10 Decor Ideas for a Modern Boho Living Room

decor ideas for a modern boho living room

A modern boho living room is a welcoming, warm, and creative living space. The bohemian design remains one of the most popular design styles. When combined with modern design elements and furniture, the result is a living space you’ll never want to leave!

This article will give you decor ideas to help you decide which elements and design tips to use. Whether you already have a bohemian living room and want to improve the aesthetic, or if you want to redesign your entire living room decor, this simple guide will prove itself handy.

modern boho living room

What is Modern Boho Decor?

Modern boho style is a contemporary take on the bohemian design style.

Bohemian design is creative, inspiring, and eclectic. It embodies boldness in both colors and decor. Therefore, modern boho includes classic bohemian elements while incorporating urban design styles and decor. 

Ways to Mix Modern and Boho Design Styles

Add Texture

Adding texture to a modern boho living room space can help to pull the look together. Textures can be anything from plush fabrics like velvet couches or fur throws to natural elements like wood coffee tables or stone. 

If you enjoy switching things up every now and then, go for a textured modular sofa or chaise that’s easy to rearrange every time you feel like reinventing your space. This will save you money and time from getting a new couch when you want to update your home, especially your living area.

decor ideas for a modern boho living room - add texture

Leather and metal are also popular materials for adding a rustic yet modern feel to any space. These textures complement other materials and colors to create a distinct design aesthetic that is both cozy and stylish. 

Mixing different textures in modern boho furniture can create an eclectic look that adds depth and interest to the room. Throw pillows and blankets in fun patterns and fabrics that can tie a room together while still providing comfort and warmth. 

Thrifted Furniture

Using thrifted furniture to create a modern boho design is a great way to find unique items to modernize your bohemian style. You can create an eclectic look that expresses your individuality by combining unique vintage pieces with modern accents.

decor ideas for a modern boho living room - thrifted furniture

Vintage furniture frequently has more intricate details than newer pieces, such as intricate carvings or metal work on a coffee table or a large framed mirror, which can add character and charm to the room.

Combining these vintage pieces with some modern elements, such as sleek lighting or contemporary wall art, results in a well-balanced and eye-catching design that will have everyone talking about your sense of style!

Color Combinations

Combining colors and patterns is the key to achieving a modern living room with a boho style. Choose a color palette that will serve as the design’s foundation.

decor ideas for a modern boho living room - color combinations

This can range from neutrals such as black and white to more vibrant colors such as red and blue. Once you’ve decided on a palette, use it as the foundation for all pattern selections. 

Using a mix of stripes, floral prints, geometric shapes, and other patterns helps to create a uniquely modern and bohemian style.

Textile Overload

A boho living room with multiple layers of textile fabrics adds warmth and visual interest. Adding several layers of fabrics can add depth and texture to the design, keeping it from feeling too flat.

decor ideas for a modern boho living room - textile overload

Layering various colors and patterns adds dimension, allowing for a more dynamic aesthetic that highlights unique pieces such as throw pillows, blankets, or curtains.

Contrasting colors in various textiles creates an eye-catching contrast that captures attention without appearing overwhelming or overly busy. 

10 Ways to Create a Modern Boho Living Room 

1.) Display Plants

Live plants complement bohemian design because they enhance the creative, artistic spaces while emphasizing the organic elements that make this style excellent for boho interiors. If you’re new to plants, start off slow and choose plants that are easy to care for and don’t require much maintenance. 

  • Choose a variety of plant sizes and colors.
  • Use faux plants if on a budget.
  • Vines complement the modern boho decor.
display plants

2.) Vintage Furniture

The best part of thrifting is finding vintage furniture for your modern boho living room. Vintage furniture provides more personality and creative expression into your home. 

Boho style is known for mixing different cultures and design techniques, so why not include pieces from different periods? Today, many modern furniture designs hold similar qualities. And when you include vintage furniture, you have a wider range of decor, from aesthetic, color, material, and size.

3.) Increase Coziness

Anytime you’re working with modern boho, comfort, and coziness are two qualities you should always strive for. Boho is warm, inviting, and cozy, and it’s important to include design elements and decor in your living space. 

  • Thick blankets with interesting patterns
  • Bright colors, such as orange, red, yellows, and greens
  • Plush, comfortable furniture
increase coziness

4.) Airy Flow

Consider using lighter colors to give the illusion of openness and lightness to make the room appear even more spacious. Whites, blues, grays, and other pastels will create a soothing environment while providing enough color to keep the décor from becoming too sterile or devoid of vibrancy. 

