Bullet Journal Mood Tracker: 29 Awesome Layouts!

Experiment with these bullet journal mood tracker layouts to get in touch with how you really feel inside. Understanding your emotions is a key step in getting to know yourself better!

Are you thinking of starting a mood tracker?

A mood tracker is a great way to keep you aware and more in tune of how you feel everyday.

I know artistic design is not needed to make your bullet journal useful, but the colors sure add to the inspiration, and to the feeling that life is still good amidst its trials and complications.

So without further ado, here is a collection of bullet journal mood trackers that you can try and copy in your own bullet journal.

Have fun!

1. Year in Pixels

This is the first type of bullet journal mood tracker that I encountered on Pinterest. What’s so great about Year in Pixels is you can take a look at how you have felt everyday for a year in just a glance.

Most mood tracker pages have space only for a month. But Year in Pixels has the whole year covered.

2. Watermelon

A watermelon mood tracker is an incredibly easy-to-draw layout.

Take this one, for example. All you need to draw is a big triangle. Then simply trace lines inside to divide the triangle into the days of the month.

I don’t know about you, but this also makes me feel like I want to grab a watermelon! After all, eating a watermelon is healthy!

Now, if you don’t want a really big triangle, you can draw small watermelons for each day.

Like this…

3. Jellyfish

I’m not sure I’d be able to draw one as intricate as this, but it sure is worth trying! Besides, it looks beautiful and reminds me of the seas and our family getaways.

I’m sure I’d be able to draw those little bubbles. But those tentacles, my, it’s worth a challenge!

4. Lights

Lights are bright.

When you’re in a great mood, it can make you feel even brighter!

mood tracker - light bulbs
From Pinterest

Now when you are downhearted, it may not change your situation, but, lights, especially colorful ones, may just make you feel lighter.

mood tracker - lights
From Wellella

5. Heavenly Lights

If artificial lights can lighten up your mood, how much more when it’s natural lights?

We find these shimmering at night – stars, moon and planets, brightening up the sky.

When you feel stressed after all the day’s work, you can take some time to gaze at the night sky, and feel relaxed and refreshed under the shimmering lights of the stars.

In your bullet journal, you can recreate the same feeling when drawing and coloring these lights.

Indeed, even if you can’t see them in the sky because of clouds, you will still see them in your mind, through your mood tracker.

6. Pumpkin

I do love pumpkins – oh they taste delicious!

I must say, if you like something really bright, this pumpkin mood tracker is a must try, even if it’s not yet autumn. It’s very easy to draw!

7. Ghost

Ghosts make me feel spooky and a little bit scared. Yeah even if they’re flashing their cutest smile!

So just to make things clear, I have no plans of putting ghost drawings in my bullet journal.

But, you may not feel the way I feel. For you, it could even be the exact opposite.

So here’s one.

And here’s another, inspired by the video game Pac-Man.

8. Hearts

Yesss… the love feeling!

Do you also feel like there’s a lot of love in the air when there are heart shapes floating around?

Be inspired to become a more loving person with this bullet journal mood tracker.

Here’s another which I really love – a tree of hearts.

It’s like this drawing is telling us that we should not let the love die in our hearts, no matter how we feel.

Even if life strikes us really hard, we should not give up on love. We must always strive to make it grow, like a blossoming tree.

Here’s one more that’s similar to it – a blooming flower of hearts.

If you just love hearts for a mood tracker, then check out our mood tracker collection for February! Definitely lots of hearts in there!

9. Cute Foxes

These little foxes will literally make you smile… I mean they’re just so cute! Aren’t they?

It’s rather hard to prolong negative emotions with this mood tracker. Just look at these cute foxes, and I tell you, it’s hard not to smile!

10. Kite

When I see kites being flown, I remember many childhood memories. I feel happy and free! So, no wonder, this kite mood tracker attracted me.

If you like kites too, give this mood tracker a place in you bullet journal. Those triangles are very easy to draw. And just change the colors to suit your theme.

11. Crochet

If crocheting is something you love to do on your spare time, this one’s for you! This isn’t so hard to make, and those colorful thread doodles just add more fun to this mood tracker!


12. Cupcake

I can imagine myself eating a cupcake. It’s soft, sweet and yummy! Hmmm…….

Cupcake is a nice mood tracker because it reminds you of the sweetness of life and you too can be sweet. Although, I must say, it might also make you feel hungry. (Wink)

13. Doughnut

Here is another sweet treat for you!

When I search for a bullet journal mood tracker on Pinterest, it comes up, and I get pulled… like I wanna eat a doughnut.

And if what you like are mini doughnuts… well, you’ve got yourself a treat!

mini doughnuts
Image from stephany marie bujo

14. Ice Cream

You love ice cream?

Yeah… me too.

It feels happy when you eat ice cream, right? I guess it’s also one of your go-to foods when you’re stressed out and need a break.

