20 of the Best Organizers for Bathroom Cabinets

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organizers for bathroom cabinets

No matter how big or small your bathroom cabinets are, getting ready will be faster and smoother when the contents of your cabinets are organized.

Just imagine opening those cabinet doors and seeing everything arranged in a neat and tidy manner. Relaxing, isn’t it?

If this sounds good to you, then it’s time to declutter your bathroom cabinets and work on an organizing system that works for you. Of course, when it comes to organizing, you will need organizer items to help maintain everything for you!

So here is our list of 20 of the best organizers for bathroom cabinets!

Let’s check them out!

1. Stackable drawer bins

Separating your items by categories by storing them in stackable drawer bins is the best way to take full advantage of your bathroom cabinet’s vertical space.

organizers for bathroom cabinets - Stackable drawer bins
Image from THE HOME EDIT

Although you can stack ordinary bins on top of each other, drawer bins are best for stacking since you don’t have to remove the container above another to get what you want. Just pull out the drawer!

Here’s our top pick from Amazon – Stori Audrey Stackable Cosmetic Organizer. It comes in different sizes. Pick the one that will fit in your bathroom cabinet’s shelves.

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2. Stackable open shelves

Get some stackable open shelves like this from your local dollar store. Use it as organizers for bathroom cabinets that do not have built-in shelves in it.

organizers for bathroom cabinets - Stackable open shelves

So it’s like you have shelves in there in an instant without having to add some woodwork. Plus, you’ve got mini compartments to separate and organize your items! It’s an open shelf so you can see everything when you open the cabinet door.

Just make sure that the compartments are big enough for your hand to go all the way through without toppling off the ones on top.

3. DIY drawers

This is a permanent solution and you can do it yourself if you are good with woodwork. It looks neat as well with everything covered up behind drawers. Works pretty well when you like your stuff hidden.

organizers for bathroom cabinets - DIY Drawers
Image from SHELF GENIE

Just make sure that these do not turn out to be junk drawers later!

4. Lazy Susan

Do you struggle to reach items at the back of your cabinet? What makes it worse is that you may even topple down some items as you strain to get what you need.

This problem is easily solved with a Lazy Susan!

organizers for bathroom cabinets - Lazy Susan
Image from House Beautiful

Now you can easily get your items!

But there’s a trick. Place the taller items in the center and the smaller ones in the outer edges so that you can easily see everything you need as you turn it.

Try this Copco Non-Skid Lazy Susan from Amazon. It comes in different colors. Just pick your favorite color! Or choose the one that blends well in your bathroom’s design.

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5. File holder

You may use a simple file holder to organize hairspray bottles and other products that come in tall bottles. It is a great way to keep these bottles upright all the time!

organizers for bathroom cabinets - File holder
Image from MAKE SPACE

If you have wider file holders, you may also use them to store towels and toilet papers!

6. Over the door rack

Oh what a space saver over-the-door racks are!

If you have a tall bathroom cabinet, install an over the door rack on the cabinet door. You can use it to store a lot of different items!

Of course, you have to make sure that you will be able to close the cabinet properly even with the rack there, so make sure to take the right measurements before you purchase one.

organizers for bathroom cabinets - over the door rack
Image from HOME EDIT

7. Plastic baskets

If you like aesthetic organizers for bathroom cabinets, you should try baskets! It’s like there’s an innate beauty in baskets that can not be found in other organizers.

Now using white plastic baskets is a great idea to keep everything looking neat and clean!

organizers for bathroom cabinets - Plastic Baskets

Remember to put labels on them so that everybody at home can easily find what they need. Just pull out the basket to get the item! It’s also much easier to return things to their proper places when there are labels.

8. Fabric bins

Another favorite basket of mine is fabric bins.

This is so cool for storing your tissue paper rolls. It’s also the perfect storage material to keep your toilet paper clean. Select bigger baskets to accommodate many paper towel rolls.

Apart from that, when you do not want your things on display, using fabric bins is a great option as well.

organizers for bathroom cabinets - Fabric bins

9. Towel basket

Towels can be bulky and occupy a lot of space in your bathroom cabinet. Keep them folded, and snug them all together tightly but neatly in a towel basket!

organizers for bathroom cabinets - Towel basket

Keeping your towels this way will give you more room for other items that you want to store in the bathroom cabinet.

If you have less storage space in the bathroom, you may keep your basketful of extra towels in the linen closet instead.

