55 Space-Saving Ideas for Towel Storage in a Small Bathroom

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towel storage for small bathroom

Storing extra towels in the bathroom saves you from a lot of trouble. You might suddenly need a new towel because you dropped the one you are using on the floor. Or your guests may need another because they accidentally soaked them.

But everyone knows storing fluffy towels in a small bathroom can be quite a challenge. Aside from looking for enough space to accommodate the extra towels, they have to be arranged attractively so guests won’t judge you when they use your bathroom.

To help you out, here are 55 space-saving ideas for towel storage that you can use in a small bathroom.

Towel racks

1. Towel holder and rack

If you are looking for something that you can just attach to the wall then this product will do you good. It is a towel holder and a towel rack at the same time, so you get to save space! Pretty convenient, right?

2. DIY Copper pipe towel rail

This DIY project is another ingenious way to make use of vertical space in a small bathroom. This also works well for industrial-themed bathrooms.

The project is great if you have many towels. Or if you only need a few rungs, you can just use fewer copper pipes. You can get the tutorial from Autodesk Instructables.

3. Sorbus towel rack holder

If you want to put your towels on display, you should check out this towel rack holder from Sorbus. It can display your clean, rolled towels neatly on your bathroom wall.

It comes in a set of two and you can hang them together vertically or hang them side by side separately.

4. DIY scrap wood towel rack

This is a great DIY woodwork project created with scrap wood. And you can tell from looking at it that it is a simple task that you can complete in an hour or two. Get the full instructions from Woodshop Diaries.

towel storage in a small bathroom - DIY scrap wood towel rack
Image from: Woodshop Diaries

5. Swivel bathroom towel rack

This wall-mounted towel rack has four arms so you can store four clean towels in it. You can also use it to dry your towels by swiveling the arms outwards.

For towel storage in a small bathroom, simply keep them flat against the wall and you’ll end up saving a lot of space!

6. Three-bar wall towel rack

This style usually comes in two bars, but this towel rack has three. So, you can be assured that all your rolled towels will stay in place. Now you do not have to worry about the towels falling off or the bottom towels giving in to the weight of the whole stack!

Floating shelves

7. DIY wall shelf with hanging towel storage

This simple setup gives your small bathroom a shelf space where you can place plants or toiletries. Then, there are two vertical leather hoops where you can stack rolled towels on top of each other.

The key to making this look neat is to have uniform-sized towels – and to always get the towel on top.

towel storage in a small bathroom - DIY wall shelf with hanging towel storage
Image from: The Merrythought

8. Easy-build box shelves

This is a DIY project that you should consider if you have an entire wall that is blank and empty in the bathroom. These simple DIY wooden shelves can easily double and even triple your towel storage space, especially in a small bathroom! Visit bob vila to get the instructions!

towel storage in a small bathroom - Easy-build box shelves
Image from: bob vila

9. Industrial pipe rustic floating shelf

For those with an industrial-themed interior or for those who want a more macho vibe, you should check out these industrial pipe shelves from Helsin. It has three tiers and comes with a generous length and width to accommodate all kinds of items – even your biggest and fluffiest towels!

10. Minimalist floating shelf

The space by the door is usually enough space for towel storage in a small bathroom. If you choose a simple or minimalist design and place a huge space in between, it will not look too cluttered and bulky.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Minimalist floating shelf
Image from Digs Digs

11. Above-the-door towel shelf

Take a look at the space above your bathroom’s doorway. It usually has a large space and you can use that for more storage.

Installing a floating shelf above your doorway allows you to have space for storing towels. Just make sure you have a stool nearby in case somebody needs a new towel.

Above-the-door towel shelf
Image from: family handyman

12. Hanging over-the-toilet shelf

This is a customized bathroom shelf but you can easily make it a DIY project. All you need is some wood planks, eye bolts, and long double C hooks. It is a fast, easy, and attractive way to put up a shelf for your towel storage in a small bathroom.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Hanging over-the-toilet shelf
Image from: Makely


13. Base attached to the wall

You can put up baskets on the wall for your towel storage. These are nesting baskets. And with the base of the basket attached to the wall, your clean storage is exposed, and anyone can easily grab a towel. Roll the towels to have a neat display like this one.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Base attached to the wall
Image from Way Back Machine

