20 Beautiful & Creative Washi Tape Crafts for Your Home

Looking for inexpensive decor ideas? Get creative with these washi tape crafts!

washi tape crafts for your home

You may have used washi tapes to decorate your bullet journals. I have.

But did you know that you can also use washi tapes to decorate your home and make your stuff colorful?

Believe me, you will love just how simple these washi tape crafts can be!

So, let’s get on with it!

1. Decorate your utensils.

Add a special touch to your parties and gatherings at home by making your plastic silverware extra special and colorful!

Choose washi tapes that match your theme. Then simply stick the washi tapes on your spoons, forks and knives. That’s it! Easy peasy!

washi tape crafts - Decorate your utensils.
Image from Tikkido

2. Cover your serving tray.

Here’s a really cute serving tray. And you can make one too by simply covering yours with washi tapes!

washi tape crafts - Cover your serving tray.
Image from Lovely Little Life

3. Make your flowerpots colorful.

Various washi tapes will surely make your flowerpots even more beautiful! Always seeing nice colors will also motivate you to tend on your plants regularly.

washi tape crafts - Make your flowerpots colorful.
Image from albion gould

4. Decorate your flower vase.

A simple way to decorate your flower vase and make it even more attractive is by simply using washi tapes. Feel free to use different washi tapes for your flower vases!

washi tape crafts - Decorate your flower vase.
Image from decor8

5. Personalize your coffee mug.

The simple act of drinking coffee or tea in the morning, or when you’re tired can feel extra special when you’re using a personalized mug that you just love! Get your favorite washi tapes and use that to design your mug.

And don’t worry about it being taken off when you wash your mug. You can make it waterproof by painting it with a dishwasher safe glue. Visit Mouths of Mums for the tutorial.

washi tape crafts - Personalize your coffee mug.
Image from Mouths of Mums

6. Make mini pallet coasters.

Make your coasters extra special by designing them with washi tapes. Oh, I bet you will love drinking your favorite beverage even more with these colorful coasters!

washi tape crafts - Make mini pallet coasters.
Image from Chica Circle

7. Decorate your lampshade.

If you have a plain lampshade, this is probably the simplest way to add color to it.

8. Make your notebooks and pencils colorful.

Get creative with your notebooks and pencils by covering them with washi tapes. The results are just awesome! I’m sure you’ll be inspired to write in your notebooks when you have them as colorful as these!

Make your notebooks and pencils colorful.
Image from Lia Griffith

9. Create a clothespin wreath.

Who would have thought that simple and plain clothespins will make for a nice and lovely wreath? Get creative and try this with washi tapes! Just pick a color that will blend with your home decor theme.

Create a clothespin wreath.
Image from Mommy Snippets

10. Make a gallery wall with your favorite prints.

Instead of buying frames for your posters, just use washi tapes. You can use different colors to adorn your walls. Even the bathroom can look lively with washi tapes!

Make a gallery wall with your favorite prints.
Image from honestlywtf

11. Create wall art letters.

Fill a space in your walls with wall art letters. You can make these DIY crafts by simply using washi tape. Use as many as needed. It’s indeed an easy and fun home decor project! Visit Living Locurto for the tutorial.

Create wall art letters.
Image from Living Locurto

12. Make washi tape cards with pop letters.

Make those letters stand out by using washi tapes. And decorate the cards too.

Make washi tape cards with pop letters.
Image from omiyage blogs

13. Make a popsicle stick frame.

Here’s another way to get creative with your picture frame! Use popsicle sticks. Then decorate them with washi tapes!

Make a popsicle stick frame.
Image from Mod Podge Rocks

Here’s another way to do these washi tape frame crafts!

Make a popsicle stick frame.
Image from Eighteen25

14. Decorate your tea lights.

Simply wrap your tea lights with washi tapes and they’ll be instant beauties!

Decorate your tea lights.
Image from Dream Green DIY

Black and white washi tapes look good too, especially when you want a Scandinavian look.

Decorate your tea lights.
Image from trendenser

15. Decorate your hangers.

Have fun in your closet! Get colorful washi tapes and decorate your hangers.

This craft is very easy to do. But this will make your hangers very pretty!

16. Revamp your bookcase.

Give your old bookcase a new look. Make it exciting with washi tapes!

It’s very easy to do. The best thing about it is it’s also easy to remove. So, you can change washi tape colors as often as you want.

Revamp your bookcase.
Image from Oh My! Creative

Here’s another!

Revamp your bookcase.
Image from Honey We’re Home

17. Personalize your phone chargers.

Dress up your phone chargers with washi tapes! Use different styles and colors.

Aside from the unique look of your chargers, this will also help you determine which charger is for the phone and which one is for the computer. It also removes the confusion when your chargers get mixed up with your family’s and friends’ chargers.

Personalize your phone chargers.
Image from Rachel Hollis

18. Cover your light switch.

Let your children have fun too by having them help you with washi tape crafts. I’m sure they will enjoy this project, especially when they are making this for their bedroom and playroom.

Get the washi tape colors that will match your kids’ room decor. Or let them choose which washi tapes they want. Then help them make a light switch cover! You can also help them make some for their friends too.

Visit Skip to my Lou for this project’s tutorial.

Cover your light switch.
Image from Skip to my Lou

19. Add a special touch to your kids’ Lego.

Those Lego pieces don’t always have to be plain looking. Make their collection extra special with washi tapes!

Ask your children first whether they want to decorate their Lego pieces. And if they say yes, then it’s a go!

20. Make some butterfly washi tape crafts.

Here’s another project that your kids will definitely love. Help them make these mini craft stick butterflies!

You may even display them on your fridge by sticking a magnet at the back. Visit Artsy Momma for the tutorial.

Make some butterfly washi tape crafts.
Image from Artsy Momma

Decorations don’t have to be expensive.

As you have seen, these washi tape crafts cost much less that the usual home decors you may find in stores. It just needs a little effort from you.

So, look around your home, and see whether you need to add or change decors here and there. Then consider whether washi tapes can be just the right material for your next DIY project!

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Washi tape crafts cost much less that the usual home decors you may find in stores. Check out these various DIY projects that you will surely enjoy!

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