Practical Space-Saving Ideas for a Small Kids’ Room

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space-saving tips for a small kids' room

How to arrange a shared kids’ bedroom can be tough sometimes – especially when you have a small room to work with. The limited space means the options you can have for them will also be limited.

A shared room is a regular room but has to have twice the furniture, belongings, and sometimes – design. Things can get so cramped that your kids may also feel like they are cramped which would eventually lead to fighting.

To keep the peace and limit the clutter, everyone needs to have his/her own space. But how could this happen in such a small bedroom?

To help you out, we have gathered these space-saving ideas for small kids’ rooms!

1. Use a bookshelf as a room divider.

If the space allows it, consider using a bookshelf as a room divider. This will not only provide some privacy for your kids but will also give them additional storage space for their things.

It helps to have open shelves like this one so that the compartments can be divided equally without hassle.

small kids' room space saving tips - use a bookshelf as a room divider
Image from ClutterBug

2. Have tall shelves in the room.

Shelves can give you a lot of storage space and you can use them in a shared kids’ bedroom for a lot of things. It is always best to go with tall shelves that reach the ceiling so that you can make the most of the vertical space of the room.

small kids' room space saving tips - have tall shelves
Image from Sand and Sisal

Now your kids may not be able to reach the top shelves, so make sure to put the things they always need in the lower shelves. Use the top for things that they do not regularly use.

3. Install floating shelves.

If there is no room for shelves in the house, then install floating shelves on the wall. This way, you can still utilize the floor space underneath the shelves for something else.

In this sample, the space below the floating shelves was used to set up desks. With the bunk bed on the other side of the wall, there is still enough space for the two kids to move around.

4. Go for bunk beds.

If the room has space for one bed only, then maximize the vertical space and go for bunk beds. This lets your kids sleep on one side of the room while the rest of the space go to other furniture and their belongings.

The youngest kid should be on the lowest bunk and the oldest gets the top. Bunk beds used to be only for two but there are now stable designs that can accommodate three.

small kids' room space saving tips - bunk beds
Image from The Sun

If you have four kids sharing a room, try whether two bunk beds can fit inside.

5. Install a shallow bookshelf behind the door.

You must encourage your kids to read starting at a young age. Most children’s books are very thin so they can easily be set aside on a shallow bookshelf.

This is a very practical way to use the space behind the door. Hence, the books don’t have to take much precious space in the room.

small kids' room space saving tips - install a shallow bookshelf behind the door
Image from Design Sponge

6. Invest in loft beds.

This is best for older kids who can handle being on the top bunk and for those who do not move around that much in their sleep. Loft beds will allow you to use the space below for other things.

In this shared bedroom between two boys, you can see that the space beneath is used as a desk for their schoolwork. It’s a great way to save space!

small kids' room space saving tips - loft beds
Image from Decorpad

7. Create foldable desk in bunk beds.

If there is no floor space for desks, you should check out this ingenious idea. Install foldable desks in the bunk beds. You can easily have this custom-made or DIY it.

This way, if the kids need to use a desk, they can just use their bed space. If not in use, the desk can just be folded back up!

small kids' room space saving tips - foldable desk in bunk beds
Image from Trip Advisor

8. Store things under the bed.

The area under the bed is one of the least utilized spaces in bedrooms. Nevertheless, it is actually one of the best spots for storage, or for putting away seasonal items.

In a shared kids’ bedroom, storing things under the bed can help keep a lot of clutter out of the way and free up more floor space and dresser space!

9. Try using corner twin beds.

If the space allows for twin beds, then go for a corner twin beds layout where your kids can sleep head-to-head in the corner of the room.

small kids' room space saving tips - use corner twin beds
Image from Ideas 2 Live 4

It helps to have a corner shelf in between to serve as a shared nightstand. As you can see, there is more floor space available with this arrangement.

10. Go for stackable organizers.

There are many products that you can stack on top of each other and side by side.

This stackable organizer in particular can even double as a nightstand or side table. It also looks good enough to be used until your kids are in their teenage years!

11. Have a separate play area.

Since we’re dealing with a small bedroom, it is best to keep the play area out of the room.

Take advantage of strange nooks like the space under the stairs, or a small corner in the living room. You can also convert a coat closet or a small storage room for play area.

small kids' room space saving tips - have a separate play area
Image from Mum’s Grapevine

Having a separate play area means a lot of stuff gets to stay out of the room. This also means that the kids’ room will have less clutter!

12. Place hooks on the wall.

Hooks are very helpful for storage and organization no matter what the size of the room is. These can make an awkward nook or an empty wall space very much usable.

Place hooks on walls
Image from Parent Map

Use hooks to hang their school bags, their outfit for the next day, and other items. These days, there are many kid-friendly hooks available, so you do not have to worry about them getting hurt.

13. Invest in seats with storage.

If you should put a chair or a bench in the kids’ room, consider a bench with storage underneath or an ottoman. This can be a great place to store their toys away.

You may also use it to store away seasonal clothes like winter coats, swimwear, or costumes. To save money, get one that they can still use as they grow up.

14. Use corner shelves.

Corner spaces are areas that most of us fail to take advantage of. If you have one in your kids’ room, installing corner shelves on it will give your kids more floor space to play around. Use that extra space to display books and toys.

Maximize the vertical space and go for tall shelves if the room needs more storage.

If you don’t have time to DIY, try this tall corner bookshelf!

15. Keep trundle beds under the platform.

Here is a great space saver for your kids’ room. Use trundle beds and tuck them in under a platform! This way, the beds can be hidden under the platform when it’s not bedtime.

trundle beds under the platform
Image from Creativities

The kids can still have a lot of floor space to play around. Then all they have to do is roll the beds out when needed!

16. Go for customized bed platforms.

If sharing a bedroom is a more permanent setup for your kids, then consider going for customized bed platforms that allow you to have storage underneath.

In this example, both kids get equal storage space for their clothes. The stairs leading to their beds also act as drawers.

customized bed platforms
Image from Pinterest

This is actually a good investment for small bedrooms. Since it is customized, you can have everything fit perfectly for the space.

17. Declutter regularly.

One way to make any small room look like it has a lot of space is to keep things neat and organized. And the only way to do this with kids is to declutter regularly!

declutter regularly
Image from a to zen life

Kids easily outgrow everything – from clothes, shoes, toys, including interests and hobbies. Decluttering at least twice a year will help lessen the clutter by getting rid of broken toys and anything they have outgrown.

Ready to conquer your kids’ room?

Remember, it is not the size of the room that will dictate whether your children will enjoy it or not. It is more on how the room is designed and organized.

As you can see, there is no room too small for your kids if you get to incorporate a few of these ideas in their rooms.

Get multipurpose furniture and always think vertically. That’s just two major basics of designing a small bedroom that will also give your kids a lot of space in their bedroom!

Looking for more space-saving tips? Check these out!

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Organizing a small kids' room is indeed challenging. Hence, here are tips and ideas to help you design yours and give your children enough space!

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