21 of the Best Winter Family Vacation Destinations

Take your family to a special vacation this winter and enjoy those special moments with one another!

family vacation destinations for winter

Winter is the best time to bond and catch up with family. Everybody gets a break over the holidays, so it is also the best time to go on a family vacation!

Winter also happens to be one of the cheapest times to travel for a vacation. Hotels, airlines, buses, and some tourist attractions actually offer lower rates. This is especially true when you plan your family vacation after Christmas since the first few months of the year is not peak season.

But where should you go on winter?

Look no further! Here is a list of winter vacation ideas that your whole family will definitely enjoy. We divided this list into two – Warm Winter vacation ideas when you want to escape the cold and damp snow, and White Winter vacation ideas if you love the cold and snow!

Let’s go!

Warm Winter Family Vacation Destinations

1. Martinique

winter family vacation - Martinique

This French Caribbean Island is also known as the “Isle of Flowers” and it is the perfect travel destination for beach lovers, divers, and hikers.

It also happens to be the rum capital of the world and the men can do tours in the distilleries and get free tastings. Strolling around the island is highly recommended as its quaint villages and churches are very beautiful. Most of the beaches are untouched too!

2. Miami, Florida

winter family vacation - Miami, Florida

If you want a tropical vacation in the USA, Miami has a lot to offer.

There are lots of beautiful resorts by the beach that offers activities for the whole family or just one family member. You can book one of the best Mother’s Day experience gifts such as travel tours. It is a food haven if you love Latin-American dishes, and it is also a great party destination.

If you get tired of the sand and beach, the city also has a lot to offer whether you are looking for shopping, art, or just want to go on a food trip!

3. Paros, Greece

winter family vacation - Paros, Greece

Experience the beauty of Greece without the crowd in the island of Paros.

It is not as popular as Santorini or Mykonos, but it offers quite the same thing from whitewashed towns, swimming caves, and beautiful beaches. A must-see is The Church of a Hundred Doors, one of the earliest Christian monuments that date back to the 4th century!

If you get tired of the beach, you can also take a hike at their culture and recreation park or drop by their many museums.

4. Singapore

winter family vacation - Singapore

Singapore has a lot to offer when you want to escape the cold weather.

This country got lots of delicious and incredibly cheap food, gorgeous gardens and walking paths, and a lot of cultural tourist spots for you to enjoy.

It is also one of the most modern countries in Asia. commuting is easy and convenient and there are lots of shopping options available.

5. Namibia, South Africa

winter family vacation - Namibia, South Africa

If your idea of a great holiday vacation is to go on a safari, Namibia is a great vacation destination for your family.

It is one of the safest and easiest countries to go to if you want to experience Africa. It is known for its enchanting deep red sand, desert tribes, wild animals, and breathtaking landscape. There are many tours that you can take involving safaris, sand dunes, waterfalls, and even meeting some of the local tribes.

6. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

winter family vacation - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Image from Wendy Perrin

This popular Summer and Spring break destination is a great Winter vacation spot too.

Puerto Vallarta is known as a colorful and authentic port town packed with culture and history. You can go winter whale watching at Banderas Bay.

You should also take a stroll in the city’s historic district, Zona Romantica. Here, you can find a lot of colorful buildings, art galleries, boutique hotels, and the farmer’s market. The Hidden Beach at Islas Marietas gives you access to a hidden open-air cave, but you must swim through a narrow channel to get to it.

7. Scottsdale, Arizona

winter family vacation - Scottsdale, Arizona

If you have a few golfers in the family, prepare for a winter vacation in Scottsdale. The sunny and blue skies make every day perfect weather to play golf in the winter.

The Old Town Scottsdale is also a hub for numerous cultural attractions like the Museum of the West and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Car enthusiasts and collectors also gather there every January for the Scottsdale Auto Auctions.

The whole family can also enjoy a hike and participate in outdoor activities at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and Pinnacle Peak Park.

8. Fiji

winter family vacation - Fiji

The island country of Fiji has a lot to offer when you want to have a tropical experience in winter.

Aside from enjoying the white sand beaches and coral reefs, you can go for a hike at the Colo-I-Suva Forest Park or the Bouma National Heritage Park.

If you want to experience their culture and taste the best local delicacies, you should stop by Nadi. You can also go on a river safari for a picturesque boat ride.

Orchid lovers must drop by the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. You can also go bird watching at the Kula WILD Adventure Park.

9. Oahu, Hawaii

winter family vacation - Oahu, Hawaii

This popular surfer’s paradise is one of the most popular islands in Hawaii. It is also home to the iconic Pearl Harbor.

Take your family to the Kualoa Ranch, known for being the setting of Jurassic Park. Oahu has a lot of outdoor activities to offer for everyone like ATV rides, hikes, scuba diving, boat tours, paddle boarding, and many more. Nightlife is also very fun and entertaining on the island!

