21 Ways to Use Wicker Baskets for Storage and Organization

how to organize your home using wicker baskets for storage

Are you looking for a way to store and organize your items at home? Consider using wicker baskets instead of plastic storage containers. These make good storage units and also give a comfy and homey touch to any interior design.

Wicker baskets are a known fixture when it comes to rustic and farmhouse themes. The fact that they come in different style, designs, shapes, and colors make them able to fit with any theme that you have in mind!

Why use wicker baskets for storage?


Wicker baskets are very versatile. They can store all kinds of items so you can use them in any room of the house.

As you will see later on in this article, you will find that there is a wicker basket storage solution for every room. Once you realize this, wicker baskets can quickly become an irreplaceable part of your home.

Design and style

Wicker baskets are also flexible when it comes to design and style, which is a major plus point for their versatility. You have a lot of shapes, sizes, materials, and storage capacity to choose from. Some even come with their own lids and handles.

Unlike most storage boxes that sometimes look cheap and unflattering, wicker baskets are very nice to look at and can fit in nicely with the rest of your home decor.


Wicker baskets are made of biodegradable and sustainable materials such as rattan, bamboo, weed, and seagrass. These are materials that have an extensive growth rate so you do not have to feel guilty about using them or throwing out an old wicker basket.

Easy to maintain

Wicker baskets are reusable. They are very easy to handle and do not require a lot of cleaning.

You do not have to use harsh cleaning materials to clean it too. A simple cloth damp in water would be enough.

Fills out awkward spaces

If you have any awkward space in your house, you can easily fill it out with a wicker basket. It has a decorative appeal aside from its capacity to store things. This allows you to use small spaces in your home effectively.


Organizing products are trending these days and the demand has resulted in over-priced storage products. Wicker baskets, however, remain to be affordable. No matter what size or style you choose, you will surely find one that fits your budget!

Adds warmth to your home

The rustic and vintage look of wicker baskets is very ideal to add some warmth to your home. It is no wonder people feel homier and welcomed in a home that uses wicker baskets!

Wicker basket storage ideas for your home

Now let’s see how wicker baskets can help you organize every area of your home!


Entryway shoe storage

Do you store your shoes in the entryway? It’s the perfect drop zone for shoes. You get to take them off immediately once you step into the house.

Wicker baskets can be used to store your shoes! Most wicker baskets are wide and tall enough to slip under a bench. This way, your shoes will not be scattered all over the area.

The bench also gives you a space to sit for when you put on or take off your shoes.

wicker baskets for storage  - entryway shoe storage
Image from Trey and Lucy

Entryway catch-all

Wicker baskets can also serve as a drop zone storage solution in the entryway. You can use the basket to store items like dog leashes, smaller outerwear like gloves or scarves, hats, and many more.

wicker baskets for storage - entryway catchall solution
Image from Wirecutter
wicker baskets for storage - entryway catchall solution
Image from Leclair Decor

Living Room

Throw pillows and blanket storage

Use a huge wicker basket to serve as storage for throw pillows and blankets in the living room. It’s a decorative way to keep the pillows and blankets out of the way when you have company.

wicker baskets for storage - for throw pillows and blankets

Coffee table catch-all

Pair up your coffee table with wicker baskets!

wicker baskets for storage - in the coffee table
Image from Visual Hunt

The baskets can serve as a quick catch-all for the clutter in your living room. It’s a great solution that allows you to do a quick cleanup of the room when you have guests over.

Firewood storage

If you have a chimney in your living room, use baskets to store your firewood. It definitely will add a more homey touch!


Bathroom supplies on the wall

By hanging a couple of rods and using some hooks, hang wicker baskets and use them as wall storage for bathroom supplies. Here, the baskets have their cloth lining and are used to store towels, loofahs, and other bathroom supplies.

wicker baskets for storage - for keeping bathroom supplies in order
Image from Pottery Barn

Bathroom countertop organizer

Use wicker baskets to lessen the countertop clutter in your bathroom.

This tiered basket gives you a lot of storage space and only occupies a small corner of the counter. That is a lot of saved space!


Pantry storage

If you do not have enough money for all those uniformed containers for your pantry, use wicker baskets instead! Group like items together in them and your pantry will still look uniform and neatly arranged!

Fruits and vegetable storage

Some fruits and vegetables are best stored at room temperature. You can use wicker baskets to store them.

Here is a DIY project on the kitchen cabinets where the baskets were accommodated into a drawer slide.

wicker baskets for storage - for storing fruits and vegetables
Image from Pinterest

Kitchen countertop organizer

Here is an example where a wicker basket is used to store the things you usually need near you while you are cooking such as salt, ladles, and spices.

wicker baskets for storage - kitchen countertop organizer
Image from Shelterness


Under-the-bed storage

Place wicker baskets under the bed as an additional storage option. There are lots of things that you can store there – seasonal clothes, toys for the kids, shoes, accessories, books, and many more.

It’s a great space saver for the bedroom too!

wicker baskets for storage - for underbed space
Image from Square Inch Home

Closet storage

Use wicker baskets on your closet to store and organize smaller items such as your underwear, tank tops, shorts, scarves, handkerchiefs, or accessories. It looks really nice!

wicker baskets for storage - for organizing closet
Image from Remodelaholic

Toy storage

Make your children’s bedroom or playroom look a lot neater by storing their toys in wicker baskets. This will lessen the clutter and it will be easier for your kids to put their toys away.

wicker baskets for storage - as toy storage solution!
Image from Pinterest

Bedside table

Use a wicker basket trunk for storage that can double as a bedside table – just like this one. It’s a great idea for a rustic theme in the bedroom!

wicker baskets for storage - can be used as bedside table
Image from El Mueble

Home office

Open shelf storage

Wicker baskets can also give your home office a tidy and uniform look. Adding tags for labels is a good idea so you can easily find what you need.

It also helps you save and divide the space on open shelves.

Open shelf storage
Image from Decoist

Desktop organizer

Have some wicker basket desktop organizers. This will help eliminate the clutter in your desk and boost your productivity while giving your home office a rustic feel!

desktop organizer
Image from The Basket Lady

Laundry room

Laundry hamper

Get a wicker basket laundry hamper for your laundry room! These baskets also come with lids to keep in the odor of smelly clothes.

laundry hamper

Laundry room coordinated storage

The laundry room often requires a lot of storage as it is also being used to store other things. Give your laundry room a neat and coordinated look by using wicker baskets for storage!

laundry room coordinated storage
Image from Love Property

Craft room

Fabric storage

Wicker baskets are a good storage option to store craft room supplies. Take this for example where baskets are used to store fabrics.

fabric storage
Image from My Poppet Makes

You can easily see what you have in stock and get what you need without having to take out everything!

Coordinated craft room storage

The craft room can be an eyesore as you will end up with a lot of colorful items and supplies. To give your craft room a coordinated look and to tone down the colors around the room, simply use wicker baskets!

coordinate craft room storage system
Image from MJ designs

In the Car

Car kit

Collect everything you need when you travel in a simple car kit. A wicker basket is just the right thing for it!

in the car catch all solution
Image from IHeart Organizing

Use wicker baskets now!

As you can see, baskets are easy and stylish storage solutions that you can use in any part of your home. The fact that they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles makes them a great additional decor to any theme of the room.

Wicker baskets are the type of storage that you can proudly display in your home. So, have some now!

Looking for more organization ideas using baskets? Check this out!

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Looking for a quick solution to organize every area of your home? Use wicker baskets for storage! They're versatile and can even double up as home decor!

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