20 Surprising Uses of an Over the Door Shoe Organizer (Other than Shoe Storage)

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Do you have an unused over the door shoe organizer lying around your home?

Well… do you know that it can be used other than just being a mere shoe storage area?

From turning it into a first-aid kit to adding to the closet space in the bathroom, the over the door shoe organizer is way more than a shoe storage space!

Check out these different uses of the organizer, and take a step closer to a cleaner and more organized home!

1. Lego organizer

Do you keep stepping on the lego bricks whenever your enter your kids’ room?

Well then… round up all the legos and tuck them into the over the door shoe organizer. Arrange the bricks according to shape and color.

The shoe organizer is perfect for holding the lego bricks!

Just decide on how many pockets you need to be in the shoe organizer. If you have lots of Lego bricks to organize, then of course, you’ll need more pockets.

2. Make a new home for the Barbie dolls

If you don’t have a Barbie doll house, or you have too many barbies to fit in a doll house, then it is time to make the best use of the hanging shoe organizer.

Pop in the Barbie dolls in the various pockets. Keep the accessories in the pockets too. Make sure that the dolls are within easy reach for the kids.

3. Stash away the gift wrapping papers

You know what happens when you prepare gifts every year. Tons of gift wrappers to buy… and also, many of them are left unused.

If you need a way to keep those gift wrappers still good the next time you wrap a gift, this one’s for you.

Roll the gift wrapping paper. Then tuck it into the shoe organizer!

You will need to cut some of the pockets of the shoe organizer for the wrappers to get through.

This is also applicable for gift wrappers that you received when you also were given a gift. Maybe you feel bad tossing the gift wrapper. (I do too.)

Don’t worry. You don’t have to. Those wrappers can still be used.

Fold and roll them neatly to get rid of the creases and wrinkles. Then tuck inside the shoe organizer!

If you need to add more to the shoe organizer so that it really becomes like your go-to gift wrapping station, I recommend this tutorial from The Country Chic Cottage.

She made this fabric pouch at the bottom to hold the gift bags. You can do the same!

4. Spare a corner for your winter hats and scarves

Quit stuffing your winter scarves into the coat closet and save shelf space! Instead, keep them neatly tucked into the over the door shoe organizer.

Keep your collection of winter hats, mittens, gloves, stoles, socks, and scarves in the pockets.

5. Turn it into a makeup organizer.

Is your drawer overflowing with lipsticks and eyeliners?

Are you looking for a separate space for your ever enlarging collection of makeup products?

Well then, the over the door shoe organizer is a perfect choice! Tuck in your lipsticks and glosses with ease.

Got lots of nail polish? Put them inside the shoe organizer too!

Even if you have just a handful of makeup products, you’ll still find that using an over the door shoe organizer is an incredibly easy way to help you spot what you need.

6. An extra space for bathroom products

Keeping your extra bathroom supplies away from the shower area will give you more space for enjoying your bath.

That’s where the over the door shoe organizer comes in!

Simply hang it by the door. And voila! You have carved out an additional space for your shampoo bottles, face wash, soaps, and more, while enjoying your bathing routine even more thoroughly!

By the way, the shoe organizer doesn’t always have to be hanged by the bathroom door. You can take it somewhere else, like your linen closet door.

7. Your happy craft corner

If you get high on origami, then the over the door shoe organizer will prove real handy!

Tuck in all your craft supplies in the pockets of the shoe organizer. Keep the scissors and sharp objects at the top, away from the reach of kids. Then keep the glue sticks, glitter, paper, and other supplies in the lower pockets.

8. Let your kitchen thank you

Does your kitchen feel too crammed at times?

Hang the shoe organizer. Tuck in the spoons, ladles, spatulas, and anything else that fits into the pockets of the organizer.

Your kitchen will certainly feel more spacious.

9. The baby is asking for one too

Put the baby supplies at easy reach. Hang the over the door shoe organizer on the nursery door.

Tuck in the baby clothes, toys, wet wipes, and other baby supplies into the pockets. Keep the organizer clean and disinfected too.

10. Make cleaning easier

Rather than storing your cleaning supplies under the sink (which can get really messy), just use an over the door shoe organizer and hang them.

Put the brushes, liquid disinfectant bottles, dusters, and other cleaning supplies in the shoe organizer pockets.

The cleaning task will feel so much easier and less overwhelming when you have everything you need well organized and accessible.

