Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Ideas: 101 Inspiring Concepts to Try Today (Part 1)

Are you looking for bullet journal ideas to fill your journal pages?

Bullet journals are wonderful and well, you can get addicted to yours. Not to mention the fact that they are very useful in almost all aspects of your life.

You can use a page to track your expenses and the money you save, your daily routines to stay healthy and productive, the books you want to read, the movies you want to see and even the places you want to visit!

So whether you are short of ideas or you just want to see some things that will pique your imagination and add more life to your BuJo, here is a list of bullet journal ideas that will surely inspire your next entry!

I updated this post already. Originally, there were only 51 BuJo ideas. But I saw that readers loved the post so I added another 50 to the list!

I also rearranged how the ideas are presented so that similar items are grouped together.

Also did some enhancement to the title of the post. So if you landed here because of a pin that says Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Page Ideas: 51 Inspiring Concepts to Try Today, this is it, updated to a much better version!

Owwkaaayyy…. I guess I’ve said enough already. I know you’re all excited for these BuJo ideas, so…

Here we go!


It can be the title of your entire bullet journal, a yearly cover page, or a monthly cover page. You choose whether it’s really artistic and full of colors, or just plain and simple, or something in between.

You can find more ideas for Title Pages on this Pinterest boards:



Since you will be using a lot of symbols in your bullet journal, it pays to have all those symbols gathered in one page.

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

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Here are more ideas for the Key, Symbol, Legend Page (whatever your want to call it):


At first, you may think that an Index Page looks like just a Key Page, but, think again.

Index – which probably has taken its term from books, work pretty much like an Index page that you’ll find in a… guess what… a book! (where else?)

Since your BuJo can contain lots and lots of information about your daily life, you can make a quick-glance section where there’s the title of a particular page and where it can be found (like, say, Places to Go; page 23). Pretty much like a Table of Contents.

Now when you want to go to that page, you can just look it up in the Index Page and go straight to it. This is much easier than having to flip each and every page in your journal until you find the one page you’re looking for.

If you don’t have a lot yet in your bullet journal, you can still make this one and just keep adding to it when you have added another page in your BuJo.

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

Here are more boards for ideas you can copy!


Get all your contact numbers in one place with a contacts list page!

This works like any Contacts Page that you find in planners. Whether it’s your colleague’s number, your friend’s, family’s, and even contact numbers for emergencies, you can put it all in your bullet journal.

You can create the layout yourself, or you can just print a ready-made template and insert it in your bullet journal.

I know we can always save contact information in our smartphones, but these things can still get busted or lost. So even if you have a phone to store your contacts, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup just in case and your bullet journal is a promising space for that.

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How many times have you clicked on Forgot Password?

And then another, Forgot Username.

I know. Happens to me  A LOT.

It’s not so hard memorizing one or two accounts, but more than that, you definitely need an organizer!

I used to have the habit of just writing a new username and password in whatever paper I can get (which gets lost every time), so I thought writing it in a notebook would work better.

And it did!

It’s just that I don’t have them in one page, so when I need it, I shuffle through my notes. Proves to be time consuming and sometimes annoying.

If this happens to you too, it’s about time to learn from our experiences and start putting all those passwords in just one page. What could be better than a personal notebook closest to your heart – your bullet journal!

From Pinterest


I first learned about mind mapping in a seminar a few years ago, when one of the staff would write what the speaker was saying through words in boxes and lines. And I saw that it can provide a great summary of the lecture.

However, mind mapping is not limited to summarizing lectures. It can be applied into other things like brainstorming ideas, goal setting and self care ideas.

From Little Coffee Fox

From Pinterest


I can only remember five birthdays – mine, my hubby’s, my mom’s my dad’s and my brother’s. Everything else, naaahh…

I’m not good in remembering dates. Well, that’s why there is a Birthdays Page in Bullet Journals!

Why do you have to keep them in your head when you can keep them in your Bujo? (oh yeah!!)

Write the birth date of every kin, friend and colleague in a bullet journal page and you never have to forget greeting any of them (without having to memorize every single date!)

How to style it is completely up to you. Here are samples to get ideas from.

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

Get more at these Pinterest boards:

You can also incorporate holiday dates  in your Birthday Page

From Pinterest

From Pinterest


If there’s a bullet journal page that keeps everyone’s birthdays, you can always add another to plan a birthday party!

Whether it’s your own birthday, your kid’s, your parents’, your hubby’s or your friend’s, a bullet journal page can accommodate every party detail you have in mind.

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Pinterest


Plan how your holidays are going to be meaningful each time, with a bullet journal page specifically made for it!

It can be in the form of a simple bucket list that you plan to do throughout the holiday season, or a very detailed plan of each activity that you need to accomplish daily to prepare for the big holiday event.

So whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any other holiday, a page just for it is sure to help you make everything memorable and fun!