Try this set of 4 – Stackable Woven Basket from Amazon.

See more choices here.

10. Hidden toothbrush organizer

Cut notches on the shelf of your medicine cabinet to create a hidden toothbrush organizer. Now you do not have to worry about your toothbrushes falling out when you open the cabinet!

This project was created using a wood-cutting bit, a rotary tool, and a sanding drum.

hidden toothbrush organizer
Image from HANDY MAN

11. Wine rack

Wine racks are not just for wine. These work well as organizers for bathroom cabinets too!

Use a wine rack to store your aerosol spray products. It is a great way to ensure that they occupy just a small space in your bathroom cabinet. Just make sure those aerosols do not leak!

You may use the same concept for your rolled towels or toilet paper towels!

12. Magnetic strips

Place a magnet strip behind the door of your medicine cabinet. Use this to store grooming tools like tweezers, nail cutters, scissors, hairpins, and other metallic objects.

You can also place little magnets on containers so they can be placed on the magnetic strips too!

Magnet strip
Image from MAKE SPACE

By the way, do you store medicines in the medicine cabinet in your bathroom? This is not a good idea. Here’s why, and here are many other solutions to store your medicine without keeping them in the bathroom.

13. Pull waste bins

This genius idea is actually made for garbage disposal in the kitchen where you can easily segregate your trash, but you can use this same concept for bathroom cabinets too!

It provides you a way to access everything inside without having to struggle for items on the back or making a mess when you pull out an item. Just open the door and you can see everything!

These bins come in different sizes so you will be able to find one that works for whatever size your bathroom cabinet is. This is great for storing bathroom supplies.

Pull waste bins

14. Hooks

Place hooks at the back of your cabinet door and use that to hang your hair styling tools. Wrap the cords around your tools, and then use the cord to hang on to the hooks. It’s a very simple solution!

Do make sure, however, that you are using a strong adhesive for the hooks so that these can handle the weight of your hair styling tools.


You may use the hooks to hang other items as well.

15. PVC pipes

If the command hooks don’t work well for you, here’s another alternative!

Attach pieces of PVC pipes inside the bathroom cabinet door to create a DIY holster for your hair styling tools. This will help them get out of the way when not in use!

Measure the diameter of the PVC pipe first to make sure that your tools will fit.

PVC pipes

16. Metal file box

If you’d rather keep your hair styling tools outside so you can make more use of the inside of your bathroom cabinet, you will find this very helpful!

Utilize the side of your bathroom cabinet! Install hooks and attach a metal file box to the sides to store your hair styling tools!

organizers for bathroom cabinets - File box

17. Shower caddy

Shower caddies are not only for the shower! These can work as organizers for bathroom cabinets too, particularly, that cabinet under the sink.

Shower caddies are actually slim enough to fit through the sides without getting in the way of the plumbing. Just pull out the caddy and get what you need.

This is a great idea when you have a tiny under the sink cabinet where storage space can be very limited!

shower caddy

18. Tension rod

Here’s another simple organizers for under the sink bathroom cabinet!

Install tension rods to hang spray bottles. If you want to hang other items on a tension rod, use an S hook to hold the item.

Tension rod
Image from KITCHN

19. Adjustable under the sink shelf rack

If you have a complicated sink set-up or you have no idea how much you can really store under the sink, here is a product that solves all your problems!

An adjustable under the sink shelf rack allows you to customize the space so that it can fit around your pipes. It is a great way to maximize the limited space that you have available.

Adjustable under the sink shelf rack
Image from DUNELM

20. Under the sink storage caddy

You can make things better by using sink storage caddies like this one for your cleaning supplies!

Unlike the previous choices, you can carry this organizer around. This makes it easier for you to clean, not just the bathroom, but the other rooms too because you can easily bring everything with you!

Let’s get those bathroom cabinets under control!

The bathroom is one of the most significant rooms in your home. It is the place where you do not only get ready, but you can also unwind here, depending on its aura. So the more that it must be well-organized to give you that spa-like and zen-like vibe!

Taking the time to organize your bathroom cabinets will help you not only become neat and organized at home, but it also adds to that relaxing vibe for your bathroom.

With these ideas to help you out, now you can get ready in the morning more quickly and smoothly, and indulge in a spa-like experience at night. You may even get more time for some extra pampering!

And this not just for you. It goes true for the whole family too!

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