5 Bullet Journal Spreads for Christians

If you’re looking for ideas on bullet journal spreads for Christians, this post is for you.

Maybe you are wondering whether the bullet journal system is also applicable when it comes to your faith as a Christian?

And the answer is a resounding YES!

Actually, you can use the bullet journal for almost anything – and that includes being a tool to deepen your faith in God.

Keep a list of the books of the Bible. Write down Bible verses that you need to refer to and memorize. Record the important points during sermons and Bible studies.

There are more you can do in your bullet journal that will aid you in connecting with God and strengthening your faith. You will find samples in this post.

As you go through each one, think about whether it’s applicable to you, or how you can make something similar, and how you can apply it in your own spiritual needs.

So let’s do this!

1. Books of the Bible tracker

As Christians, the Bible is a vital part of our lives. We are admonished to live by every Word of God. But how can we, when we do not know the word of God?

So let’s do all that we can to know it more and more everyday. Let’s read our Bibles daily!

These bullet journal spreads will help in tracking all the books of the Bible that we need to read and live by.

All the books of the Bible are listed in these illustrations. When you finish reading a book, color that in your journal, then move on to the next.

These trackers will help you see the progress you have made, and the books of the Bible that you are yet to complete reading.

2. Bible study log

Reading is not the only thing we must do with our Bibles. We must also study and reflect on what we read. Doing so deepens our understanding of spiritual lessons, so that we know how to apply them in our daily lives.

Here are sample Bible study logs you can make in your bullet journal.

This one is a Bible study on the Book of Ruth.

Here is a study on a specific verse – Galatians 6:2-3

A study of John 7

Here’s a page that tackles Pentecost.

Whether you’re studying about a whole book of the Bible, or just a specific verse, feast, person, or event, you can create a spread in your bullet journal just for it.

3. Sermon Notes

Just like how we strive to record the lessons that we need to remember during our Bible studies, we also jot down notes during sermons.

This is another page to add to your bullet journal. Here are some samples.

You may also try doodling while taking down notes during sermons. If it helps you retain what you hear, by all means, let those drawings come out!

Here’s a sample page where the writer doodles a bit during sermon. I love it!

4. Bible Verses

Another vital part of our lives as Christians is memorizing Bible verses.

Okay… maybe not the chapter and verse numbers (which can be really confusing), but the words and the book where it was taken, that’s easier to keep in mind.

Memorizing Bible verses helps us to remember spiritual principles, and when we do, it’s easier to dwell on the Scriptures during a time of need.

Here are sample Bible-verse pages in bullet journal.

This one is a collection of Bible verses for various spiritual principles like joy, forgiveness and peace.

Here are Bible verses about prayer.

Here’s a page that helps you focus on God’s promises.

A page to focus on God and who He is.

A go-to page when you need wisdom on certain needs and issues.

When you’re feeling anxious.

Sometimes life feels like a whack and you’re feeling all the negative vibes. Here’s a Bible-verse collection for that.

So… what Bible verses do you need to remember? Write them in your bullet journal and refer to them easily.

You can write the entire words. Or, you can write its reference – the book, the chapter and the verse numbers. Then just refer to it in your Bible.

Whichever method you prefer, you can use your bullet journal for that.

5. Prayer Requests

We always have our petitions to God. It can be a thing that we need to buy. Or it can be guidance on crucial decisions in our lives. And sometimes it’s just a simple thing like a good night’s sleep.

You can make a list of the things that you ask from God in your bullet journal. This list will help you remember the things that you are asking from Him, so that you don’t miss anything when you pray.

It’s also a good way to remind you of when was the time that you prayed for that request. When God doesn’t immediately answer our prayers, we feel like it’s been too long and we’ve been asking in like forever.

Most of the time, it’s just how we feel. So it pays to have a date written on when we started praying for that, so we can see for how long have we been really praying about it.

God reminds us not to lose hope, to be persistent in our prayers (like the widow in the parable of the persistent widow), and to trust His timing. We ought to remember that when we make our requests.

Let us not also forget to write when God answers our prayers.

We often forget what God has done for us over time. So writing down when our prayers are already answered is a helpful way to remind us of God’s goodness to us. And let’s not forget to thank Him when He grants our requests.

Actually, even if He doesn’t grant our requests, we should remain thankful to Him.

God knows what’s best for us. When He doesn’t grant a petition, no matter how long we’ve asked of Him about it, He has good reasons for it. Reasons that we may not yet understand.

But when we trust Him – that He has our best interests at heart, we can be at peace whether our requests are granted or not. We can rest in the hope that God will not forsake us when we remain loyal to Him.

Glorify God in the process.

As you go through using your bullet journal to know God more and further strengthen your faith in Him, you will find that you need more pages for it.

Cheerfully prepare those pages and let your BuJo help you be transformed into the woman that God wants you to be.

Ultimately, everything we do is supposed to give glory to God. Let that be your anchor when you start crafting your bullet journal into a tool that helps you get closer to our Maker.

Looking for more ideas on what you can do in your bullet journal? Try these!

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