Minimal furniture can also help to open up the space. Choose lightweight chairs or couches with thin frames and legs; fewer pieces that are well-spaced out can create an inviting but not crowded environment. 

5.) Get Creative with Your Designs

Incorporate unique pieces or accessories, such as a vintage rug, a bold piece of art, or an eye-catching light fixture to add character. These small details can tie the room together in unexpected ways. 

Select furniture with unusual shapes or materials to add depth and interest to the room. Layer different elements within the space to add visual interest. Some floating shelves on one wall with plants hanging from another nearby wall will give your boho living room an effortlessly cool vibe that reflects your personal style. 

get creative with designs

6.) Color Strategy

Strike a balance between the rustic and eclectic elements of bohemian style and modern color schemes. The best way to achieve this look is to use complementary colors in the overall space. 

A good place to begin is with an anchor color, such as a warm neutral like beige or taupe. This can be used on walls, furniture, and accessories like pillows and throws. Vibrant hues that pop against the muted background can add visual interest as accent colors. 

Bright blues, pinks, greens, and even oranges are all good options. When choosing materials for flooring or rugs, choose natural fibers such as jute or wool in earthy tones to help tie the entire look together. 

7.) Woody Elements

Wood elements are an excellent way to achieve a modern bohemian look in a boho living room. Reclaimed wood is frequently used as a decorative element, such as wall decor, shelving, or furniture.

Natural wood tones provide warmth and texture. Use raw wood with natural imperfections and knots in the grain for a more rustic look. 

  • Coffee table that has been dressed 
  • Baskets made of wicker 
  • Rattan lamp lighting fixtures
  • Frames made of stained wood 
woody elements

8.) Clean Lines

Choose pieces with clean lines that complement the overall design aesthetic to achieve a modern boho style. Clean lines help to define space and draw attention to focal points in the room, such as artwork or furniture. 

They also add visual balance to the room and make it appear larger. Furniture such as sofas, chairs, tables, and storage units should have simple silhouettes that are both sleek and comfortable. 

9.) Fun Fabrics

Faux fur, velvet, and chenille are excellent choices for adding texture and fun to any boho living room. Faux fur is ideal for adding a luxurious touch to any space. It looks great on the couch or as an accent throw pillow. 

Velvet is another great fabric option that can be used for everything from furniture upholstery to window treatments. Chenille will add warmth and softness to your space, whether used as an area rug or as accent pillows and throws. 

fun fabrics

10.) Bohemian Furniture

Bohemian furniture is distinguished by its eclectic and colorful design aesthetic. Patterns ranging from stripes to florals, bright colors such as orange and pink, distressed finishes on tables or benches, and area rugs with bold patterns or bright colors to tie the space together are all common elements of boho furniture. 

Bohemian living rooms include artwork that reflects the bohemian aesthetic, such as tapestries or gallery walls with eclectic prints and paintings.


What is the modern boho color palette?

  • Sunset Boho – includes warm shades of yellow, oranges, and reds. 
  • Romantic Boho – includes lovely shades of beige, peach, rose, lilac, and warm whites. 
  • Moroccan Boho – includes exciting Moroccan-inspired patterns, full of bright, vibrant colors. 
  • Groovy Boho – includes shades of light blue, black, violets, soft oranges, and brown. 
  • Scandi Boho – includes pale, neutral colors such as white, grey, and tan. 
  • Nature Inspired Boho – includes earthy shades of grey, brown, green, and orange. 
modern boho color palette

What are boho materials?

While modern boho style often includes a unique variety of materials ranging from traditional boho to more contemporary designs, there are a few materials that every boho living room should have. Rattan furniture and bamboo elements are a boho vibe at their finest. 

Natural woods and other natural elements also influence a boho living room and enhance the overall tone of the space. Other honorable mentions are stained glass, paisley patterns, and raffia. 

Time to create your very own modern boho living room!

Which design elements will you use to create your boho home decor paradise, now that you know what makes a modern boho living room great?

Begin small and start thrifting for new furniture or decor to use to enhance the bohemian vibe of your space. 

You’ll have a better idea of which elements are right for you and your space after experimenting with color, pattern, and texture. Indeed, whether you want a romantic or sunset boho aesthetic, this article can help you design the living room of your bohemian dreams!

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What makes a modern boho living room great? Here are decor ideas to help you decide which elements and design tips to use!

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