10. Maldives

winter family vacation - Maldives

The Republic of Maldives is one of the best tropical destinations in the world. It is home to some of the most expensive resorts in the world too. Its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and rich marine life is unmatched.

Aside from a lot of water activities, you can drop by the Maldivian Royal Palace to get to know a little about their history. Also, get a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience at the Ithaa Underwater Aquarium Restaurant.

11. Texas, USA

When it comes to winter family vacation destinations, another great option to consider is Texas! With its mild winter weather and numerous attractions, it is an excellent destination for families looking for a fun winter getaway.

From exploring the vibrant city of Austin to enjoying the sunny beaches of South Padre Island, there is something for everyone in Texas. And with plenty of Texas hotels to choose from, finding the perfect accommodations for your family vacation is a breeze!

White Winter Family Vacation Destinations

1. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

IF you love engaging activities of winter like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating, Zermatt is a great destination. No matter where you stand, there will always be a breathtaking view of the iconic snow-capped Matterhorn Mountain.

Zermatt is also a paradise for foodies as it offers a wide range of culinary options from little street food stalls to Michelin-starred Restos. There’s also a place that lets you experience what it’s like to live in an igloo!

2. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia
Image from Family Off Duty

If you want a medieval experience while enjoying the winter snow, Tallinn is a very enchanting destination for a family vacation.

The old town in Tallinn dates back to the 13th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also considered to be one of the best medieval cities in Europe. Also, take a time to make a tour of the Estonian Maritime Museum.

3. Yellowstone National Park, USA

Yellowstone National Park, USA

If your family loves the wildlife, Yellowstone National Park is at its best during the winter season – perfect for a vacation!

You can go wildlife watching and be rewarded with sightings of wolves, bears, elks, bison, and antelopes. There are also lots of snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and sleigh rides.

If it gets too cold, there’s a hot spring resort in the area where everyone can warm up.

4. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt, Austria

This tiny lakeside village turns into an enchanting destination during winter and is considered to be Austria’s Winter Wonderland. The combination of snow-capped mountains and traditional architecture makes you will feel like you are in a fairytale.

Every part of the town is scenic and everyone would end up taking a lot of pictures. A must-see is the Hallstatt museum, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hallstatt is also home to the Altaussee Salt Mine, which is the world’s oldest salt mine.

5. Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo, Japan

The city of Sapporo hosts the famous Sapporo Snow Festival every February.

The week-long festival features snow and ice sculptures and a lot of activities like snowboarding and skiing. Plus, winter is crab season in Japan and Sapporo is the best place to try a wide variety of crabs like king crab, snow crab, thorny crab, and hairy crab.

If yiu have a sweet tooth, make time to take a tour of the Ishiya Chocolate Factory.

6. Lapland, Finland

Lapland, Finland

The Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon that you should see at least once. The long, dark winters in Lapland make it a hotspot to catch the northern lights. The best Aurora Borealis sightings happen between January and March.

Aside from the northern lights, you can also enjoy ice fishing, dog sledding, saunas, snowmobiling, and reindeer sleigh rides in the area. If you want to try the extreme cold, go for an arctic swim in the Baltic Sea.

7. Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Image from Kickass Trips

If you are looking for untouched winter beauty, there is no better way to capture it than head to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. It is the largest and coldest desert in the world.

It’s also a great family vacation spot when you prefer to avoid crowds during your winter getaway. Here, the entire family will be entertained with sand dunes, wide and untouched steppes, and camel-herding nomads. You can also visit the ancient monasteries in the area.

8. Salt Lake City, USA

Salt Lake City, USA
Image from Travel Awaits

If you want to go skiing but do not want to be too far away from the perks of city life, Salt Lake City is a great Winter vacation destination.

The downtown area of Salt Lake is close to the ski resorts. You should also check out Temple Square at night where they have the most iconic holiday lights display. There are also lots of candy displays which your kids will love!

9. Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Seoul is a must-see when you are looking for a Winter vacation in a destination where you get both the city life and the cultural historic charm.

The city has the latest technologies and at the same time has a very rich culture and diverse sceneries. You can explore the traditional Korean village, Buckchon Hanok where there are lots of well-preserved old houses.

There is also the breathtaking Gyeongbokgung Palace where you can learn more about their culture. The Garden of Morning Calm Light Festival also takes place from December to March.

10. Big Bear, California, USA

Big Bear, California, USA
Image from Trivago Magazine

This is for your family if you want a rustic cabin experience that’s isolated but still close to the city.

Enjoy skiing, sledding and snowboarding. Then cozy up with your loved ones with a hot chocolate, feeling the homey vibe of the snowy mountains.

Create wonderful memories with your family this winter season!

Winter is probably the best time for family get together. Make it extra special by taking the entire family on a vacation!

Whether you want a break from the cold, or you want to experience the best of snow, there is a great place waiting for you and your family!

Looking for more ideas for the winter season? Check these out!

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