can come with closed shelves. This provides a storage solution that keeps your shoes out of sight.

2. Bench with shoe rack

There are also storage benches that have built-in shoe racks. This type of storage allows your kids to easily retrieve and store their shoes.

3. Bench with crates

I love this DIY project where each member of the family gets a compartment in the storage bench. Then, crates are used to store and keep the shoes out of sight.

organization solution for children's shoes - bench with crates
Image from The Kim Six Fix

4. Bench with baskets

Instead of using crates, you can also use baskets to keep your shoes, the children’s included. Here is a bench with baskets placed underneath it – one basket for each member of the house.

organization solution for children's shoes - bench with baskets
Image from Kris Kraft

Hanging organization

Another way to organize your children’s shoes is to hang them. This keeps the shoes off the floor, so you do not have to worry about anyone tripping over scattered shoes.

Here are some hanging shoe organization ideas for the kids!

1. Closet hanging organizers

If your kids have room on their closets, simply slide a hanging shoe organizer on the rod. This is a great space-saving organization idea!

organization solution for children's shoes - Closet hanging organizers
Image from Pinterest

2. Over the door shoe organizer

Store your children’s shoes in their bedroom without any hassle simply by using an over the door shoe organizer. Hang it behind the door and this helps keep the shoes from just piling up on the floor.

organization solution for children's shoes - Over the door shoe organizer
Image from Pinterest

3. Additional rod in the closet

If there is still space beneath the closet, install a second rod there. Then, use shower curtain rods or hangers to hang your kids’ shoes.

Wall-mounted organization

Another way to organize your children’s shoes without taking much floor space is to use a wall-mounted shoe organization system. Here are some ideas!

1. Baskets on the wall

Wall-mounted baskets are a great storage idea for your kids’ shoes. Just make sure that your children will be able to reach them so that they can store their shoes by themselves even when you are not around.

Baskets on the wall
Image from Pinterest

2. Wall-mounted palette

Another cool shoe storage idea is to make your own wall-mounted palette. This provides a storage solution not just for your kids but also for you!

3. Pegboard on the wall

A pegboard can be a great storage solution in the mudroom or garage! This is an easy DIY project that you can pull off in just a couple of hours!

Pegboard on the wall
Image from Pinterest by Etsy

4. Hanging grid on the wall

For cute baby shoes, simply hang a wire grid on your wall. It is a cute and stylish way to have your baby’s shoes on display while providing an organizing solution.

Hanging grid on the wall
Image from Pinterest by H and_G_designs

Unique shoe storage

Sometimes kids would find unique shoe storage more fun. They are more attractive, and your kids will definitely remember how to use them because they are so different from the rest of your home furniture!

Here are some ideas.

1. PVC pipes

Making a shoe rack out of PVC pipes is a popular project. The materials are affordable, and they definitely look unique!

Pvc pipes
Image from Posh Pennies

2. Flisat toy storage

Did you know that most toy storage options can also store your kids’ shoes?

Check out this toy storage from IKEA. A few pairs of shoes can fit in it, and it also looks cute! You can store them under a bench too!

Flisat toy storage for kids shoes
Image from Ikea

3. Ferris wheel shoe rack

This is one unique shoe storage option that not everybody owns. The Ferris wheel shoe rack looks fun, and it is also easy to use. Your kids will definitely want to use this!

organization solution for children's shoes - ferris wheel shoe rack
Image from Rakku Rakkido

There you have it!

Now you have a handful of storage ideas for your children’s shoes. I’m pretty sure there’s something here that would work for your home.

Remember, tripping over shoes may lead to serious injuries too. Ensure that you have a thorough shoe organization and storage system to avoid any accidents in your home.

This will not only keep you and the children safe but will also make your home look neater and more impressive to visitors!

Need more organizing solutions for shoes? Check these out!

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