20 Tips & Tricks for Living in a Small Space

Living in a small space - tips and tricks!

Whether you find yourself starting out in a studio or loft apartment in the city, cramping a family in a small house, or just trying to pursue living in a small space, one thing is constant – it will take some adjustments to pull it off and make things comfortable.

So, to help you start your journey to small space living, we have gathered 20 tips and tricks that you can apply to live large in a tiny space.

Let’s do this!

1. Declutter your things.

Declutter your things.

It is much easier working in a small space when you have less stuff. So, the first thing you should do is declutter your things.

Throw away things that are broken, expired, and unrepairable. Donate items that you barely use. Try to sell off things that are good as new.

When you have less stuff, you have less to organize, and less storage will be needed.

If you need lots of help decluttering, go to our Declutter Page for various tips and ideas.

2. Pick light colors for the walls.

Living in a small space - pick light colors for the walls.
Image from paintzen

Neutral and light colors will reflect more light in the room – especially white shades. This gives out the effect that the room is bigger than it really is.

Dark paint or wallpaper with bold and busy prints can make a tiny space feel cluttered and cramped.

3. Invest in multipurpose furniture.

When you live in a limited space, having multipurpose furniture is the key to making it bearable. For instance, check out this loft bed that is also an office space, a bookshelf, and a closet space in one.

There are lots of furniture like this these days and you can easily order one online. Some of them may be on the pricey side but given their versatility, it is a worthy investment!

4. Make space for some furniture with hidden storage.

Living in a small space - furniture with hidden storage.

If you still have to shop for furniture, make sure you go for ones that have hidden storage.

Tiny spaces mean you will have less storage space. Furniture with built-in or hidden storage in them can help you out a lot so that your home will not be cramped up.

Common ideas are a sofa with a storage underneath, an ottoman, and a bed with built-in storage.

5. Use mirrors.

Living in a small space - use mirrors

A mirror has the power to make any space look bigger and brighter, regardless of its size, making it a must for tiny homes.

The reflective surfaces of mirrors can add more depth and light to your living space.

6. Utilize vertical spaces.

Living in a small space - utilize vertical spaces.

Expand your tiny space by using the vertical spaces you have. This means vertical storage and other wall-mounted solutions.

If you want to hang artwork, wall decor, and plants, consider hanging them up higher than usual too.

7. Choose bunk beds for kids.

Living in a small space - bunk beds for kids.

If you have more than one kid, chances are they will be sharing a room. Hence, consider getting a bunk bed instead of separate single beds.

It makes use of vertical space and gives more floor space for the kids to move and play around.

8. Transform a closet space into a nursery.

Living in a small space - transform a closet into a nursery.
Image from Cosmopolitan

If you have a newborn, you can save space by converting a closet into a nursery. This is a very convenient solution especially when you only have one bedroom around.

Take off the closet doors, fit in a crib and work with any shelving space that you may have.

9. Use sheer floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Living in a small space - sheer floor to ceiling curtains.

This will not only accentuate the window but will also brighten up small rooms.

The extra length of the curtain will help make the ceiling look higher. Also, the curtains will give additional texture to the room and make it look livelier!

10. Maximize corners.

Living in a small space - maximize corners.

We often make the mistake of not giving much thought to corner spaces – especially the awkward ones between rooms.

Utilizing these with corner shelving will make your space feel less cramped and more open!

11. Set up a mini library in the hallway.

Do you have a narrow and long hallway? If so, make it look bigger by having built-in shelves on the blank wall. Then use those shelves to make a hallway library.

Apart from giving your books a nice place, it also adds a decorative intellectual touch to your space!

12. Invest in rolling bar carts.

Invest in rolling bar carts.

If there is a lack of counter space in your tiny home, investing in a few rolling bar carts will do the trick!

Use these carts to organize your stuff, and also for entertaining your guests. Indeed, they are very versatile tools. Plus, there are stylish ones that you can display in your living room and serve as actual liquor or coffee bar!

13. Create a pullout pantry.

A pullout pantry can be squeezed in on small awkward spaces like between the fridge and the kitchen counter. It is narrow enough to hold canned and bottled goods.

This is perfect for when your place doesn’t have space for a pantry!

14. Organize jewelry in a mirror cabinet.

Organize jewelry in a mirror cabinet.
Image from Shanty 2 Chic

Mirror cabinets are a great way to save space. Think of them as medicine cabinets but instead of in the bathroom, this one belongs to your bedroom, and it stores your jewelry instead.

This serves as a time saver as well when you are getting ready to leave the house!

15. Choose a bar table and stool dining set.

Choose a bar table and stool dining set.
Image from Wayfair

A bar table and stool dining set saves more space compared to small round tables or square dining sets.

Easily tuck in the stools underneath the table and this gives you space to work around the kitchen. Tiny living is not really conducive for entertaining many guests, so you do not have to worry about not having enough seats or table space.

16. Remove your closet doors.

Remove your closet doors.
Image from DH Ideas

Closet doors swing and they take up a lot of space when they do. Save that space by taking off the closet doors!

If you do not want to have your clothes exposed, hang a suspension rod and place a curtain to hide your clothes inside. Choose a nice curtain and it doubles as home decor!

17. Invest in a mobile folding furniture.

Also known as “transforming furniture”, it can be folded and easily set aside when not in use. It’s a great space saver and truly versatile in tiny spaces!

18. Mount your TV on the wall.

Mount your TV on the wall.

Ditch the TV stand and mount your TV on the wall instead!

TV stands are usually bulky so getting rid of them will give you more floor space. This will make your living room appear bigger. Just make sure that you use reliable mounts!

19. Install drawers under the kitchen cabinet.

Install drawers under the kitchen cabinet.
Image from Family Handyman

If you need more storage space in the kitchen, you can always do this DIY project! It’s a great place to store kitchen items that you do not necessarily use every day like baking pans.

20. Rent a storage unit.

Rent a storage unit.

This is probably the best idea when you have stuff that you can’t get rid of but have no space for it in your house no matter how much you try. Get one near your place so that you can easily retrieve what you need!

Living in a small space has its challenges, but it sure has its advantages too!

With land getting to be more expensive these days, landlords are now putting up smaller apartments in the city to accommodate as many renters as they can. Others are building smaller homes on their properties to save up on costs.

Living in a small house has its upsides – you have lower rent, you are forced to limit the things you spend on due to the lack of space, and owning fewer things means you have less clutter. It is no wonder that many are leaning towards small-space living!

Indeed, there are many things you can do to save and maximize your space. Some you would need to invest in for long-term convenience, while some just need a touch of creativity.

Apply these tips above accordingly, and we’re confident that you’ll rock it in your tiny home!

Need other helpful tips for living in a small space? Check these out!

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Live large in a tiny space with these tips and tricks for living in a small space!

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