20 of the Coolest Organizers for Bathroom Drawers

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Choose any of these organizers for bathroom drawers and you never have to waste time rummaging through your drawers!

organizers for bathroom drawers

Do you find yourself losing minutes rummaging through your bathroom drawers? Your drawer is a small space but it seems like you are hunting and digging through a huge rainforest when you are looking for one single item!

Bathroom drawers are usually tough to organize because they become the “dumping pit” when you need to get rid of items on your countertop, just like when an unexpected visitor shows up and asks to use the bathroom and you rush in there to tidy up a bit first.

You end up sweeping everything into a drawer and leaving things there.

Sometimes, products are barely used because they have been buried so deep in the junk drawer that you have forgotten you have them in the first place. The next time you remember that you have it, there is a huge chance that the product has gone past its expiration date. What a waste of money!

If you find yourself with a black hole known as the “junk drawer” in your bathroom, it is about time for you to take that drawer out, gather all its contents, and start organizing!

In this article, we gathered the 20 best organizers for bathroom drawers to help you have a more efficient and organized bathroom.

But before we go to that, let’s make sure first that you will only be organizing what you really use.


Declutter first before organizing
Image from JANELLE

The first thing you should do if you want to have an organized bathroom drawer is to declutter!

Empty out the contents and separate the items you will keep and the ones that you should throw out. Throw out items that are expired, destroyed, and anything that you are no longer using.

The fewer items you have, the easier it is to implement an organized system for your drawer.

When you’re done, it’s time to select among the best organizers for your bathroom drawers, so that you do not just dump everything in there.

Let’s explore your choices!

In the Home and DIY

First of all, you may not need to go out anymore and spend much money on organizers for bathroom drawers. You may already have what you need!

So before you jump into those organizers in the store, check first whether you have some things at home that you already be used for this purpose.

1. Muffin tins

If you love baking and you have excess muffin tins, you can repurpose those as drawer organizers! Your tiny items will not be scattered around into a mess every time you pull out and close the drawer.

2. Saucers and bowls

Another thing you can use that you already have is saucers and bowls. These can hold and organize your items too!

However, if you like to add some colors and a feminine touch, you can go thrift shopping and find pretty and colorful bowls or saucers.

To make this idea work better, use grip drawer liners so that the saucers and bowls will not slide every time you are closing and opening the drawers.

saucers and bowls
Image from HGTV

3. DIY cardstock drawer dividers

You can make your own drawer dividers out of cardstock, coupled with your origami skills. Do not worry – it is not as complicated as folding a crane. Boxes are very easy to make!

Cardstock usually comes with its own design already so you can come up with a lot of colorful boxes for your organizer compartments. Just take note that this is not a good idea for items that have the potential to leak or get wet.

organizers for bathroom drawers - DIY cardstock drawer dividers

4. DIY cardboard drawer dividers

Have a few empty carton boxes around? You can use these too as drawer dividers!

The material is stable enough and the whole project can be done for free in just a few minutes! You have the option to leave it as is or give it some color by using wrapping paper or painting it.

DIY cardboard drawer dividers

5. DIY custom made drawer organizer

If you are great with woodwork projects, you can make your own organizer that custom fits your bathroom drawer! This is best when you want a permanent divider for your drawers!

6. PVC pipes

These make for a stable drawer organizer that will stay put even if you slam your drawers.

Measure the depth of your drawers and cut your PVC pipes accordingly. Then, glue the pipes together so they stay put.

This is best for you when you want to quickly get ready every morning, and you may unconsciously end up slamming your drawers shut.

More Organizers for Bathroom Drawers

If you have nothing to repurpose at home, then these organizers for bathroom drawers will definitely solve your problem!

1. Drawer divider boxes

You can buy drawer divider boxes from any store. They come in different sizes, colors, and materials.

These don’t necessarily have to be for bathroom use only. They can be for office supplies or jewelry, but these do well in bathroom drawers too!

organizers for bathroom drawers - drawer divider boxes
Image from Young House Love

2. Interlocking drawer organizers

These organizers are already designed to interlock with each other no matter what the size is. This will help you to easily arrange and rearrange the compartments any way you want to with no trouble.

organizers for bathroom drawers - interlocking drawer organizers
Image from SUNNY SIDE_UP
organizers for bathroom drawers - interlocking drawer organizers
Image from SUNNY SIDE_UP

3. Mini plastic baskets

Plastic baskets are very practical organizers for bathroom drawers. They are incredibly cheap and you can easily get them from the dollar store!

