20 Awesome Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas You’ll Love!

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farmhouse dining room ideas

The farmhouse theme is one of the most beloved styles in the world of interior design. No matter what country you are in, there is always something to use to incorporate this family-friendly theme into your home. This applies even if you are living far from the countryside!

One reason why a farmhouse is a well-loved theme for residences is that it gives any kind of home a cozy and countryside vibe. Even your visitors will feel that they are home! It is very welcoming and warm. It is the type of interior where people will not be afraid of making a mess. But of course, that does not mean they can (Haha!).

The dining room is a spot in the house that must not be overdecorated. It should be all about serving food and being able to enjoy it in a comfortable setting. Hence, do not overwhelm the space with distracting décor.

So, what is the right way to bring in the elements of a farmhouse interior in the dining room? This is what this article is all about.

We have gathered 20 awesome farmhouse dining room ideas. Now check it out!

1. Rustic dining table

No matter what theme you are going for in a dining room, the centerpiece will always be your dining table. When you enter the room, the dining table is the first thing anyone sees.

So, choosing the right dining table is important. For the farmhouse style, getting a rustic dining table is a must, and wood tables are the best. The more rustic the wood grain, the better.

farmhouse dining room ideas - rustic dining table
Image from Designthusiasm

2. Use a cupboard or hutch.

Cupboards or hutches do fit so well in the farmhouse theme. You can use them to display your expensive China or pretty dish sets. Their counters can also act as a side table for you to place dessert or drinks.

You will easily find these furniture pieces in thrift stores and flea shops.

farmhouse dining room ideas - cupboard or hutch
Image from One Girl in Pink

3. The right color palette

Going for monochromatic or earthy colors is the best color palette for farmhouse interiors. Go monochromatic if you want your place to always look clean and neat. Go for muted earthy colors like faded blue, dark brown, beige, creamy white, ivory, and sage green if you want to feel closer to nature.

farmhouse dining room ideas - monochromatic or earthy color palette
Image from SBK Living

4. Modern farmhouse dining table

If you are going for a more modern farmhouse approach, go for wood-topped tables and metal legs or vice versa if you want. But usually, the wood top is more desirable for a more rustic and farmhouse feel. If you go for this type of dining table, complement it with metal décor or lighting.

5. Mismatched dining chairs

The best thing about the farmhouse style is that you are not restricted to traditional rules. Everything does not have to mix and match. You can mix different elements to give a more eclectic and casual farmhouse vibe.

Just check out this dining room setup and how casual yet charming the chairs look!

farmhouse dining room ideas - mismatched dining chairs
Image from Style Me Pretty

6. Mismatched chairs with one color

If you are not exactly crazy about seeing different colored chairs around your dining table, you can still use the mismatched chair concept. Give them a sense of uniformity by giving them all a paint job using just one color.

The result is very cute and cozy. It’s still a bit eclectic but only in the light side.

farmhouse dining room ideas - mismatched chairs with one color
Image from Shelterness

7. Using old bottles as vases

Want an elegant-looking centerpiece but have to stick to a budget? You can use old glass bottles as vases for your centerpiece!

It completely goes well with the farmhouse theme. Gather several glass bottles of varying heights or sizes and place a few flowers stems in them. Gather all the bottles in a slim wood crate and you are good to go. You can do the same with mason jars.

8. Shiplap walls

Shiplap walls in your interior can instantly transform any room in your house into an actual farmhouse. It is one of the most popular elements in decorating. You can use them for all the walls in your dining room or use them on one wall to create an accent wall.

Going the accent wall approach will also help add some texture in the room.

farmhouse dining room ideas - shiplap walls
Image from Worthing Court

9. Sliding barn doors

If you want to seal off your dining room, sliding barn doors are your best bet. With this door, your guests won’t see the mess you made in the kitchen. It also separates the noise of the kids in the living room so the adults can talk more clearly around the dining table.

