Best Ways to Use Wire Baskets for Storage in the Home

wire baskets for storage in the home

Have you considered wire baskets for storage in the home?

If you are always on the lookout for organization tools that you can use all over the house, or you want storage ideas that look like they are part of your home decor, you should be considering wire baskets.

Wire baskets are versatile. You can put them in shelves, hang on the wall, or display on your desk.

Using wire baskets for storage in the home is a great way to help you eliminate clutter and keep your place clean.

Not only that. The texture of wire baskets make them an excellent addition to the overall look and feel of your home.

It’s a practical organization tool and a decorative piece rolled into one!

So with that in mind, let me show you the best ways to use your wire baskets for organizing every place in your home.


1. For notebooks

Do you keep lots of notebooks for studying? Or maybe you just love planning and writing so you have different types of notebooks, planners and journals.

Here’s how to make your collection look so fresh, homely, and beautiful!

2. For books

You can always arrange your books in the same way as your notebooks are arranged in the previous scenario. But if you are willing to try new things out, you will appreciate this alternative.

Mount the wire baskets on the wall like this, and you may not need a shelf anymore!

These baskets are originally placed in the kitchen for the cookbooks, but you can always adapt the idea anywhere else in your home – like in your office or study room, or in a nook in your bedroom.

Okay… you are free to add shelves of course, but consider how unique this looks! Plus it frees a lot of space in your shelf and your table.

3. For fresh produce

In the kitchen, wire baskets are very useful – as a holder of your fresh produce.

You can keep the baskets attached on a wood, hanging on the wall like these.

Or on a ladder on the wall.

Actually, you may not need a wood at all. You can attach the baskets on the walls directly.

If you have space beside your kitchen counters or kitchen cabinets, that’s also a good place to hang these baskets.

4. For the chopping boards

Fresh produce are not the only ones you can arrange in the kitchen using wire baskets. These also work for chopping boards.

5. Under the kitchen sink

Tame the chaos under the kitchen by keeping your cleaning supplies in wire baskets.

It helps a lot when everything under the kitchen sink is organized. Even if it’s behind the closet door and you don’t see it as often as your kitchen counters, what a relief it is when you can immediately find what you’re looking for!

Not only that, knowing what supplies you still have also helps in keeping you from purchasing unnecessary duplicates.

6. In the pantry

Do you keep canned goods in your pantry?

If yes, storing them in wire baskets will help you see these goods easily. Also, you can stack the cans on top of each other.

Even the baskets can be stacked on top of each other.

7. In the linen closet

Categorize your items in the linen closet and keep them in wire baskets.

Now that looks more organized! And it looks so awesome!

8. For your clothing

You can make a pull out organizer in your closet to make it easier to get and return your clothes. That organizer can be wire baskets!

9. For your craft supplies

Mount wire baskets at the back of your craft room door or closet, arrange your craft materials and everything looks so organized and gorgeous!

10. For your kids’ toys

Toys sure bring a lot of fun to those little hands. But admit it, toys all over the house can cause you a headache!

No worries Mommy. Here comes your little rescue – wire baskets for storage!

Even if the kiddos won’t help yet in organizing, at least when you keep the toys for them, they’ll look so nice!

11. In the laundry room

If you need some really big baskets for your laundry room, try making your own first. This will save you a lot of money compared to buying a new one.

Would you believe that these wire baskets here were formerly tomato cages?

wire baskets for storage - for laundry
From twelve on main

I just love it when you can make use of what you already have and turn that into something useful and beautiful!

These DIY laundry baskets took two hours to complete. If you are interested to learn how to do it, visit the site for the tutorial.

12. In the bathroom

A shower caddy is probably the most obvious way you can use a wire basket in the bathroom.

Other than that, wire baskets can be also be used to store your hand towels, toilet papers, soap and all sorts of essentials.

Even your little plant can be placed in a wire basket!

A two tiered wire basket is also a nice option.

This can hold your toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, mouthwash and other toiletries. It also keeps your countertop clutter-free

13. As a wastebasket with style

Another common use of wire basket is as a waste collector. But just because it’s a trash basket, doesn’t mean you can’t make it beautiful.

With just a rope and a glue, you can transform your wastebasket from plain-looking to a stylish basket.

Yeah it’s just a wastebasket, but don’t you want more joy in your home? How about joy in throwing trash because of how dainty your trash basket looks? (Wink)

14. As extra storage

You can always add more baskets for extra space. Like this big wire basket here, where you can keep your blankets.

Just place it in the corner of your bedroom, guest room, in the living room, or anywhere else close to where your sleepy head lies.

Think outside of the box.

Don’t think of wire baskets like the usual boxes. Wire baskets are flexible and can be used anywhere in the house.

You just have to think outside of the box… literally.

Use these ideas to use wire baskets for storage in every room in your house, and to add some nice decor to it too!

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