14. Towel bar and fabric baskets

Here is another great way to utilize the space above the toilet. Attach towel bars on the walls and hang fabric baskets from them. It becomes a great storage space for towels and toiletries and it looks cute too!

towel storage in a small bathroom - Towel bar and fabric baskets
Image from: Simply DIY 2

15. Rolled in a standing wicker basket

Another simple solution for towel storage in a small bathroom is to simply roll them up and place them in a tall wicker basket. Since the towels are rolled, the basket can accommodate several pieces. And it helps to choose a tall wicker basket instead of a wide one so that it does not take up so much floor space.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Rolled in a standing wicker basket
Image from: Sortra

16. Hanging vintage basket

For rustic and farmhouse-themed homes, this idea may be appealing to you. Attach something on the wall so that you can hang a wide, vintage basket from it. You can use a cord to hang the basket or a decorative ribbon.

A framed picture is placed in the base of the basket as added decor, but you can also go for a mirror. It is definitely a non-conventional way to store towels!

towel storage in a small bathroom - Hanging vintage basket
Image from: Quick Madame

17. Wired basket rack

This basket rack is very useful in a small bathroom. It is not only great for storing towels but it can also accommodate other items and toiletries.

Place it beside the sink and you are good to go! It is also very convenient and practical because you can use this kind of rack in any room.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Wired basket rack
Image from: Society19

18. Wire baskets on the wall

Here is another way to use wire baskets. Attach the base to the wall and you get a storage solution that easily lets you see if you are running low on clean towels. It is also a storage solution that you can access quickly and easily.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Wired baskets on the wall
Image from: Spruce Your Nest

19. Wrought iron baskets

In this renovation project, a towel rack shelf is placed over the toilet. Then, the towels are stored on the metal shelf but wrought iron baskets are used to keep them organized so they look all neat. You can also do the same for your bathroom shelves!

towel storage in a small bathroom - Wrought iron baskets
Image from: Hayley

20. Fabric baskets

If you are worried that wooden baskets or wire baskets can ruin your towels through snagging, you can use fabric baskets instead. This way, you can be assured that your towel’s material will be safe and free from snags.

21. Baskets on open shelves

You’ve seen how much help it is to use baskets as towel storage in a small bathroom. Now here again, if you like the idea of floating shelves but do not like having your towels and other items exposed, simply use baskets!

Just look at how everything looks tidier and more organized this way. You do not have to worry about visible clutter with this idea!

towel storage in a small bathroom - Baskets on open shelves
Image from: The Handmade Home

Wooden crates

22. Base attached to the wall

Here, you can see two wooden crates on the wall that act as floating shelves. Towels are rolled and placed in them.

It is a neat and presentable manner to store towels and have them on display. Just make sure they are at a considerable height where no splatters from toilet users can reach.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Base attached to the wall
Image from: Pinterest

23. Stacked crates

You can stack crates together against a wall to give you a makeshift cabinet. You can attach the crates to each other with wire or wood glue if you want them to be more stable. Check out how good this idea looks!

towel storage in a small bathroom - Stacked crates
Image from: DigsDigs


24. Stacked on a stool

Keep things simple by just stacking your clean towels on a stool. Then, choose a corner of your bathroom where you can place the stool – an area where it will not get wet and dirty.

It is a cool idea that goes well with boho-themed interiors as well!

towel storage in a small bathroom - Stacked on a stool
Image from: Sortra

25. Bathtub-side basket

This is a cute idea especially when you have guests staying over. Store fresh towels by the bathtub side for them to use. In this case, the basket is set on top of a stool, so it is easier to reach.

The basket is actually a cute DIY dollar store project. You can check out Country Peony if you want to know more.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Bathtub-side basket
Image from: Country Peony


26. DIY ladder shelf

Here is a DIY project that easily gives you multiple tiers of storage in the bathroom not only for your towels but for other toiletries and products. A ladder hangs at the back of the door and turned into a shelf.

You can also hang it on the wall instead. Get the tutorial from Hometalk!

towel storage in a small bathroom - DIY ladder shelf
Image from: Hometalk

27. Repurpose an old wooden ladder.

Ladders make a great towel rack because it allows you to hang one on each rung. This allows you to repurpose any ladder you have hanging around. Or you can buy a cheap wooden ladder at thrift stores or flea markets. All you have to do is give them a fresh coat of paint!