11. Sneak in some sweet treats

Love chocolates? Or maybe your kiddos like to munch on wafers while studying for exams?

Whatever be your dessert fetish, the over the door shoe organizer is perfect for your those sweet little treats!

Tuck in your favorite chocolates, toffees, wafers, and crisps in the organizer pockets and enjoy some break time!

12. Organize the school supplies

Teach your kids organization techniques while they are still young and they will take it when they grow up.

One simple tip they can learn from you is using an over the door shoe organizer to keep their school supplies under control.

Store the pens, pencils, tapes, note cards and other school supplies that can fit in the shoe organizer pockets. Hang it on their bedroom door or on the wall – within easy reach.

13. Try vertical gardening at home

Who says that you need a lot of land for gardening?

The truth is… you can use garden pots or recycled water bottles for gardening. And… you can try vertical gardening by using a hanging shoe organizer!

Just make sure that you’ve got the right potting mix (soil combination) so that your plant will thrive even if it’s not planted directly on the ground.

Now turn that over the door shoe organizer into your very own vegetable garden!

14. A space for your hair styling tools

Do you have thick and long hair that’s curly, wavy, straight, or ringed on different days? Have you got a variety of hair styling tools?

Then clear the cupboard space and use the over the door shoe organizer instead!

Tuck in your curler, straightener, dryer, blower, sprays, and other hair styling tools into the several pockets of the organizer. Style your hair more freely with everything organized and within easy reach.

15. A quirky pantry space is all you need

If your pantry space is loaded with jars and bottles, and there isn’t an inch of space left, then let the over the door shoe organizer take over.

Hang it on the pantry door. Now take all the small jars and containers or spices and food items, and tuck them neatly into the different pockets.

You will love it when the pantry space feels less crowded.

16. Keep your sewing things within accessible reach.

Do you love to stitch and sew? How about knitting?

Use the over the door shoe organizer as a storage space for your needles, knitting kits, sewing spools, thread balls, and other sewing supplies.

Stitch and sew to your heart’s content!

It looks so pretty and colorful too, with the pockets of multicolored thread spools.

Actually, it can be the only organizer you may need in your sewing room!

17. A separate space for underwear

You don’t hang your underwear in public display. But you need not keep them stashed in with your clothes either.

Hang the shoe organizer on the inner side of the closet door. Keep your undergarments, camisoles, tank tops, neatly tucked into the pockets of the organizer.

You no longer have to hunt for your underwear the next time you need it. Just reach out for the organizer pockets! Plus… that saves you drawer and closet space!

18. A pretty holder for your fashion jewelry

Where do you store your earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces?

If you wear a different set of jewelries everyday, then it’s hardly practical to keep them under lock and key.

So, round up all your items of jewelry. Separate them into different groups. Put those that you regularly use into the pockets of the over the door shoe organizer.

Easily get the one you need!

If you want something sturdy, then you can build a frame around the hanging shoe organizer.

19. A first-aid kit organizer

Do you never seem to find the gauze and band-aids in time?

Is the Burnol always out of reach whenever you need it?

Then use the over the door shoe organizer as a first-aid kit space. Fill the pockets with band-aids, sterile gauze, cotton balls, ointments, liquids, and other necessary supplies. Keep the basic over-the-counter drugs in the pockets as well.

Be prepared always whenever there’s a cut or burn that must be treated immediately!

20. Don’t let the kids get in your way while driving

Fold the over the door shoe organizer in half. Hang it inside your car within your kids’ reach.

Fill the pockets with toys, books, games, and anything that can fit in and keep the child entertained, while you are driving. Yay!

hanging shoe organizer - for kids' items while you're driving
From Kid Bam

Time to put that over the door shoe organizer into good use!

Now that you already have lots of ideas on what you can do with a hanging shoe organizer, it’s time to put that knowledge into practice.

Get your shoe organizer and use it as needed in your home!

Now you might be thinking of using just a hanging shoe organizer rather than a more expensive one to put some things in order.

If that’s the case, then, here’s a link that’s going to take you to Amazon. Find lots of over the door shoe organizers and buy as many as you need!

Looking for more organization ideas? Check these out!

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How to use an over the door shoe organizer to organize a lot of things in the house
how to use an over the door shoe organizer to organize things in the home
Using a shoe organizer - but not for shoes!

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