20 Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Improve Your Cooking Space

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kitchen lighting ideas

Good lighting is important for the kitchen for the simple fact that it is where you prepare your food. Cleanliness and hygiene are very important when it comes to food preparation and one of the ways to achieve that is to clearly see what you are doing.

Not only that but in small homes these days, the kitchen is also the same room as the dining room. In this sense, good lighting is needed to help you see what you are eating and to help you enjoy your meal.

If you are wondering what the best ways are to light up your kitchen, here are 20 lighting ideas that can help you out.

1. Make a statement.

Your kitchen lighting can be a focal point for your kitchen – especially when you have a kitchen that looks very normal and has fewer interior design elements in it. This chandelier makes quite the statement piece because you notice it right away when you walk into the room.

Make a statement
Image from: Digs Digs

2. Follow the rule of three.

Not sure how many lights you should place over your kitchen island? Simply follow the rule of three. When you group items together, they look more appealing when they are in odd numbers.

Three lights are enough to light up the room and it will also look great at the same time.

Follow the rule of three
Image from: Shades of Light

3. Use rattan lighting for texture.

A kitchen lighting piece that uses rattan or woven jute is a simple and subtle statement lighting that will add texture to your kitchen’s overall look.

This is a great idea if you are going for a bohemian, coastal, or natural interior design in your kitchen. The light colors of the material can easily bring the look of these themes together.

Use rattan lighting for texture
Image from: Homdy

4. Choose oversized lighting.

When it comes to kitchen lighting, do not be afraid to go big. Daring and oversized lighting features are a great way to add a quirky personality and character to a kitchen.

The trick is simply to position them carefully. Oversized lighting creates a widespread warm glow. Just make sure they are high enough so that they will not interfere with the eye line.

Choose oversized lighting
Image from: Room 356

5. A pop of color

Do not be afraid to go astray from the usual neutral-colored lights. Go for something bright and with color just like these red pendant lights.

A pop of color
Image from: Pinterest

A pop of color works best if you have a very neutral-looking kitchen since the color will stand out and give some personality to the kitchen.

6. Use low lighting as a guide.

A common trend in kitchen lighting these days is to use LED strips for low lighting. They are usually placed below and on top of the kitchen cabinets, near the kitchen floor, and around the kitchen island to direct traffic around the kitchen for those who want a midnight snack or wake up very early.

The LED strips will provide a soft and subtle glow but bright enough for you to work around the kitchen counters or the kitchen island without having to turn on the main light source. Plus, they are very easy to install!

Use low lighting as a guide
Image from: Lepro

7. Add task lighting by your countertops.

Most people think task lighting is not a necessity, but it is actually more important than ambient lighting. Task lighting gives brighter light over your countertops, which is where you usually do most of the work.

If you just go with ambient lighting, you will notice that the lighting will cast a shadow, making it difficult for you to get the right light as you work around the kitchen.

8. Stray from the traditional.

When it comes to kitchen lighting, most options you get are very standard. You can surprise your guests by choosing a lighting fixture that you would not usually expect in a kitchen. The unexpected light piece will make your kitchen a standout!

Stray from the traditional
IMage from: Spruce and Pine

9. Flush mount ceiling lights

When it comes to ambient lighting, the ceiling is a great place to start. Flush mount ceiling lights are perfect for houses with small to medium kitchens. For small kitchens, one single unit is enough to brighten up the space.

Flush mount ceiling lights
Image from Superoxy

10. Match your lights.

Kitchens require multiple lighting for different purposes. For a uniform look, it helps to use the same kind of lighting all throughout.

Just look at how this kitchen looks so neat with the same kind of lighting used on the counter and on the kitchen island.

11. Mix up your lights but be coherent.

Kitchens require different kinds of lighting with different uses so sometimes it is impossible to work with the same kind of lighting all the time. So, it is okay to use a different type of lighting fixture.

But to have a coherent look, make sure these lighting fixtures would have a similar element. For this one, the pendants over the dining table and the track lights on the sides are colored black so they still look good together even if they are different.

Mix up your lights but be coherent
Image from: Nimvo

12. Recessed kitchen lights

If you are not a fan of hanging lights, recessed kitchen lights are the best way to go. Aside from being great ambient lights, they look very modern and sleek. They are concealed into the ceiling so they are very low-key but at the same, they can provide enough light to brighten up the room.

Just make sure that you place them aesthetically.

Recessed kitchen lights
Image from: 1-800 Lighting

13. Match with other elements.

If you want your kitchen to have a uniform or unified look, you can achieve that by making your lights match other elements in the kitchen. Just look at how these pendant lights match the color of the kitchen island.

Match with other elements
Image from: Pinterest

14. Use industrial lighting.

Industrial kitchen lighting comes with metallic accents that are perfect for modern, dark, minimalist, and of course – industrial-themed kitchens. They work best when your kitchen has a lot of concrete surfaces. It is a great idea if you want to give your kitchen an urban edge.

15. Install in-cabinet lighting.

Give your kitchen an upgrade with in-cabinet lighting that automatically turns on when the cabinet doors are open and turns off when it shuts. This lighting idea is best for pantries, cupboards, or breakfast dressers.

It’s also practical because you can clearly see what you are looking for right away.

 Install in-cabinet lighting
Image from: Spillers of Chard

16. Put up a chandelier.

Traditionally, you would not put a chandelier in the kitchen – they are mostly used in the living room or in a huge hallway. However, chandelier lights add a sense of formality to any space – it makes you feel like there’s always an occasion. And any gathering in your kitchen space should be treated like an occasion.

Chandeliers have a way of shimmering and reflecting light, which means the brightness gets cast around the room. It’s another way to brighten up the kitchen!

17. Choose contemporary lighting.

Picking out contemporary-style lighting instantly adds an element of interest to your kitchen. It adds glamour and gives the room a new personality.

Contemporary lighting is usually a statement piece that make conversational pieces as well. It’s a great idea if you like cooking for your guests!

18. Use track lights.

Track lights are a strip of lights that are arranged in a linear pattern. It is a great idea when you need modern lighting for your kitchen. They are best positioned over the kitchen counters and kitchen island.

Use track lights
Image from: Fat Shack Vintage

19. Choose gold pendant lights for brightness.

If you plan to get pendant lights for your kitchen and you want bright lighting, choose gold pendant lights. They have reflective properties, and they have the power to bounce light around the room.

Gold lights are ideal for kitchens with dark color schemes because they help lift and light up the room.

Choose gold pendant lights for brightness
IMage from: Soul and Lane

20. Highlight architectural features.

If your kitchen comes with architectural features like this cathedral-like space, it helps to have a lighting fixture that will highlight it. For instance, this overhead light rests just above the tallest window, which definitely makes anyone focus on the unique form of the windows and the high ceilings.

Highlight architectural features
Image from: Loom Light Design

Your kitchen deserves more than just basic lighting.

The kitchen is always considered to be the heart of the house, so it deserves more than just basic lighting. Every room in the house deserves to have functional and aesthetic lighting but the kitchen deserves a little more brightness because of its significance in your daily life.

When it comes to kitchen lighting, do not be afraid to do some layers. You can have lights that are for tasks, ambiance, and decor. You do not have to stick to just one!

As you can see from the suggestions above, the right lighting can easily transform your kitchen and even show more of your personality and taste!

Need more lighting ideas for your home? Check these out!

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The right lighting can easily transform your kitchen, and yes, it deserves more than just basic lights. Here are various lighting ideas to help you out!

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