28. DIY rustic ladder towel rack

If you do not have an old ladder hanging around but you are good with woodcraft, you can easily make one of your own. Here is a great DIY rustic ladder towel rack from 12 Oaks. This tutorial will also teach you how to make any woodcraft project look vintage without buying expensive stains.

DIY rustic ladder towel rack
Image From: 12 Oaks blog

29. DIY floating ladder shelf

Again, if you love woodwork or wood-crafting, you should check out this DIY towel storage project for your small bathroom. This idea combines the advantage of a ladder shelf and a floating shelf.

towel storage in a small bathroom - DIY floating ladder shelf
Image from: Anika’s DIY Life

Wine racks

30. Repurpose an accordion wine rack

An accordion wine rack can make a great towel holder. You can hang them on the wall or set them on the bathroom countertop like this one. T

he best thing about accordion wine racks is that you can adjust the space that it accommodates, making room for bigger towels.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Repurpose an accordion wine rack
Image from: Vinepair

31. Wall-mounted wine rack

Here is an example of a wall-mounted wooden wine rack. It does not only look nice up on the wall but every compartment is enough to accommodate even bigger and fluffier rolled towels.

Carts or trolleys

32. Bamboo rolling utility cart

A rolling cart or bathroom trolley gives you portable storage that you can roll toward the tub or shower and roll aside when not in use. Here is a minimalist and simple rolling utility cart that you may use to store your bathroom towels.

33. Wire cart

Carts are helpful when you have limited floor space. This three-tier wire cart has a gold finish, so it adds a touch of luxury and style. As you can see, it can accommodate towels of all sizes and the handle of the cart can double as a towel rack.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Wire cart
Image from: Martha Stewart

Wall-mounted cabinets

34. Antique window bathroom cabinet

This is a beautiful and creative way to make use of an antique window. As you can see, the cabinet is built on the wall space on top of the toilet, so it does not take up much space in your bathroom too. Aside from storing towels, you can put other toiletries in it as well.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Antique window bathroom cabinet
Image from: Liz Marie

35. Barber’s cabinet bathroom shelf

Here is another way to maximize vertical space in your bathroom walls and utilize the space above your toilet. Here, an antique barber’s cabinet was attached to the wall, providing ample space for lots of towels and even some toiletries.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Barber's cabinet bathroom shelf
Image from: House of Turquoise

36. Make a custom-nook cabinet.

Some bathtubs are smaller than the width of the entire bathroom. If you have this setup, then you will notice a bit of wall space on one side. You can make custom open shelves there no matter how small or slim the space is – we are sure it can fit rolled towels.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Make a custom-nook cabinet
Imagae from: Homedit

37. Wall-mounted cabinet over the tub

If your bathtub is situated next to a blank wall, you should not waste that space.

You can attach an open-shelf wall cabinet over your tub. This way, you can just grab clean towels when you are done. If you can have it custom-made, try to go big so you can also have space for other toiletries and décor.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Wall-mounted cabinet over the tub
Image from: Homedit

38. Repurposed cupboard

A cupboard can make a great towel cabinet. Here, an old cupboard is reused and installed on the wall over the bathtub. Having everything on display can help you with your inventory since you can easily keep track of how many clean towels you still have.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Repurposed cupboard
Image from: Martha Stewart

Floor-standing cabinets

39. Minimalist wooden shelf

In any small space, thinking vertically is the best way to maximize the space you have. Investing in a slim and tall shelf or cabinet like this one would be beneficial.

Just take note that the bathroom exposes the wood to a lot of moisture, so it helps to have the wood sealed or treated first.

towel storage in a small bathroom - Minimalist wooden shelf
Image from: Digs Digs

40. Aeitic cube slim cabinet

This slim cabinet from Aeitc can easily fit in any small bathroom and it will allow you to store more items other than your towels. This slim cabinet is made out of five cubes. The last two cubes come with doors for items that you do not want on display.

41. Small open shelf

Just because you have a small bathroom does not mean you can’t have your own shelf in there. The key is to have one custom-made so that it perfectly fits the proportions of the room.

Here is a DIY small open-shelf project that you can use as a basis for your towel storage!