Barn doors are actually easy to install and contribute greatly to your farmhouse theme.

10. Chairs contrasting your table

When it comes to style and scale, a common decorating technique most interior designers do is to choose contrast between the chairs and the dining table. So, if you have a huge dining table, go for chairs with a smaller design.

11. Galvanized tiered serving tray

This galvanized tiered tray is oozing with rustic charms. The galvanized metal look is also a common feature in farmhouse-style interiors.

You can use this tiered tray to display dessert, fruit, or crops. You can also place decorative elements in it and make it as a centerpiece for your dining table. Trays like these are actually very versatile. Owning one is a good investment!

12. Wood signs

If you think your dining room walls look a little too bare, you can always put up some signs for decor. Check out these wood farmhouse signs from Amazon!

Popular farmhouse signs usually use quotes, illustrations, or short statements about food, family, thankfulness, and gratitude.

13. An egg nest as a centerpiece

When we say farm, most people would think of chickens running around. Yeah, me too! So, why not bring that element into your dining room?

You can achieve this by using an egg nest as your centerpiece when the dining table is not being used. You may use fake nests and eggs or go for a real one with real eggs!

When you take the real nest though, make sure there is a tray underneath it to catch any dirt. But my, isn’t it charming?!

farmhouse dining room ideas - egg nest as centerpiece
Image from Little Farmstead

14. Candle lantern

Fond of using candles all over the house as decor? You can display some in your dining room with the help of these farmhouse candle lanterns from Eastwell!

The lantern frame has a vintage distressed look that goes well with the charming atmosphere anyone would expect from a farmhouse. Not only that but this lantern is designed to be foldable and portable. Hence, it’s easy to transport from one room to the other and you can easily store it away!

15. Bring the outside in!

A real farmhouse is surrounded by rugged and natural beauty. Channel this vibe by bringing to your dining room an element of nature to give it an authentic farmhouse look.

You can achieve this even if you are living in the city by bringing in some indoor plants in your living room. It does not have to be excessive. Sometimes one or two potted plant is enough.

farmhouse dining room ideas - nature inside
Image from Samantha Kaplan

16. Industrial farmhouse chandelier

Overhead lighting is important in the dining room. It allows people to see their food clearly.

With good lighting, the meal you serve becomes more appreciated and the people eating it won’t make a lot of mess. For farmhouse themes, interior designers often go for industrial-style lighting made out of wood or metal.

farmhouse dining room ideas - industrial farmhouse chandelier
Image from Shades of Light

17. Large rustic clock

A wooden and huge rustic clock adds a farmhouse vibe to your dining room.

This clock from Cyprewood is made out of wood with a handmade distressed surface. It is perfect for adding some more vintage rustic charm in the room!

18. Breakfast nook for smaller households

The long and heavy wooden dining table is the usual go-to when it comes to farmhouse dining rooms. But if you have a small household and you do not expect a lot of guests, you may go with a round table. Then create a breakfast nook with it.

It is a more intimate way to enjoy your meals together!

19. Galvanized silverware cutlery caddy

If you like placing your silverware and cutleries out in a caddy so everybody can just reach and get what they need, you should check out utensil caddy from Nikky Home.

It definitely rocks major farmhouse elements like galvanized steel, metal wiring, and the handle wrapped in twine.

20. Serve everything in white.

It is common for those who switch to farmhouse interiors to also switch to whites. White plates, bowls, pitchers, cups, saucers, – basically anything that holds food. They look cleaner and neater.

In case you want to switch to another theme, you do not have to go out and buy a whole new. White color can go with anything!

farmhouse dining room ideas - everything in white color
Image from Hymns and Verses

Time to create your very own farmhouse dining room!

As you can see, you can have a farmhouse dining room without your decor looking like they are all over the place. Remember, the goal is to create a cozy yet functional dining room where everyone can relax, have fun and enjoy a delicious meal.

Follow these ideas and you can easily form the farmhouse dining room of your dreams!

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