20 Best Space Saving Furniture to Help You Live Big in a Tiny Home

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space saving furntiture for a small home

Tiny living is the rage these days. As land space becomes limited and more expensive, landowners are putting up smaller units to accommodate as many renters as they can. Amazingly, many are starting to love living in small, limited areas.

Apparently, living in a small space has its benefits. The most obvious one is that it is cheaper. The less space you get, the less you have to pay for.

Another advantage is that it teaches you to save money by owning less. Because you have limited space, it limits the things you own.

Third, the fewer things you have, the less clutter there will be. It is easier to maintain and clean smaller homes.

And lastly, with less clutter, your home becomes a more relaxing and calming place to be in. You will find that you would enjoy staying in more often!

But what if this is your first time moving into a tiny home?

No doubt – it will take some adjustments. And one of the best ways to help you adapt easier to the tiny living lifestyle is to invest in space-saving furniture.

Hence, we created this list to help you narrow down your search! We’ve also included product recommendations from Amazon, in case you’re thinking of buying soon.

1. Loft bed

A loft bed is one of the best space saving furniture to own when you’re living in a small home.

It’s like sleeping in a double-deck bed where you use the top bunk but instead of a bed beneath you, you can use the space as a closet or an office.

The key is do not go cheap on this type of furniture. Get a bed that will handle your weight above – especially when you plan to use the space beneath as an office.

ACME Furniture Loft Bed

2. Nesting tables

For a small living room, nesting tables are the perfect space-saving furniture since these can function as a coffee table and a side table.

Nesting tables are stackable pieces of tables that can come in two or three. Spread it out and use together to create a large table or use separately. When you need floor space, easily stack them up to make room.

VASAGLE Nesting Table

3. Bar table with stools

Instead of a full dining table, go minimal and have a bar table with stools. This is ideal when guests barely come over. It does not take up much space, hence you have more floor space.

Having a storage shelf is a plus – you can use it to keep wine or coffee.

Panana Bar Table with Two Stool

4. Mirror and jewelry cabinet in one

Tiny bathrooms barely have mirrors in them, and small bedrooms do not really have enough space for a vanity table.

The solution? A full-length mirror and a jewelry cabinet in one!

SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet

5. Daybed with trundle

Do you expect guests to sleep over from time to time? If so, go for a daybed with a trundle!

This furniture can also double as your couch. If someone needs to stay for the night, you can easily make some floor space – just pull out the trundle!

Hillsdale Daybed with Trundle

6. Wall-mounted desk

Do you work from home? Or maybe you have kids who need space for their homework too?

Save space with a wall-mounted desk! The lack of table legs will give you more floor space and you can easily fold it away when it’s not in use.

Haotian Drop-Leaf Table Desk

7. Ottoman bed

While sofa beds are convenient, sometimes they can take up too much space. A smaller alternative would be an ottoman bed. It can easily be folded when not in use.

CÖMFY Ottoman Bed

8. Floor lamp with shelves

Maximize vertical space – use it for storage. One good way to do it is by using a slim furniture, like a floor lamp with shelves.

Use the shelves to organize books and other stuff. You may also put decor and plants. All this while the lamp brings your home a warm glow at night!

Artiva Etagere Shelf Floor lamp

9. Tall and narrow cabinet

Another slim furniture that’ll help you save space is a tall and narrow cabinet. You can use this in any room!

It can fit in a tiny bathroom, it can be an additional closet space in the bedroom, or it can serve as a pantry in your small kitchen.

Elegant Home Fashions Freestanding Cabinet

10. Futon mattress

If you’re living in a studio unit or bachelor pad, it can be really challenging since most of these structures do not have rooms. If you are the type who does not want guests to see where you sleep, why not do as the Japanese do and get a floor mattress?

It can be surprising how comfortable it actually is. Plus, you can just tidy up and fold it away during the daytime, giving you more floor space to use!

Boho Japanese Futon Mattress

11. Nesting Ottoman

When you stack these foot stools, they end up as an ottoman bench.

This is a great furniture investment if you need additional seating to be available in the house in case you have people over. Without guests, it functions as a comfortable leather square ottoman that does not take up space.

LUGSHIREE 5 in 1 Nesting Ottoman Cube Chair

12. Rolling kitchen island with storage

Tiny kitchens usually don’t have much countertop space. Hence, a rolling kitchen island can be just the furniture you need!

It will give you extra space to chop or place the things you need while you cook. It also doubles as a serving cart when you have guests. When not in use, you can just roll it aside.

YITAHOME Kitchen Island with Storage

13. Storage bed platform

A storage bed platform gives you a nice place to sleep, plus a space for organizing your stuff under the bed.

If you need just a little space, this is a better choice and way a lot cheaper than a loft bed.

South Shore Avilla Queen Storage Bed

14. Shoe storage bench

A shoe storage bench gives you a place to keep your shoes, and additional seating space for guests. It’s also helpful when you need to seat when you put on and take off your shoes.

It now just depends on you on what kind of shoe storage bench you like, as there are many choices available. Our best bet is something which will keep your shoes hidden to minimize clutter.

Bamboo Shoe Storage Bench with Flip-Drawer

15. Lift top coffee table

Here’s another great option for a coffee table. One that comes with built-in storage can save you a lot of space. It also limits the clutter you have in the living room.

The lift-top part doubles as a desk, allowing you to use your laptop comfortably while seated on the couch.

GREATUNE Modern Lift Top Coffee Table

16. Over-the-toilet organizer

Easily create shelves for storage in your bathroom with an over-the-toilet organizer!

Even if your bathroom doesn’t have much space for storage, this space saving furniture can give you just the right amount of space you need for your toiletries.

MallKing Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver

17. Clothing rack with shelves

When you don’t have a built-in closet, or it’s very small, a clothing rack will give you the space you need to organize your clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories.

The advantage of having things out in the open is that it gets easier to get dressed in the morning. Plus, you also get to save money since the limited space means you need to be picky on the things you buy.

IRIS USA Clothing Rack

18. Rolling underbed cart

If you have a bed frame, do not waste the space under your bed. Consider buying a couple of rolling underbed carts for storage.

You can store bulky items in it like blankets, curtains, bed sheets, towels and seasonal clothes. This will tuck them out of the way and give you more closet space. It’s also very easy to access because of the wheels.

Whitmor Rolling Underbed Cart

19. Foldable dining table with storage

A foldable dining table can be expanded to accommodate more people. Perfect for when you have family or friends coming over.

When not in use, it can be a countertop table. Also choose one with storage, so you can use that space to keep some stuff.

Folding Dining Table with Storage Rack

20. Convertible crib

Babies need a lot of things so raising one in a tiny space is a real challenge.

Invest in a multipurpose crib. There is a crib, a space for you to change your baby, and storage space. Plus, as your baby grows, you can convert the bed into a toddler bed, a day bed, and eventually a full-size bed.

This kind of space saving furniture can be quite pricey. But considering the many years you could be using a convertible crib; it is a worthy investment!

Delta Children Convertible Crib and Changer

A space saving furniture is definitely a must-have for tiny living.

Apart from helping you save space, it’s very convenient as you can adjust the furniture around you.

With the right kind of furniture on hand, you can maximize your limited space more effectively while still being able to maintain a clutter-free home!

Need more tips and ideas for living in a small space? Check these out!

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