Small open shelf
Image from: Remodelaholic

42. Free-standing corner shelf

Bathroom corners are a great area to add storage for your towels. There are free-standing corner shelves available online for hassle-free bathroom organizing. Of course, the taller the shelf, the more storage space you get.

43. Slim free-standing metal shelf

This narrow and free-standing metal shelf is also a great way to make use of vertical space in a tiny bathroom. As you can see, this shelf can accommodate a lot of towels and you get extra space for other products too.

Slim free-standing metal shelf
Image from: Martha Stewart

44. Furniouse over-the-toilet cabinet

If you have some space over your toilet, you should consider this cabinet from Furniouse. It gives you six layers of storage and it comes with a tissue holder and a closed storage in a sliding barn door style.

It has ample storage space for your towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and even decor.

45. DIY under-the-sink cabinet

If your small bathroom has a pedestal sink, this usually means you do not have counter space. You can get additional storage by making yourself an under-the-sink cabinet that perfectly works around your sink so that it does not occupy much space.

DIY under-the-sink cabinet
Image from: Pinterest

46. Under-the-sink and corner shelf

This is a ready-made product that you can use as a pair under the sink. You can also use them individually in the corners of your bathroom. They may look small at first but they can actually accommodate a lot of products and towels.

Counterspace storage

47. Counter standing rack

If you have counter space in your bathroom, then you can consider purchasing a counter-standing rack. This gives you three layers of additional storage space, and you can use that for your towels and other toiletries.

48. Chic huge bowl

Your clean towels can be stored and put on display on your counter inside a stylish and huge bowl. Aside from towels, you can also use this idea for storing other toiletries.

Chic huge bowl
Image from: Digs Digs

49. Repurposed kitchen pot

This DIY project turns a metal kitchen pot into a storage basket with the use of hot glue and sisal twine. The project only took less than an hour and made a very pretty container for towels in the bathroom. It makes an adorable display on any bathroom counter.

Repurposed kitchen pot
Image from: Anderson and Grant

50. Countertop or wall rack

Having towels on display over the counter can add a luxurious feel to your bathroom. Here, you can see that the bottom layer is used for towels and the face or hand towels are on the top. The middle layer is used to store toiletries that you need by the sink like your facial care products.


51. Over-the-door organizer

This over-the-door clear pocket organizer is perfect for storing towels. It comes with hooks so all you have to do is slid it over the bathroom door. There are six slots overall with the upper two slots in a smaller size for smaller-sized towels like washcloths or hand towels.

52. DIY hanging leather rack

Looking for something simple and stylish? Here is a DIY hanging leather rack project and you only need two pieces of leather straps, some wood dowels, and two key rings. It is a great way to put those extra towels on display in your bathroom. Get the instructions from Why Don’t You Make Me.

53. Repurposed shutter

This DIY idea does not only let you have room to store your towels. It also allows you to recycle an old shutter and gives the illusion that your tiny bathroom has a window. You can adjust the height of the wire basket too to accommodate more or bigger towels.

Repurposed shutter
Image from: DIY Inspired

54. Tall shelf dividers

To ensure that your towels stay in place whether they are rolled or folded, it helps to have some assistance. With tall shelf dividers, you do not have to worry about rolled towels falling off and you get to store more on a shelf because it can compress your towels together too.

55. Use a bathroom drawer

If you are lucky enough to have a drawer in your small bathroom, then all you have to do is learn how to fold your towels in an organized manner so they can fit. To save space, you can use drawer dividers and have some folded while the other ones rolled.

You get more space when you store them vertically instead of in stacks.

Use a bathroom drawer
Image from: Room Clip

Towel storage doesn’t have to be hard even in a small bathroom.

How you store your bath towels can say a lot about the overall look of your bathroom because it is a bulky items. With these ideas above, you will be able to store your towels practically and aesthetically.

Remember, a small bathroom is not a problem at all. The challenge lies in finding the right organizational system that you can easily maintain.

When it comes to towel storage, you can see that there are a lot of options for you to choose from to create additional storage space in a small bathroom. With any of the ideas above, you can have a small bathroom that is not only organized and functional but also attractive!

Need more organizing tips for your bathroom? Check these out!

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Towel storage in a small bathroom is quite a challenge. But there are many ways to make space for your towels. Choose any of these ideas!

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