17 Ways to Make the Most of Empty Corner Spaces for a Small Room

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making the most of corner spaces for a small room

An empty corner in a room, no matter how big, small, or awkward it may seem, has lots of potentials. Yet, it is a space that is often overlooked or left empty because we simply do not know what to do with it.

As a homemaker living in a small home, maximizing corner spaces is a must. Actually, you will be surprised at just how much a corner can accommodate!

To help you, here are some ideas on how you can make the most of these corner spaces.

Let’s do this!

1. Entryway mini mudroom

If you have an empty corner near your entryway, maximize that space by turning it into a mini mudroom. This way, you now have a dedicated place to organize your shoes, hang your coats, bags and scarves, and keep other things that you need when you leave the house.

In this example, the homeowner has but a tiny space by the door, but he was able to make a mudroom out of it! Building shelves even on the empty corner’s top spot is just genius!

making the most of corner spaces for a small room - entryway mini mudroom
Image from Remodelaholic

2. Breakfast nook corner

A corner can be just the right place to create a breakfast nook in a room, especially in a small kitchen. This is a great idea when you don’t have a separate dining room or if you live in a tiny apartment.

Provide a bench with storage underneath for extra space. Preferably, get an L-shaped bench for this so it fits nicely in the corner of the room.

Here is another space-saving tip: if you need more seats, use stools. This way you can just tuck them under the table when not in use and won’t get in the way.

making the most of corner spaces for a small room - breakfast nook corner
Image from Love of Interiors

3. Bar dining

If your empty corner cannot accommodate a breakfast nook, try the bar dining setup

Simply attach a table to the wall – just enough space for your dining needs.

making the most of corner spaces for a small room - bar dining
Image from Madcap Frenzy

Here is a tip: if you want to use this table for everything because you don’t have much space, make sure to always clear up after using it. When the surface is always clear, you can use it anytime for other things like work, crafts, coffee and snacks, and many more!

4. Tall storage pieces

Set up a tall piece of furniture or storage piece. This allows you to maximize the corner space in the room by filling it up vertically.

Go for a tall bedroom dresser, a corner dining room cabinet, and a corner shelf that allows you to put a lot of things on display and is perfect for the living room.

making the most of corner spaces for a small room - tall storage pieces
Image from Overstock

5. Corner stand for plants

Does your empty corner get enough sunlight? If so, use that corner for indoor plants and make the room livelier with nature!

The presence of greenery can easily freshen up any room. You can go for a tall indoor plant. Or simply get a corner plant rack and have different kinds of potted plants in it. Just make sure these are plants that will thrive with the sunlight that the corner receives.

Bamworld Corner Plant Stand

6. Floating shower rack

We often need several bathing products, but most shower rooms just come with a built-in container for a soap.

So, install floating shelves in an empty corner and use that as your toiletries rack. Now everything you need for bathing can easily fit!

making the most of corner spaces for a small room - floating shower rack
Image from Wit and Delight

7. Reading corner

This is a great idea for all ages – set up a reading corner in your room. Make it as comfortable as possible for a bookworm to spend long hours in.

Line up the empty corner wall with floating shelves where you can place books and decorations. You can even set up an enclosure like this one here. It feels like a really special spot in the room!

making the most of corner spaces for a small room - reading corner
Image from Soumae

8. Art corner for kids

An art corner is an inspiring addition for your kids’ room that they will surely love!

They can use that corner to display their artworks. Also, install shelves to organize the art supplies that they need. Even your kids’ homework can be done here.

making the most of corner spaces for a small room - art corner for kids
Image from Artful Parent

9. Corner closet

If you don’t have a built-in closet, or you need more closet space, then you can transform an empty corner of your room into a closet.

Install floating shelves on the wall or invest in an L-shaped clothes rack.

I personally prefer an L-shaped clothes rack. This gives you enough space to hang clothes. Choose one with shelves to organize smaller and folded pieces of clothing. If it has a place for shoe storage, that’s even better!

Tribesigns L Shape Clothes Rack

10. Coffee corner

Here’s another way to turn an empty corner into something exciting! Design it to be a mini coffee bar!

This is great idea for an empty corner between the living room and the kitchen or dining room.

coffee corner
Image from Dyane Clayborn via Pinterest

Install stable floating shelves. Add bar stools. Then organize your favorite coffee supplies.

Enjoy your coffee the second you make it!

11. Mini liquor bar

Make a mini bar out of an empty corner of your living room or dining room.

Go for an L-shaped liquor cabinet to fill up the corner space. If you have kids around the house, keep the cabinet locked when not in use so they won’t reach your drinks and glasses.

Home Source Stone Corner Bar

12. Corner workstation

You can set up a small workstation on corners. Facing a wall helps you focus on the task at hand and the space is actually enough for one person to work in peace.

Get a desk that’s built both for corners. Choose something that allows plenty of room underneath so you can relax your feet.

Walker Edison Corner Writing Desk

13. L-shaped desk

If you need a bigger table for a small home office setup, an L-shaped desk fits well in an empty corner of a room.

This gives you enough surface to have more than one monitor when needed, and more desk space for writing and organizing files. Choose a desk with shelves and drawers to organize essential office supplies. Or install floating shelves on top to maximize the corner walls.

L-shaped desk
Image from Pinterest

14. Mini library

An empty corner can be your books’ new home!

This may take a DIY project to make it look like you had it built in. Alternatively, you can settle with a couple of stable floating shelves. Add decors and some knick-knacks and you’ve got yourself a nice mini library by the corner!

Indeed, you won’t know how much books an empty corner can accommodate without seeing it for yourself!

15. Corner accent chair

This is a simple way to make good use of a corner space in the living room.

corner accent chair
Image from decorpad

The accent chair is usually situated next to a window. Sit here to read and have coffee or tea. If the space allows, put a small side table beside it.

If you can get a lounge chair, it can even be the perfect spot to take a nap!

16. Custom corner cabinet

This is great to make use of an empty corner between kitchen cabinets. Of course, this has to be customized. If you have the budget, this is a great investment. Just look at how much additional space you can get from it!

custom corner cabinet for kitchen
Image from Shelterness

17. Family tree display

Use the empty corner to make a photo wall, like a display of your family tree. This can very well be the accent wall for the living room too!

The corner walls should give you enough space for all the pictures you need in your family tree. Having one in the house will just show how much you value family, and it will be a definite hit attraction when you have relatives coming over to visit!

family tree display

An empty corner doesn’t have to be a dead space.

It depends on what you do with it.

As you can see, there are many ways to fill and maximize empty corner spaces either for additional function and storage or for making a room more beautiful! Indeed, leaving them blank does not only look awkward but makes you waste a lot of potential space.

If you have your own share of empty corner space, well, now you know what to do with it!

Looking for more tips and ideas for small space living? Check these out!

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