20 Best DIY Headboard Ideas for a Low-Cost Bedroom Upgrade

Best DIY Headboard Ideas for a Low-Cost Bedroom Upgrade

Thinking of a bedroom makeover at a low cost? Why not start with the headboard?

A headboard is just a headboard. But it does make a big impact in the overall look and vibe of a bedroom. You think you need to upgrade your headboard? Why not go the DIY route?

Here are simple DIY headboard projects. Yes, these are simple, but when done right, these can surely make difference in your bedroom.

Let’s dig in!

1. Temporary wallpaper

Indeed, using a wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to decorate your home. But did you know that you can also use a wallpaper to act like a headboard? Visit HGTV and see how it’s done!

temporary wallpaper
Image from HGTV

2. Faux headboard

Here’s another headboard that uses a simple wallpaper. The difference is that there’s a wooden frame for the headboard. Visit Haute House Love for the headboard.

Faux headboard
Image from Haute House Love

3. DIY pillow headboard

Relax your head as you lean on your bed with another set of pillows for the headboard.

These are floor cushions. Hang them on the wall and they make for a really nice headboard! Head on to SSS Edit for the tutorial.

DIY pillow headboard
Image from SSS Edit

4. Window headboard

Enjoy the classic design of a window headboard at a fraction of the price, when you make it yourself!

Visit Decor & The Dog for the tutorial.

Window headboard
Image from Decor & The Dog

5. Moroccan style

I like this Moroccan style! It’s simple yet classy and stylish. The material used is a decorative laser cut panel from Crate & Barrel.

Moroccan style
Image from Shining on Design

6. DIY wood slat headboard

Here’s another DIY that’s so easy to put together! Using pre-cut pine wood boards, you can create a slat headboard like this.

DIY wood slat headboard
Image from Crafty Lumberjacks

You can also make one with floating nightstands. It’s a very useful addition to the headboard to keep the things that you might need at night.

DIY wood slat headboard
Image from Campbell House

7. Woven headboard

A plain frame can be turned into a decorative headboard when you fill it with basic tabby weave. Learn how to make this from Martha Stewart.

Woven headboard
Image from Martha Stewart

8. Simple upholstered headboard

If you like an upholstered headboard for your bedroom, it doesn’t really have to cost a lot. You can make one yourself!

Here’s a white upholstered headboard that looks very nice. It sure complements with the overall look of the room!

Visit Driven by Decor for the tutorial.

simple upholstered headboard
Image from Driven by Decor

9. Channel tufted headboard

Here’s another upholstered headboard which at first glance, you may think that it requires a lot of work. But it really doesn’t.

What I like about this is that you can make it at any length that you want. Like if you want it from side to side of your bedroom, why not?

Visit Emily Henderson for the full tutorial.

channel tufted headboard
Image from Emily Henderson

Here’s another!

channel tufted headboard
Image from Young House Love

10. Plywood shelf headboard

Keep it simple, yet modern and unique. That’s what this minimalist plywood shelf headboard stands for!

Add floating shelves for your bedtime essentials. Or use the space to keep a decorative plant – making the place look even more natural!

plywood shelf headboard
Image from Mr. Kate

11. Storage headboard

If you don’t mind keeping a few things in your headboard, you can design it like a bookshelf. You’ll have ample space for storage!

Just keep the essentials though. You don’t want your stuff falling all over you when you’re sleeping!

storage headboard
Image from Kreg

12. Cane headboard

If you like Boho style, this DIY rattan headboard is for you! It just looks perfect in that space and resonates well with the other decorative pieces in the room.

Visit Making Manzanita for the free plans and tutorial for this project.

cane headboard
Image from Making Manzanita

13. Geometric wood headboard

Add a special touch to your wooden headboard by giving it geometric designs.

This project requires basic woodworking skills. If you have them, give this one a try. The result is pretty awesome!

geometric wood
Image from DIY Huntress

14. Slatted headboard

Give your headboard some angle like this slatted headboard. When you get your measurements right, this shouldn’t be that hard. Visit Vintage Revivals to see how this DIY headboard was done!

slatted headboard
Image from Vintage Revivals

15. DIY King headboard

This one looks pretty simple to make. With a plywood and a fabric of your choice, you can easily recreate this headboard. See how it was done at Domestically Creative.

16. Repurposed door

Who would have thought that an old door could be just the right piece for a headboard? If you have an old door that’s just gathering dust, see if you can make it into a headboard too! Visit The Interior Frugalista for the tutorial.

17. Mantel turned headboard

If you can turn an old door into a headboard, see how a fireplace mantel can be turned into a headboard too! (Really, these ideas just make my jaw drop!)

This looks pretty nice and really unique. If you’re up for the challenge, visit Chica and Jo for the tutorial.

repurposed mantel
Image from chica and jo

18. Fabric headboard

A frame and fabric will go a long way in this easy-to-make fabric headboard. Believe me, it’s very easy to do! Check out Kindle Your Creativity for the tutorial.

19. Herringbone headboard

Here’s another unique take on a wooden headboard – follow the herringbone pattern! Then choose paint colors that will complement the color of your room.

I just love the color of this DIY herringbone headboard! It looks very relaxing. It goes really well with the natural farmhouse look of the room. Visit I Spy DIY for this project’s tutorial.

herringbone headboard
mage from I Spy DIY

20. Nailhead metallic linen headboard

If you don’t mind working with nailhead, this project might suit you. What I like about this DIY headboard idea is that you can design the nailhead in any pattern that you like!

It turned out really nice and pretty, perfect for your teen girl’s bedroom. Visit Dorsey Designs for the tutorial.

nailhead metallic linen
Image from Dorsey Designs

A headboard doesn’t have to cost too much.

A headboard can make a big impact in your bedroom. But again, it doesn’t have to be expensive. With basic skills on woodworking, coupled with creativity, you can make something that fits your budget, yet stylish and goes well with the theme of your bedroom.

As you have seen in this post, there are many ways you can DIY a headboard. Now it’s up to you! Which one will you try?

Looking for more DIY ideas for your bedroom? Check these out!

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A new headboard doesn’t have to cost too much. You can always go the DIY route! Check out these awesome DIY headboard ideas!

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