They come in a wide range of colors too, so feel free to choose a color that goes with your drawer. The good thing about using plastic baskets is that they are very easy to clean in case some leaks or spills happen.

organizers for bathroom drawers - plastic baskets
Image from LZ CATHCART

Here’s another sample!

4. Acrylic Containers

These too come in different sizes, so feel free to mix and match to fit your bathroom drawers. They’re very easy to clean too!

organizers for bathroom drawers - acrylic containers
Image from Shutterbean

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5. Silverware organizer

You can use a silverware organizer as an organizer for bathroom drawer too! It already has its compartments, which does the job for you!

Here, the silverware organizer is used to give each of the family members their own compartment for their toothbrush!

Kitchen tray organizers also can be used for this concept.

6. Baskets

Baskets and bins make great organizers for full-sized deep bathroom drawers.

They are great for organizing bigger items like toilet paper rolls and hair styling tools. They are incredibly cheap too! You can easily purchase these items from the dollar store!

7. Stackable bins

If you have a deep drawer but don’t prefer big baskets for organizing, you can go with stackable bins. You’ll take advantage of the drawer space without having to use bigger containers.

organizers for bathroom drawers - stackable bins
Image from Streamlined Living

8. Pouches

For small items such as nail polish or hair accessories, you may keep them in a pouch so that these do not get scattered all over your drawer.

When you need to paint your nails, just get the pouch out of the drawer! No need to waste minutes rummaging through the drawer looking for the right color. Everything you need will be inside the pouch!

organizers for bathroom drawers - use pouches

9. Jars

You can also use jars to organize your drawer. The size of the jar will depend on how deep your drawer is, of course. For shallow drawers, baby food jars can be just the perfect fit!

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See this page for more choices!

10. Metal bins or buckets

For deep drawers, use metal bins or buckets to organize your hair appliances like curler, straightener, and hairdryer.

These are great containers to place your hair styling tools since these can also handle the heat, in case you are in a rush and you have no time to wait for your tool to cool down before storing it away.

These also come in different sizes and depths so you can easily find one that will fit in your drawer without any problem!

metal bins

11. File rack

Another way to organize your hair styling tools and appliances is to place a file rack in your drawer. The spaces are wide enough to accommodate the tools and it also looks presentable with a kind of modern vibe.

12. Bamboo trays

Trays made from bamboo are strong, but light and flexible. These are also more durable than plastics, and very easy to clean too.

This can also give a rustic vibe to your bathroom, so if you live in a farmhouse, or you love a farmhouse theme for your home, this makes the right fit for your bathroom drawers!

bamboo trays
Image from Camille Styles

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13. Honeycomb divider

If you have a lot of small items, use this ready-made honeycomb divider to keep your bathroom drawers organized.

It is perfect for small items like cosmetics, band-aids, safety pins, hair ties, and many more! It works well for organizing socks, scarves, and undies too.

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14. Straws

Here is a drawer organizer hack that not everybody uses – straws! They are just the right size to keep the items on your drawers from rolling away or to keep them standing erect.

The straws are kept in place with the help of washi tapes. It may not look as pleasing as the rest of the organizers in this list but it does the job. So yeah, it’s still cool!


Additional tips for an organized bathroom drawer

1. Use magnetic strips for your bobby pins.

IF you use a lot of hairpins and bobby pins, you should try this idea. Stick a magnetic strip on the side of the inner part of your drawer.

This becomes an incredibly easy way to keep all your bobby pins and hairpins in place without getting messed up and lost in your drawer.

magnetic strip

2. Make your towels fit.

Towels seem to be one of the bulkiest items to fold so most people only get to store a few pieces in their drawer. But there are ways to actually fold them more tightly and have room for other items too. Or keep them in place with a dresser organizer.

Let’s keep that drawer organized and clean!

You can reduce the time you spend getting ready when your bathroom is in order.

So have one or more of these organizers for bathroom drawers. With these, you will able to get rid of your junk drawer at last! You can now use all your products well because you can actually see them there. And you can leave the bathroom without making it look like a tornado just went through it!

Getting ready every morning is so much easier when you have organized bathroom drawers!

Looking for more organization tips for your bathroom? Check these out!

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