Bullet Journal Weekly Spread: 45 Various Layouts to Try

You will find a lot of bullet journal weekly spread ideas and pictures on Pinterest and Instagram.

Now because of the variety of choices, you can get confused as to which of these will really work for you.

So here’s a post that aims to differentiate each bullet journal weekly spread so that it becomes easier for you to decide which one to use.

While the sky’s the limit for the designs that you can make in your layout, the different kinds of weekly spreads can be grouped into six classes only.

Before I show you the different designs you can copy, let’s have a walk through first of what these classes are.

1. Vertical Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

For this layout, divide your notebook vertically into the days of the week. Then occupy that entire vertical space for each day to write your tasks.

You may still have a little space left untouched which you can use to add a few drawings that you love.

If you need to write your goals for the week and the next, make some space for them too.

When you have lots of notes, there may not be any space left in your spread for doodles which is entirely fine.

2. Block Layout Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This is the most common style of weekly spread that you will find on Pinterest and Instagram.

It’s called a block layout because literally, you’re creating a block for each day of the week.

It is somewhat similar to the vertical weekly spread. The difference is you don’t use one entire vertical space for just one day.

You can also make space to include a small calendar or a doodle at the corner.

Now the blocks don’t necessarily have to be visible.

As you will see in this sample, the days are still divided into blocks even if you don’t see any square or rectangular shape around the daily tasks.

Just add more notes around your weekly spread when you find these necessary to keep your week even more organized.

block layout weekly spread - with more notes

3. Horizontal Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

From the word itself, you can already conclude that this is the opposite of the vertical weekly spread.

To make this layout, simply divide your bullet journal horizontally for each day of the week.

Just like the vertical and block layout, you can also add other notes, calendar or doodles in a horizontal spread.

4. Dutch Door Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

You’ll probably say that this is the most unique spread because of its in-between page or pages which you can flip like a notebook.

It’s like you have a mini notebook within a notebook. And it can make you feel like there’s some kind of adventure in this weekly spread!

If you need more space in your weeklies, and a two-page spread is just not enough, you might want to try a dutch door weekly spread.

To create a dutch door, you will have to cut a page (or pages – depends on how much additional space you need) in between your weekly spread.

This feels exciting to do and it definitely adds some spice in your bullet journal!

However, if you’re not comfortable cutting your pages, that’s perfectly fine. There are still other weekly spreads you can make.

5. Turn-it Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This is the only spread where the focus is not how you design your layout, but how you position your bullet journal when you’re filling out your weekly spread.

It’s not like the usual – it’s a landscape layout!

6. The Master List Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This is the layout that I follow in my bullet journal.

My head turns when I have to schedule all the week’s tasks on a per day basis.

But in this weekly spread, all you have to do is create a simple checklist of everything you need to do for the week. It’s like creating a master list of tasks for that entire week.

Then every night, just select which of these tasks you want to do on the following day. That becomes your Task List for that day.

simple life of a lady weekly spread
Simple Life of a Lady’s Bullet Journal Weekly Spread sample

Okay… so those are the different classes of weekly spreads that you can make in your bullet journal.

What follows now is a collection of different samples of weekly spreads for each class, so you’ll have more options to choose from.


1. Vertical Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads


Flowers are very beautiful to decorate your spreads with. And this bluish weekly is just really attractive. Don’t you think?

vertical weekly spread - blue flowers

Here’s another with a different flower.


You can add more space for a more specific type of notes in your weekly spread. If you can manage it like this, perhaps you don’t need a dutch door anymore.


Are you a fan of water coloring?

Here’s something that uses a watercolor but still retains its simplicity.


Just like flowers, leaves doodles are beautiful embellishments to your weekly spread.


If yellow is your favorite color, this is for you!


Having mini trackers in your weekly spread makes it easier to be reminded of the habits you are building up.


From the word itself, this layout has minimal design and the ink used is mostly black.

If you want to keep things as simple as can be, give this one a try!


I call this the Everything Spread because if you take a look at the layout, it appears everything you need to do has a space!

Everything's in there weekly layout
From Plants that Blossom via Instagram

2. Block Layout Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads


If you want to keep it simple but stylish, here’s a good option.

block layout weekly spread - basic design


I like soft pink color because it looks and feels so feminine! You may not be good in cursive writing (for the headings), but that soft pink shade will definitely give your weekly spread a feminine touch!


In a timeline, important events are marked. When you use it as a layout, it adds to the feeling that every event in your week is important and must not be taken lightly.

Of course you may add drawings that make your timeline colorful – like these autumn trees!

BuJo weeklies - autumn tree timeline design
From The Pale Paper via Instagram


Leaves, truly, do not disappoint. If you’re a nature lover, here’s another refreshing setup for you!

block layout weekly spread - leaves


Just like leaves, flowers are beautiful decors you can draw to give more life to your weeklies.


Cactus is another doodle favorite for your weekly blocks!


Feel the love in your week with a heart-filled spread!


Yellow is not my favorite color. But here’s another yellow spread looking really gorgeous!

Be inspired to bloom!


You can add pictures in your bullet journal to design your weekly spread. Simply use a washi tape to paste them. When you look at it as a whole, it resembles a collage!

3. Horizontal Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads


A few circles on top of each other and simple flowers on top and you’ve got your week’s dates in mini wreaths!


Pink is such a beautiful color, and flowers just can make your every morning brighter!

horizontal weekly layout - floral pink
From Pinterest


If you want something that looks so cool and feels cool to the eyes, this one’s for you.

horizontal weekly layout - bluish
From Pinterest


I’ve always thought cactus was the most fun doodle to draw in a weekly spread. Turns out, mushrooms are cool too! I don’t know but this one just makes me smile.


Just like its vertical counterpart, there’s not much design in this spread but the layout speaks for itself – just keep it simple.

4. Dutch Door Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads


Lavender may not be your favorite flower, but is sure is adorable for a weekly dutch door.


This is purple in its finest. I am drawn to that intricate rose drawing around the triangle.

So detailed… so delicate.


You don’t need to have lots of plant doodles to make your weekly spread refreshing. A handful shade of green will do the effect.


Simple and lovely… chic and girly.

If you like something like that, here’s a layout you don’t wanna miss.


This layout also relies a lot on floral designs, but it uses more colors, making your weekly spread radiant!

It doesn’t mean that your designs are limited to flowers. It can be anything, as long as you put in different and vibrant colors.


I really don’t like orange color in spreads. But this layout pretty much reminds me that, just like the other colors, not all orange are created equal.

And this one is bold and daring, and yes I like it! (Sometimes you really eat your words… ouch)

The last two bullet journal weeklies are less popular than the first four types, so we only have one or two samples of that here.

5. Turn-it Bullet Journal Weekly Spread


There’s not much of a design here. But of course you can always add your own doodles or washi tapes to give your spread some color.

6. The Master List Bullet Journal Weekly Spread


Here’s another really simple layout.


Here’s where you get a single page all for the To do List.

Choose your class, then design.

Which class of bullet journal weekly spread should you choose?

Of course it should be the one that works best for you!

So feel free to experiment with these different types of layouts. When you’ve found the one you’re comfortable with, stick to that.

Then design it as you please!

Want more ideas for your bullet journal? Here are other posts waiting for you!

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