So here’s one for your mood tracker.

15. Gems in a Jar

I love the colors of this mood tracker. But I especially love the fact that it reminds us that there are many gems in life. But you’ve got to be present to notice these gems.

So let this bullet journal mood tracker remind you of that too.

16. Pencils

I like pencils! It’s what I use to draft a doodle in my bullet journal.

When I’m using a pencil to draw, I feel like it’s okay to make mistakes because I can just erase it.

And that’s why I like this mood tracker. It reminds me that it’s okay to make mistakes.

From bujode3

17. Simple Circle

I like simple things, and this circle mood tracker is one of that!

You just have to draw a circle and that’s it! You don’t even need to be an expert in drawing a circle. Just use a circular ruler and you’ve got the perfect circle.

simple circle
Image from Masha Plans

18. Honeycomb

Here’s another very simple mood tracker to make – honeycomb! Just draw hexagons side by side with one another. Then doodle bees and you’ve got yourself a mood tracker – nice and sweet!

Image from bujo_draw_4life

19. Teabags

Like tea?

Healthy and soothing, right?

Smell the tea’s aroma with this bullet journal mood tracker.

Okay… you won’t really smell the tea by drawing it. I’m just messing up with you. (Smile)

20. Coffee

Here’s another drink that a lot of you may love! This also reminds me of my hubby because he loves drinking coffee.

Be inspired by your love for coffee and turn that into a mood tracker.

Even if you are not a coffee lover, you can experiment with this coffee design. Because unlike the real coffee, this one’s something you don’t need to drink. Just draw it!

21. Puzzle

Do you enjoy putting puzzle pieces together?

Here’s a bullet journal mood tracker like it, to remind us that life can be like a puzzle sometimes.

There are times when we are hit by setbacks again and again. We question why in the world are these happening to us.

Oftentimes we don’t know the answer. But when the journey is over and we look back, that’s when we figure it out.

Take a puzzle piece as a stand-alone object and it doesn’t make sense. But when it gets connected to the other pieces, then it starts to make sense.

22. Splashes of Paint

I love how colorful this mood tracker can be! The fact that you’re free to create your own splashes, without getting wet with paint – oh that’s even more fun!

23. Paint Roller Brush

Now this is something that’s really artistic! And notice that there are multiple colors each day – which for me is just right to describe your day when you have various moods going on. Not to mention, it makes your mood tracker colorful and more interesting!

24. Photography

If you like taking shots, this one’s for you! It’s just like you’re taking a photo of your emotions daily.

25. Leaves

This isn’t really all leaves. There’s a big circle at the middle.

But it sure is beautiful and very relaxing to the eyes with the green-colored leaves around it.

26. Lavender

Flowers are another great theme to make into a mood tracker, and lavender is among the most beautiful!

It’s also easy to draw a lavender. Just look at this one.

Image from pen2paper_92

27. Simple Petals

If you like something simpler but more colorful than lavender, just draw simple petals for your mood tracker. Then color the petals OR… for a change, color the middle of the petals as you see here.

simple petals

28. Raindrops

Raindrops are cool – a simple reminder for you to keep your cool, especially when you’re in a situation that makes you feel angry.

29. Pineapple

Whenever there’s a ripe pineapple, count me in! And give me some salt please!

Ripe pineapples taste nice and sweet. But believe me, it tastes better with salt, just like our life and our moods.

Our moods will always be a combination. It will not always be happy; won’t be always sad either. It’s always a combination. But that’s life. And if you compare it with a pineapple – the blend of sweetness and saltiness – that’s when you start appreciating it to the fullest.

It’s time to make your mood tracker!

With all these designs at your fingertips, I hope you have found an inspiration to make your own.

Choose a design that you will love to update everyday. Because, no matter how beautiful your mood tracker is, if you don’t update it, it’s useless.

Also, may your mood tracker help you see that life is a combination of ups and downs.

We have no problem when we feel good and happy. But when we feel down and sad, we think and act like nothing good ever happen to us.

So when you feel downhearted, take a look at your bullet journal mood tracker and notice that even if there are times when you feel lonely, stressed out and heartbroken, there are still days when you feel happy and relaxed.

Therefore, we can’t treat life like nothing good is ever going to happen. And we also can’t expect that only good things should happen.

Life is like a coin. There are two sides to it. And everybody gets both!

Looking for a minimalist mood tracker?

It deserves another post, so here it is! – 20 Easy & Minimalist Designs for a Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

If you want more mood tracker layouts for your bullet journal, here’s a collection on a monthly basis.

I just started collecting mood trackers last December 2023, so this is not yet complete. But don’t worry, I will update this list monthly as I finish.

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Understanding your emotions is a key step in getting to know yourself better! So here are different mood tracker layouts you can copy. They're really fun so you'll enjoy tracking your feelings!

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