20 Ways to Use Washi Tape in Bullet Journal

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If you’re looking for a way to decorate your bullet journal without having to draw lots of lines and shapes and curves, you’ve got to try using a washi tape!

Not only does it help you create beautiful layouts and decors in your bullet journal, but it also is a handy tool in organizing what you write in your BuJo.

In this post, you’ll see the different ways you can use washi tapes in your bullet journal.

Prepare to be amazed!

1. Make stickers

Stickers add a lot of color and fun to a bullet journal. But why buy stickers when you can make your own – personalized and even more attractive, just by using washi tapes?

You can make lots of stickers in different shapes and color combinations. Actually it’s still just a combination of different washi tapes! (haha)

Here’s a very easy tutorial from Washi Tape Crafts on how to make these colorful stickers.

Now use your stickers as you want to in your bullet journal!

washi tape - making stickers for bullet journal
From Washi Tape Crafts

Here’s a gorgeous heart stickers that uses only one washi tape. So if you want to use one washi tape only per sticker, that’s a great idea too!

2. Cover up something.

This is a sample page from my prayer journal for 2020.

washi tape - covering up unwanted details in journal
From Simple Life of a Lady

As you can see there’s this note on top that I don’t want to be there. And then there’s these printed logos at the bottom of the pages which I also don’t want to be there.

If you’re wondering why I chose this notebook, well… I got this just for free last year, that’s why. So I really had no control on what they put in there. But it’s still a nice notebook.

So what I did is just cover those unwanted portions with washi tapes. And there you have it!

washi tape - covering up unwanted details in journal
From Simple Life of a Lady

So whatever you don’t want to see in your journal – be it unwanted images or mistakes you’ve made, you can cover that up with washi tapes. Then all you’ll see is a nice decor!

3. Use as a tape.

Because washi tapes are beautiful, it’s easy to forget that even though they are lovely decors, they are still tapes. And yes, you can use a washi tape as you would use an ordinary tape.

Use it to paste important mementos in your bullet journal. Or to hide some details neatly.

The catch is that, even if you’re using it as a tape, it’s still a lovely decor in your BuJo. And it surely does look nicer than the usual tape!

So whenever you need a tape in your BuJo, use a washi tape!

4. Use it like a sticky note.

Need to stick a note in your bullet journal?

No need to buy sticky notes anymore. Make your own using a washi tape and any paper!

This is not only for your bullet journal or for your planner. It can be on everything you’re using a sticky note for. Like when you need to leave a reminder on the computer or on the fridge!

5. Create borders or dividers in a page.

One way to create borders or dividers in a bullet journal page is to doodle those.

Another way is to simply use your washi tapes.

6. Color code your journal.

Color coding makes locating things easier. And yes, even in a journal, it’s a lot of help in grouping your organizers.

For example, you can separate your trackers for the home and trackers for the workplace by using different colors for each.

If you need to divide your journal into sections, you can do so by using a color code – one color per section. One way to do it is to cover the edges of the journal with different washi tapes – using your color coding system.

Okay… maybe you don’t want to cover the entire edge of a page.

If you don’t you can use tabs. Cover just a little of that edge. A short cut of washi tape will do. Again, follow the colors of your color coding system.

Now what if you already have dividers in your journal?

Simple! Just cover those dividers with wash tapes. Follow your color codes. And there you have it!

7. Use it as a checklist.

Make check boxes (or check circles and check hearts) so much easier by simply pasting those washi tapes in your journal.

But this time, you need a more unique washi tape – a checklist kind of washi tape.

You can get a checklist washi tape at Amazon.

8. Cover the inside of your journal.

Personalize your bullet journal by transforming the inside using the colors that you want.

9. Wrap your pens.

Personalize your pens too by adding your own touch to them. Wrap them with washi tapes!

You can also use the washi tape as a sign of the pen that you are currently using. This will help you determine which one are you really using first when you have like two or three of the same kind of pen.

10. Totally personalize your journal and pencils.

You’ve seen how you can use washi tapes to cover the inside of your journal and wrap your pens.

That’s little customization… compared to this!

In this project, you totally personalize your journal and your pencils.

