10 Bullet Journal Household Trackers to Organize Your Home

One of the many things you can do with your bullet journal is to fill it with spreads that will help you organize your home.

That’s what you’re going to see in this post!

Whatever routine you have or decide to have to keep a tidy home, your bullet journal can be your ally, and your go-to reference notebook.

So without much further ado, let me now show you the different BuJo layouts you can make to keep your home organized and clean, ready for your family and guests!

1. Cleaning Schedule

You know how important it is to have a cleaning routine. It tells you what needs to be cleaned and how often. A cleaning routine can often be the difference between a stressful and chaotic place, or a cozy and well-maintained home.

You may already have an established routine that has worked for you for years. Or you may be a newbie homemaker who is yet to discover the schedule that works for her.

Whether you know your routine already, or you are still figuring it out, the bullet journal is a great place to write that routine!

You can create a cleaning calendar or chart like these layouts.

What I love about these schedules is that it is clearly listed how often things must be cleaned. Is it daily, biweekly, weekly, monthly or annually?

This cleaning routine spread even added every other month and every three months (quarterly) timing.

And this one has bi-annual option.

Having a routine like these helps you not to forget and to prioritize what really needs to be cleaned.

When you a follow a cleaning schedule, you will only do little cleaning at a time rather than a one-day cleaning marathon that leaves you exhausted and hating it every time you need to clean again.

So here are more cleaning schedule layouts to inspire you to BuJo and clean!

2. Chores Master List

Have you ever created a master list of the things that you have to do in a week or month? This list is pretty much like it. It’s just that the focus of this list is household chores!

I found three methods on how to do this in your journal.

One, create a box for every room in your home, then list down all the things that you need to clean and do in each room.

You may also include a frequency indicator at the left side of each task like this page.

This gives you an easy and quick glance of your cleaning tasks and how often you should do each.

Another method is just list down everything in a monthly tracker.

In the sample page above, how often you need to do each task is indicated by the small circles, and they’re already plotted on specific months.

So for your quarterly tasks, for example change toothbrush, you already have a preview that at the start of every quarter (January, April, July & October), you’re going to change it! Pretty cool, right?

The last one is just make a list of all your tasks without categorizing them per room or indicating any frequency. Just a list.

3. Room by Room Cleaning checklist

This is pretty much like the chores master list in #2. The twist here is that instead of it being just a list, in this page, that list is converted into a checklist.

Simply color or check the boxes (or bullets) whenever you get some cleaning done!

Here are sample layouts for you!

Doodles and colors sure can inspire you to take action, so here’s a colorful room by room cleaning list!

If you need to tackle a room in great detail, you can write down all the things you need to clean in one page.

Here’s a sample cleaning list for bedroom. You can make one for every room in your home.

4. Monthly cleaning list

See your one month of cleaning in one whole page tracker just like this!

All the cleaning tasks are listed on the left, and the rest are for the dates of the month. Track each task and check it when you’ve done it!

I love the simplicity of this spread. It’s so simple yet so detailed. At quick glance, you’ll see what you’ve accomplished so far, and what you still need to do.

Here’s a similar layout. So simple and clear too!

5. Weekly Cleaning List

You can also have a weekly cleaning routine all mapped out like this 52-week cleaning schedule!

Each week, there’s already an assigned area or things to organize and clean and it goes all year-round.

You may also have it in a tracker format like this! All the weekly tasks are already listed. And then you have boxes for each week on each month of the year, just ready to be colored or checked when you get things done!

6. Daily cleaning list

If you like your daily tasks clearly detailed, you can make another page for it too!

Here’s a sample BuJo page that details every chore of the day in a whole week.

This one even adds the time of the day for the chores – must it be done in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

From odyssey

And here’s a monthly page that combines the weekly and the daily tasks. The page is divided into the weeks and days of the month.

Whichever cleaning schedule format you follow, that is entirely up to you.

Work with the most appropriate for you!

7. 15-Minute Tasks

Chores don’t have to take an entire hour. You can break down your organizing and cleaning tasks into 15-minute mini projects.

You may say that you don’t have time for cleaning everyday, but you’ve got 15 minutes to spare, right?

For some tasks, that’s already enough. See this example.

So… what organizing and cleaning can you do in 15 minutes? Write them down in your bullet journal. And then, when the 15-minute free time arrives, you’ll know just what to do to keep your home tidy!

Here are more ideas!

You can add other things to your 15-minute tasks, but if you want it to be exclusive for cleaning tasks, that would even be better!

8. When did I last…?

Not everything at home is done everyday. There are chores that are done less frequently like cleaning out the fridge, changing the bed sheets and vacuuming and mopping the floor.

Knowing when you last did something gives is your indicator of when you should do it next.

If you change your sheets every week, knowing that you changed it last Sunday means that this coming Sunday, you will have to change it again already.

When you forget about when you did it (which can happen very often), it’s easy to forget too that you need to change it already. So you might start feeling some itchiness when you sleep. And that’s when you remember you need to change your sheets already!

This doesn’t have to happen to you. It’s easy to add a When Did I Last page in your bullet journal.

Just update it regularly. Record things as you do them so you don’t forget.

Here are more When Did I Last layouts that you can draw ideas from.

9. Spring Cleaning Checklist

There’s something about spring that makes cleaning inspiring and motivating!

The weather starts to warm up. Leaves begin to sprout and flowers bloom.

It’s an all season of freshness! And it feels like your home is also inviting you to keep it as fresh as nature!

This is where a spring cleaning checklist comes in handy.

Like all the other household spreads, it helps you simplify the cleaning, and keeps you focused on the tasks.

Having a BuJo alongside you is also motivating as you fill it with doodles and colors that mirror the colors all around you during spring.

So even if you don’t like cleaning that much, your BuJo spread can influence you to love it as much as you love spring!

Yup! Even if that means scrubbing the floor.

Here are more spring cleaning checklists for your bullet journal.

10. House projects

Need a few things for your home?

Or maybe… it’s time to renovate?

Keep track of whatever you need for your home with a house project page!

Provide a space for every room in your home. List down what each room needs. Then check each item, as you get it accomplished.

Here are more samples you can copy in your own BuJo.

Enjoy cleaning!

Yup, you read that right. I’m actually encouraging you to like and enjoy cleaning because well… it’s your home ladies!

Our homes are where we spend time with the VIPs of our lives – our family. It’s also the place where we should feel relaxed when we’re stressed out. So, we should learn to love maintaining our space.

So get a bullet journal to organize your tasks. Figure out the cleaning routine that works well for you. Then love maintaining your home.

Remember that when you clean, it’s not just about the sparkling floor or the clean dishes. It’s you serving your family.

Cleaning our homes is cleaning for our loved ones. It’s like us telling them, I love you!

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Household trackers you can add in your bullet journal to help you in organizing and cleaning your home.

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