How to Organize Storage Under the Bathroom Sink

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how to organize storage under the bathroom sink

The space under your bathroom sink may not seem to be a great storage place because of the pipes set in the middle. It could be hard to work around that.

But not everyone recognizes its potential. Indeed it is possible to use the space under your bathroom sink to store a lot of things. This is especially beneficial for small bathrooms.

It is also a great storage option when you find yourself running out of storage space in a decently sized bathroom.

However, since it is under the sink, most of us have the tendency to just dump everything in there – especially when you have cabinets installed in the space. One day, you open those cabinet doors and get welcomed by a pile of bathroom and cleaning products – some half-opened and mostly, unused.

To avoid this from happening over and over again, what you need is an organizational system in place. So in this article, we’ll give you a lot of useful tips that will help you organize and make the best of the storage space under the bathroom sink.

How to make storage space when there is no cabinet under the bathroom sink

Most small bathrooms do not have a cabinet installed beneath the sink. So, how can you utilize that open space for storage space? Here are some useful ideas!

1. Install shelves.

Find a low shelf that can fit under the sink.

Here, two low shelves were placed on both sides. Then baskets were used to hide the contents.

The shelves are low enough to give some extra counter space where you can easily set up scented candles. Hmmm… love those candles!

2. Go for a pedestal sink cabinet.

If you have the budget, you can simply purchase ready-made pedestal sink cabinets. These are units that are specially made to go around a pedestal sink.

Install a pedestal sink cabinet
Image from Micasa

If you are handy with woodwork, you can actually just make this a DIY project!

3. Put up a skirt.

This is a simple but rather creative alternative for cabinet, when you do not want open storage where guests can easily see what products you use. Cover up the bottom of your sink with a curtain skirt!

The trick is to choose a sink skirt that is the right fit and something that will blend with your bathroom well so that it does not look tacky. Choose a fabric that is also water-repellent so that it is easy to clean and will barely retain odor.

If you’re good with sewing, you can just make one yourself! Here’s a very simple tutorial from bumblebee linens.

Put up a skirt to cover the storage under the bathroom sink.
Image from Bubmlebee Linens

Or… simply purchase one from Amazon like this polyester sink skirt.

See more choices for under the bathroom sink in this page.

How to organize storage under the bathroom sink

Here’s an easy and doable step-by-step tutorial on how to get organized under the bathroom sink.

1. Clear it out.

First things first – clear out the area. It is always best to start with a clean, blank slate.

Take all your items and supplies out, and clean the area. You may spread your stuff all over the counter or on the floor. Choose an area where you can easily see everything you own.

2. Declutter your supplies.

Once your area is clear, it is time to go through your supplies and do a quick declutter.

Are there expired products? Which ones you do not really use?

Group your items into piles of keep, trash, and give away or resell.

3. Measure the area.

The space under the sink can be challenging to organize because usually, there are exposed hoses and pipes in the space. So measure the area first so that you know which organizer will fit.

Take note of the height, width, and depth of the space. Measure the space under and above the pipes. If you have cabinet doors, measure that too.

4. Organize.

Now It’s time to figure out how to organize your items. You can either group like items together or, separate the products that you use every day and make these more easily accessible.

For example, have those that you use daily just by the door. This way, you do not have to rummage through the cabinet every time you prepare.

Whatever organization system you choose, make sure it is one that you can easily adapt into your everyday routine and that it is one that you can easily maintain too.

5. Buy or DIY your organizers.

Which organizer fits in under your bathroom sink will greatly depend on the stuff that you’re going to keep there, and of course, the space that you have.

Now that you’ve cleared out the space, removed the products that you don’t use, and organized what remains, it is much easier to determine what storage system to apply under your bathroom sink.

Storage ideas under the bathroom sink

1. Expandable sink shelf

A popular way to optimize the space under the sink is to get an expandable tiered shelf. You can set up this shelf to accommodate the pipes easily. This way, you get to have a shelf that can fit under the sink and you can use it for other rooms too.

Here’s one from Amazon: Simple Houseware 2 Tier Expandable Shelf

2. Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan is a favorite when it comes to organizing because it is a great space saver and it makes the items within reach.

This is a perfect organizer if you have deep cabinets under the sink. No need to rummage and put your arm all the way in. Just give the Lazy Susan a twirl and you can easily grab what you need!

Lazy Susan under the bathroom sink
Image from blue i style

You may opt for a two-tiered Lazy Susan to maximize the vertical space.

3. Slide-out racks

This is a pretty straightforward storage system for the cabinet under the bathroom sink.

Install slide-out racks inside. Then simply slide out the rack to get what you need. You don’t have to kneel down and dig through the cabinet to get items that have been lodged at the back. Super easy!

Use slide out racks for the space under the bathroom sink
Image from Kitchen Craft

4. Stackable containers

This is another space-saving storage system for under the bathroom sink. Use stackable containers.

These are containers that you should buy in bulk because they are designed to be placed on top of one another. They come in different sizes and shapes so I’m sure you’ll find a set that will fit under your sink.

You may also stack containers of different sizes as long as you get them from the same brand just like this one.

5. Pull-out drawers

Installing an organizer that houses pull-out drawers makes it easier for you to grab the products you need. In this example, a pull-out system was installed using plastic baskets. The fact that the contents could not be seen will also make your under-the-bathroom-sink storage space look neat too.

6. Clear containers with labels

You can never go wrong with clear containers! These provide a great way to organize your stuff by category. Add labels so that your family can easily find what they need instead of having to peer through each container.

7. Caddy

If you are storing cleaning supplies in the bathroom, it is a good idea to keep everything you would usually need in a durable caddy with lots of compartments.

Since you clean all over the house, the caddy stores everything you need and makes it easier for you to carry them around come cleaning time.

Here’s an under sink caddy from Amazon.

8. Tension rod

Setting up a tension rod creates an additional level of storage. Spray bottles can easily hang on them!

9. Over-the-door rack

An over-the-door rack can be used on your cabinet doors. It is a great way to get extra storage without having to use any tools.

over the door rack
Image from The DIY Life

10. Command hooks

Another way to utilize the space behind the cabinet doors is to set up a few command hooks. You can then use those hooks to hang some cleaning supplies and other items.

command hooks
Image from Command

11. Under-the-sink rack

If you do not have a cabinet under the sink, you can purchase this under-sink circular rack from Amazon. Its circular form makes it usable for pedestal sinks. Another great solution for when you have a small bathroom!

12. PVC pipes

If you use hair styling tools like curling irons and hair straighteners, you can attach PVC pipes behind the cabinet doors. They can come in the right size to fit hair styling tools. Just remember to cool them first before you place them in the pipes.

Don’t get scared to work around the pipes.

I know. Those pipes are really challenging and can make you want to give up!

But as you have seen, you have several options to work around that. Some are even especially made to work their way around those pipes. So there’s nothing to fear.

Remember, the key to organizing is to have a designated place for everything you own. It is all about finding creative ways to make things happen. And with this guide, I am confident you now have a pretty good idea of which storage under the bathroom sink would work for you.

So let’s put that idea into action!

Happy organizing!

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Helpful tips on how to organize the space under the bathroom sink.

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