Yup! Totally!

Because when you’re done, you look at your bullet journal and your pencil, and it will look like – are these the journal and the pencil that I bought?

They won’t look like it anymore. Because they’ve just been totally transformed!

11. Design headings.

You may not be good in designing headings. Perhaps you just write the title on top of the page and that’s it.

Well… if you want to emphasize those headings, or you want to add color to them, designing shouldn’t be a problem.

And that’s because you can use a washi tape to create beautiful headers. Simply put a washi tape on top of the page. Then write the title on it!

There you have it!

Another option is to put the washi tape beside the heading like this.

See? It’s not that hard at all! Just pick your style on how you want it to be in your headings.

12. Design your weekly layouts

Weekly layouts is one of the must-haves in a bullet journal if you want to have an organized week.

Designs may not be necessary in preparing a weekly spread. But, it doesn’t hurt to put colors in your BuJo. And it makes your pages attractive, which is somehow motivating to fill with ideas.

Look at these gorgeous weekly layouts.

Tell me… it does add to the inspiration to plan your week right, doesn’t it?

For more layout ideas for weekly spreads, visit this post: Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads to Explore

13. Use in a mood tracker page

Maybe you’re looking for a different style in creating your mood tracker page?

Well… you just might love using washi tapes in it!

Let the different washi tapes you have represent each feeling or mood you may have in a day. Instead of using colored pens to signify your mood, use washi tape!

using washi tape in a mood tracker
From craftic

If you’re running short of mood tracker layouts, here’s a post where you can get ideas. Again, just replace the colored pens with washi tapes.

14. Use in health trackers

Just like in mood trackers, you can use washi tapes in your health trackers too. Let its color inspire you to reach your health goals!

15. Design your finance spreads

Money is not that easy to manage. It takes effort to track bills, expenses, and savings (if ever there is anything left to save).

However, a colorful design might just motivate you to monitor what happens in your money. It might not add to your money. (It even diminishes it because you’re going to spend for washi tapes. haha)

But if it can get you to religiously jot down every penny that leaves your wallet or bank account and how much bills you pay every month, it can give you the information that you need to change the way you handle your finances. And that’s priceless!

So again, here goes the washi tapes to the rescue!

If you need financial layout ideas for your bullet journal, this related post is for you: Bullet Journal Pages to Stay on Top of Your Finances

16. Design your travel layouts

Just like the finance layouts, you can use washi tapes to design your travel layouts too! Let those colors inspire you to make the most of your adventures!

Decorate your packing list.

And save wonderful memories!

17. Mark special pages

Need to highlight a special page? Layer the corner with a couple of washi tapes and you’ll easily locate it!

18. Create paper clip flags

Another way to mark the most important pages or special pages in your bullet journal is to use paper clip flags.

Cut your washi tape in a flag format. Then wrap one side of the paper clip with it. Make as many as you need.

Not only does this help you to easily locate your most important pages, it also adds to the beauty of your bullet journal, making it more interesting!

19. Create a collage

Sometimes you just want to be creative, or channel your energy into something beautiful. A collage is an easy artwork that you can make with washi tapes.

Just let your creativity flow. Then go with the flow!

20. A swatch page

The truth about washi tapes is that you only need a few for your bullet journal. But it’s just that washi tapes are so attractive that sometimes you can’t stop yourself from getting anything that catches your eyes.

And you end up with lots of washi tapes! How do you now monitor what’s in your collection?


Make a swatch page.

At a glance you can see all the washi tapes you’ve collected. And at the same time, it’s another beautiful art to add in your bullet journal.

Here are just a few swatch pages to give you ideas.

Coffee swatch page

Dog swatch page

Price tag swatch page

Again, these are just a few of the swatch pages that you can make. You will find a lot more ideas on Pinterest and Instagram.

Have fun!

Looking at those colorful washi tapes, having fun is what comes to mind.

And true enough, while you aim to get organized with your bullet journal, it’s always easier and more enjoyable to do it when you’re having fun.

That is why… you can’t leave out washi tapes in your journals!

Again, you don’t need too many washi tapes. Just pick a bunch that brightens up your day.

Happy journaling!

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